Nick Laird-Clowes / Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love signed vinyl LP

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love original score / Nick Laird-Clowes signed

The Dream Academy‘s Nick Laird-Clowes has been composing music for films and documentaries for two decades and his score for Nick Broomfield’s 2019 Leonard Cohen documentary Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love will be released on vinyl LP in December. Nick is signing copies exclusively for SDE.

The album ‘Marianne And Leonard: Words of Love’ is a beautiful, haunting score perfectly capturing the Mediterranean locations and dark, emotional and electrically charged drama of Nick Broomfield’s very personal vision. Check out the trailer below.

As well as his success with The Dream Academy (and the hit ‘Life In A Northern Town’) in 1994 Nick Laird-Clowes worked on Pink Floyd’s The Division Bell also contributing lyrics to two tracks. Other co-composition credits include both Brian Wilson and Daryl Hall.

Nick’s score to Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love will be issued on black vinyl on 6 December 2019. Only 100 copies will be signed so secure your signed vinyl now, by pre-ordering from the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

  1. Words of Love (Introduction)
  2. Beautiful Losers
  3. Words of Love (Theme)
  4. Marianne & Leonard (Theme)
  5. Marianne & Leonard
  6. Words Of Love (Dreamscape)
  7. Marianne Leaves Hydra
  8. Hydra
  9. Beautiful Losers 2
  10. Marianne Meets Leonard
  11. Words Of Love (Slowdive)
  12. On The Roof Terrace
  13. Marianne & Leonard (Accordion)
  14. It Won’t Be Long
  15. Words Of Love (Reprise)
  16. Life As Art
  17. Beautiful Losers (Theme)

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Jamie Montana

This is great ! I had just purchased “a different kind of weather” in record format finally (geez so hard to find) have had Trashmonk for sometime, and started researching Nick again and found this soundtrack in iTunes almost bought it but thought I might look further and found you by chance! Glad I did, looks like I could order the record still so did‼️ very excited and happy about this and I liked what I heard on iTunes so looking forward to more Nick‼️‼️ thanks a bunch‼️


Very nice! Ordered and mentioned on my website! Thanks!!


I bought Too Late At Twenty at the time and all the DA stuff, plus the St John/Eno CD. However, I thought the Trashmonk stuff was pretty poor. Not heard the soundtrack of this, but will pick up a copy if I can get it at a decent price.

Paul Waddington

I was obsessed with The Dream Academy as a teen (I met Nick some time ago at a Stephen Duffy gig at the Mac Bar in Camden and if you’d have told the teenage me that one day this would happen I’d have probably passed out!) and I’m an avid collector of Nick’s work (and Kate and Gilbert’s too) to the point that I even own a couple of Dream Academy promo scarves! In fact, the only vinyl collections I still own are those of theirs and Duffy’s, as I’m a completist for both (more successfully in the case of Duffy). The problem is, I no longer have a turntable and haven’t had one for years, since embracing the switch to CD in the 90s. I really, really wish I still had my vinyl collection though. My Beatles collection alone would be worth a ruddy fortune now, to the point that I never look to see how much it all goes for, cos I had some pretty rare and collectible stuff and would probably burst into tears!

I’ll Be buying this, just as I continue to buy Duffy’s vinyl releases, but at least Duffy’s also come out on CD as well, so I am able to play them. I guess I’ll be having to buy this album on MP3 too then, cos no way am I buying a turntable and getting back into buying vinyl! I did manage to borrow a USB turntable a few years ago and set about digitising all the obscure Duffy tracks That aren’t on CD and stuff by The Act, etc, but trying to tidy it all up to remove all the pops and clicks was a very laborious process and the finished MP3s weren’t perfect, although they are listenable.

Incidentally, someone above mentions Kate St John’s work with Roger Eno. Their collaboration album, The Familiar, is my favourite solo Dream Academy record by some way, so I’d heartily recommend that any Dream Academy fans who haven’t heard this should try to track a copy down. You won’t be disappointed.


Nick also released some accomplished music (though a bit naïve sounding) LPs with The Act and Alfalpha which I’d be interested to hear properly. He also did an album for Alan Mcgees short lived Poptones label under the name Trashmonk.

Alan R Sack

I loved his early band The Act, which I don’t ever made it onto CD officially. Too bad.


I would be up for deluxe Dream Academy albums, have all three, and the best of etc etc. I even have the Love EP lol, and agree that they have lots of cracking tracks that didn’t make it onto the albums. No “new remixes” though, thanks!
Not only Nick, but Kate St John is fantastic, her two solo albums are an absolute delight (and of course there’s Channel Light Vessel and her collaboration with Roger Eno, too). She seems to have vanished in terms of recorded output, would love to hear more material from her.
But any of this would have to be on CD!
As always, thanks Paul, and looking forward to my signed Lilac Time CD!

Trevor Smith

Big time fan of The Dream Academy so will be lending an ear to this and may well order. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


Everything Mr. Laird-Clowes composes sounds beautiful to my ears.
Hope to hear “Mona Lisa Overdrive” all the way through one day.

Joe Mac Pherson

Now, if only I could finally see all 3 albums by The Dream Academy, receive individual deluxe treatments! Bless this this band, they released 7″ inch and 12″ singles with wonderful tracks on the B sides, not issued on the albums. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for years, too long, to see and hear their exquisite music get the special recognition, rightfully deserved.
LP format? I gave up my record player in 1988. I switched to CD, in a big way. Now, with close to 3,000 albums, compilations, box sets and singles on CD, I’ll never go back to vinyl. NEVER, digital files!

Mike Hamilton

A complete set of Dream Academy 12″ singles A & B sides can be found here http://bit.ly/33pi2AK


The film is available to watch on the BBC iPlayer for another 23 days.



Thank you Paul,
Just ordered : )

Jarmo Keranen

I’d rather listen Leonard’s own music if i needed soundtrack to his life!


Exactly. Pure irony that this was even commissioned


Long time lover of Dream Academy and Nick (Trashmonk etc)

But, no point in buying a medium I can’t play……

Maybe downloadable?? In Japan??


New Leonard Cohen album out soon. Thanks For The Dance. It was finished up by his son Adam.

Regan Judson

I have always enjoyed Nick’s work immensely. Ordering now!

Nick Love

Love his music with Dream Academy and as Trashmonk – Paul if you have the inclination next time you are talking with a label please see if you can persuade anyone for a CD release of The Act-Too Late at 20. It’s been on my wishlist years and years.