Liam Gallagher / new single ‘Shockwave’

Liam Gallagher will release a new single, ‘Shockwave’, next week from his forthcoming album Why Me? Why Not?

The song features collaborators from 2017’s As You Were, Andrew Wyatt and Greg Kurstin (who produced it).

The black vinyl seven-inch features the song on the A-side and an etching with lyrics on the flipside. It is released next Friday, 7 June 2019. You can order it via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

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Meh. Heard it this morning. I’m a fan, but this is dross. Never a lead off single. Wouldn’t sound out of place on a Beady Eye album.

“Those who live in glass houses…….”


The Gallaghers war doesn’t seem to end… A new single and a new album at the same time, just like a few albums before…
Anyway, if the new album is as good as the first Liam solo Album, I’ll be on it !

paul wren

Yes, stop the whinging. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it. Many of LG’s recent vinyl singles are now worth much more than the initial asking price which is of comfort to those who shell out for them.


11£ for a one-sided 7″? Is it limited edition? What could justify such a price tag other thsn greed? This new direction the vinyl market is worrying me

Guy Westoby

Getting really fed up of reading the same old comments when Paul informs us of a new release:

– Why is there no CD version? I want one.
– Why is there no vinyl version? I want one.
– Why do they have to package vinyl & CD together? I want them separately.
– Why do they charge so much? I want it cheaper.
(continue ad nauseum)

It’s like toddlers stamping their feet and throwing tantrums in a supermarket aisle when they can’t have what they want. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism and there is much justified righteous anger on this site (odd formats and extortionate prices for Bowie demos, the umpteenth latest version of Macca’s Egypt Station, for example) but please, please cut out the repetitive whinging.

Yeah, I know some would say it’s hypocritical to moan about moaning, but there you go. Whinge over :-)


Yes but some negative comments are pretty justified. £11 for a one-sided 7″ single with one track! That’s not moaning for the sake of it.


What a complete rip off.


Seconded. Anyone who pays eleven quid for a one sided 7″ needs their bumps felt.

Vinyl fans are like football fans. Prices keep going up and up and they just keep putting their hands in their pockets and coughing up the readies…

Chris Squires

Are we? How kind of you to generalize and lump everybody who likes something you don’t.
If people are tired of vinyl releases I can guarantee you are not as tired as those bored with the same pointless moans. We had the best part of two decades of CD only releases and as someone says below it’ll be out on Cd soon enough. And much, not all admittedly, of the stuff that is getting a vinyl release is already available on CD.
All for Physical in whatever format it appears!


Are you saying that 11 quid for a single song is good value then? If you’re not then you shouldn’t casting judgements on perfectly reasonable comments from people who think it’s appalling value for money.

As for vinyl, I have records probably numbering 4 figures, but they were all bought in the 70s and 80s where vinyl belongs. Just my opinion, of course, which is something I’m perfectly entitled to voice at any point. Freedom of speech and all that…

Chris Squires

I do think you have taken 2+2 and somehow made 5. The record is appalling value, but so are so many other things that involve free choice. I am not defending it or claiming it is “good value” but it is what it is.

The first point I was responding to had nothing to do with the record it was to do with the rather silly analogy you were making. All “vinyl fans are like football fans” then on top of that I wasn’t “casting judgement” on those who were saying £11 is ridiculous, I agree with them. If I was casting judgement it’s on stupid, divisive comments like your football fan one. Why do people who do not like or do not buy vinyl feel the overwhelming desire at every opportunity to make divisive, stereotypical derogatory comments along the lines of “I don’t like vinyl, I don’t get it therefore YOU are all stupid and have a beard”

As I said “All for physical in whatever format it appears”

Alan B

I’ve signed up to his online newsletter and so far have had no notification of this release. I’ve found out about it via this website and other online retailers who are advertising it for sale. The whole point of signing up is to get release news first to enable subscribers to get first dibs on any signed or limited editions, although this release has no special editions.


Needed an exclusive b-side or remix (non-album track) otherwise taking the right piss! Looking forward to this. Last album was surprisingly good, though should have been whittled down to 12 tracks. A lot better than Noel, whole latest is another attempt to sound fresh and inventive (and what’s with the blackstar reference?).

Paul Taylor

Try and listen to some of his interviews and you might ‘get’ it.
I wholeheartedly disagree about Liam being better than Noel. Oasis soundalike vs Creative Risk Taker? No contest


Woo hoo! Great, I love vinyl only releases. Who buys CD’s? Ordered!


Its one track, it’ll be on the album which will be released on CD, don’t sweat it.


Meanwhile stream it, baby.


A CD that will be cheaper than this 7″, too.

It’s not even a good picture of a 7″ as it looks like an LP with at least 4 tracks!


Yeah vinyl only editions are pissing me off to. To this day im angry that Thom Yorke decided to put only on vinyl such a great tunes like Daily mail, hearing damage or Atoms for peace What the eyeballs did. Is IT really hard to release cd these days?


Eleven quid for one song! This creative genius can’t even come up with a B-side? Pass.

What? Oasis? Worry?

Big Manc fan of his work, but (yes the usual moan) why only bloody vinyl. Seriously vinyl only is really pissing me off and alienating fans……….

Nick Love

Yes I love everything the Gallagher brothers touch but I’m very disappointed it also seems like Noel’s new EP will be a vinyl/digital exclusive which means I basically won’t hear it which is unfortunate because it’s coming on the back of some of his best work in 20 years.