Leonard Cohen / Live in Dublin


Leonard Cohen Live in Dublin will be released at the end of November across a number of formats including a 3CD+Blu-ray edition.

This concert was shot in high definition and filmed during Cohen’s 2012-3 world tour as he promoted Old Ideas, his new album at that time. The gig is structured into three segments with an 11-song first set, a 10-song second set and an 8-song encore. The CDs in the deluxe sets reflect this structure while the blu-ray / DVD features bonus live tracks recorded in Canada in 2013. If you’re not interested in the visuals then a three-CD set is also available.

Live in Dublin is released on 28 November 2014

3D+Blu-ray Edition

3CD+DVD Edition

3CD Edition

Track listing / Leonard Cohen – Live In Dublin

CD 1 / Set 1

  • Dance Me to the End of Love
  • The Future
  • Bird on the Wire
  • Everybody Knows
  • Who By Fire
  • The Gypsy’s Wife
  • Darkness
  • Amen
  • Come Healing
  • Lover Lover Lover
  • Anthem

CD 2 / Set 2

  • Tower of Song
  • Suzanne
  • Chelsea Hotel #2
  • Waiting for the Miracle
  • The Partisan
  • In My Secret Life
  • Alexandra Leaving (Sharon Robinson)
  • I’m Your Man
  • Recitation w/ N.L.
  • Hallelujah
  • Take this Waltz

CD 3 / Encore

  • So Long, Marianne
  • Going Home
  • First We Take Manhattan
  • Famous Blue Raincoat
  • If It Be Your Will (Webb Sisters)
  • Closing Time
  • I Tried to Leave You
  • Save the Last Dance for Me

DVD / Blu-ray bonus songs

  • Show Me The Place – Halifax, NS, Canada – April 13, 2013 – Halifax Metro Centre
  • Anyhow – St. John’s, NL, Canada – April 20, 2013 – Mile One Centre
  • Different Sides – St. John, NB, Canada – April 15, 2013 – Harbour Station

3D+Blu-ray Edition

3CD+DVD Edition

3CD Edition

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Picked up the 3CD/Blu Ray yesterday, which was billed by Sony as a deluxe edition, and what a let down. More expensive than the 3CD and Blue Ray bought separately, and is not packaged any different than the 3CD fat digi pack, apart obviously from containing the Blu Ray disc.
I’m also disappointed with the sound quality. Cohen’s voice just seems to dominate the whole performance. I like Live In London and Songs From The Road much better where his voice is more evenly balanced in the mix.


Do not feed the troll etc…

I think I am going to go for the Leonard Cohen complete albums box set instead of this, it has gone down to £23 on Amazon.

CJ Feeney

I got the complete albums box. The download incuded Old Ideas, which isn’t in the box. A pleaseant surprise!

I made the decision to listen in reverse order, which gives an impression of him sounding more Dylanesque and less uniquely Leonard the further back you go.

I think I’m going to hold off any more big ticket purchases for a month or so as I think once December comes we’ll some big discounts as the companies compete for the Christmas market.


Poor Francis. Never heard of the bum of his tunes.
I’ll stick with LC any day!


I can’t believe anyone was fooled by this computer geek. Right now his mother is yelling at him that because hasn’t left his room in 2 weeks, she needs to change his bed sheets, and he needs to bathe. LOL

mike A

Francis does not live on earth.


24hrs later and still no sign of francis…..


LOL he isn’t anybody. Just some smelly bloke in sweatpants, living in his mother’s house, who hasn’t left his computer in 12 days.


oh, ps, I am george michael, oh no, I am actually paul sinclair, oh no, I am freddie mercury, oh he is dead then I am elvis, damn, also dead, then I am just edward… Come one francis… let us in, in the big secret


well francis, let us in the big secret wh0 you really are then.


Are you related to Osama Bin Laden?


Number ones in Afghanistan don’t count, mate.


If only you knew who I actually was.

CJ Feeney

I don’t really care who you are, you joined this discussion just to make two rude comments about an artist that the rest of us appreciate and recognise as a great performer, no matter the quality of his voice.

No matter what talent and success you have enjoyed, that still makes you a troll.


Sure Francis. Whatever you say. People also say Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, Ian Hunter, Al Kooper, and even the current Brian Wilson can’t sing. Bet you can’t sing either. This isn’t a forum for criticizing tastes people have in a particular artist. Suggest you go to your local pub to argue that subject out with your mates, mate!


I have actually written many songs, including 15 number ones.

Michael Bushell

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this release.

I remember dragging my wife along to the LG Arena (NEC) when he toured in 2008 and we were totally blown away by the show. We reckoned when he performed in 2013 it couldn’t be better.

Well it was! This set is worth the price for one thing: in my view the finest live performance of any song I’ve ever heard -Sharon Robinson singing Alexandra Leaving. Her performance that night was devastating, everyone sitting around us was in tears you could taste the emotion.

So the that was wonderful and the rest of the show? Personal Top 3 gig (after Brian Wilson on the Pet Sounds tour and The Smiths Queen Is Dead tour at Wolverhampton Civic Hall back in 1986). God I’m old, but not nearly as old as LC!

CJ Feeney

I’ve said elsewhere that I prefer his later albums, say 1990 onwards.I don’t own a live album, so I need to weigh up which one I ‘need’. This looks better than live in London, so this may be the one.

I generally like live albums, but artists seem to be releasing so many from the archives which turn out to be so-so performances in nice packaging for a deluxe price tag, and now LC and Steve Hackett think it’s okay to release two live packages from the same tour.

I’m thankful that I’m not a King Crimson fan.

Ben W

How many discs have you had released Francis? Ever written a song like Hallelujah?


Yes, I have actually written many songs, including hits that have made the top 5 but I chose artists that could sing.


His discs are only good for using as coasters to put cups and plates on.


He has an awful voice, of which he almost speaks rather than sings (if it can be called singing). He ought to stick to just writing songs and then passing them on to artists who can sing.


Only $36 CAD for the 3CD/1BR in Canada. Which makes sense since I’m in LC’s hometown of Montreal.


The 3CD/1BR was £22.53 only a couple of days ago. I should have ordered it. Damn.


Interesting to see that here in Australia,they are releasing,the CD and DVD seperately and also as pack. Yet the CD+DVD pack is $11aus dearer, than if you buy the CD set and DVD seperate. Hmmmmm.The current Amazon UK,price, for the CD/DVD set, is $9aus cheaper than here, but $2aus more, if you buy the Cd and DVD packages, seperate!!!!


Looking forward to this, as it covers the final leg of the re-mobilisation of the great Leonard Cohen’s touring activities (which started in 2009), and includes songs from Old Ideas; the price has been up and down on Amazon – I paid £16.90 for the 3CD+DVD set, so might be worth hanging on to see if it goes down again.