Level 42 / Live CD/DVD set


A new time-spanning Level 42 live CD/DVD set will be issued next month.

The two disc package pairs a CD of the band performing live at the Indigo2 in London in October 2010 with a DVD that rewinds over 18 years to 1992 for another live performance in London, this time at The Town and Country Club (now called The Forum).

That latter saw Level 42 at the end of their Guaranteed tour, while the former was a celebration of their 30th anniversary. Despite the gap between performances, the set-lists have much in common with crowd pleasing hits such as Running in the Family, Lessons in Love, Hot Water and Something About You prevalent.

Level 42 Live is out on 18 May 2015

Track listing

Disc: 1 – Live at the Town and Country Club 1992 (DVD)
1. Hot Water
2. Her Big Day
3. The Sun Goes Down
4. Children Say
5. The Spirit is free
6. Leaving Me Now
7. Guaranteed
8. Heaven In My Hands
9. She Can’t Help Herself
10. If You Were Mine
11. To Be With You Again
12. Running In The Family
13. Lessons In Love
14. Something About You
15. Mr.Pink
16. The Chinese Way

Disc: 2 – Live at the Indigo2 2010 (CD)
1. Intro
2. Hot Water
3. Dream Crazy
4. World Machine
5. To Be With You Again
6. Running in the Family
7. Kansas City Milkman
8. It’s Over
9. Almost There
10. Starchild
11. 43
12. The Sun Goes Down
13. Something About You
14. Lessons in Love

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On the plus side it’s £9.99 which is top value. £12.50 on their site then add postage no doubt. Go figure. Neil, the 2010 DVD comes up £14.99 + £3.99 postage for me so a grand total of, wait for it, £18.98 – for a DVD? Lol what a joke! I can’t even work out the tracklisting for the DVD as shop on the website doesn’t say. I’m sure i found out about the release via the news section on website but going back 7 pages again none the wiser. So i have no idea if the CD is edited or not! Show might’ve been 80 minutes though as i know from experience they never play for anywhere near long enough. Even more so the music may well fit on one disc as they may have removed breaks / banter / encores breaks to make fit as artists often do (anything to avoid making the set spread over, heaven forbid, a second CD).


cd: 2010
dvd: 1992
eh, what gives?

cover: 2010, perhaps?
“vibrant & eye-catching”
Looks like the band need some shut eyes.
Did anyone else catch “two’s company” on cover?
This release is a joke! Wonder did King & Lindup approve this?


Hold on…it’s true that the DVD (1992 concert) was released in 2013 but isn’t this site aimed specifically at reissues and box sets? Because that’s exactly what this CD/DVD set is. Or am I missing something obvious?

Yes OK, the CD has been lifted from the DVD released in 2010 but the CD itself hasn’t been out before, making this a collector’s purchase. I actually disagree with Stefano about the cover – I think it looks vibrant and eye-catching. But hey – each to their own.

As far as I’m concerned, half of this box set is a reissue (DVD) and the other half is “new” in the sense it hasn’t been out on this format (CD) and I’ll be ordering my copy.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Level 42 to bits, but what on earth is this?
A cover that took an intern 10mins to knock up and then a package thrown together and chucked out – who is marketing them and pulling this together?
No thought has gone into this, and like so many of the ‘compilation’ CD’s that come out for them, they seem to repackage and think that punters will fall for it and buy again.


If you want the 2010 DVD it’s only available on their website priced at £14.99 with £2.50 p&p


Exactly my point Neil, buy the DVD (2010) for a mere £17.49. Get the CD of it here (edited) with a DVD of the 1992 show. What a mess


So glad we finally get some live material from Level 42.
Yes ‘m being facetious. File under: no news.
Paul this is in no way criticism at you. Love your site and thanks for the daily updates. This site is the holy grail for all expanded CD buyers.


Re-reading this it’s a pretty dumb set. Should’ve done the 2010 gig on DVD (or better still Blu Ray) with a double CD (2010) (bet it’s over 80 minutes) or at least 2 DVD’s (1992 / 2010) and a 1 CD (2010). Now we have an edited CD (2010) and the DVD (2010) available seperately. Weird!


Terrible cover by the way.


Waste of money this the DVD has already been released in 2013.


Waste of money. Lol. Most people don’t know this was released. I never got around to purchasing so i will be getting this with the added bonus of the CD now! Oh and no-one is forced to buy this, Neil. It’s not compulsary. If everyone thought it was a waste it wouldn’t sell a copy. I can gaurantee this won’t happen.


And meant to add i was there the previous night i think. A bloody Friday down side of purchasing tickets early. Worst day of week to travel across to other side of London and after a working week. Added insult to injury when i found out they were filming the 2nd London show (quite some time before actual gig / it selling out etc)


Well if you search for Level 42 in the DVD category on Amazon it’s the first one that’s listed so i dont see how you came to the conclusion that most people wouldn’t have known about it. Another thing i will mention is that the quality of the DVD is very poor it’s as if they just copied it straight from the video tape.


Fair point i thought it was only available through their website TBH.


Sorry scrub that i’m getting all confused i was referring to the 2010 DVD Live at the Indigo2 please refer to my early comments as my initial misread of it being the 2010 Indigo2 CD/DVD which it clearly isn’t