Limahl / Don’t Suppose deluxe

Limahl / Don't Suppose deluxe edition

Former Kajagoogoo frontman Limahl‘s 1984 debut solo album, Don’t Suppose, will be reissued by Cherry Red / SFE in August as a two-CD deluxe edition.

The album features the hit singles Never Ending Story and Only For Love and this new edition sees a host of remixes on the bonus disc, including five period remixes of Never Ending Story (six, if you count the French language version L’histoire Sans Fin), a Dance and Dub mix of Only For Love, and other assorted B-sides and demos.

It took nearly thirty years for this album to appear on CD. In 2012 the Gold Legion label issued it and earlier on this year the album formed part of a Kajagoogoo and Limahl Original Album Series collection.

Don’t Suppose deluxe will be issued on 11 August 2014.

Track listing:

Disc: 1

  • 1. Don’t Suppose
  • 2. That Special Something
  • 3. Your Love
  • 4. Too Much Trouble
  • 5. Never Ending Story
  • 6. Only for Love
  • 7. I Was a Fool
  • 8. The Waiting Game
  • 9. Tar Beach
  • 10. Oh Girl
  • 11. The Greenhouse Effect (Live)
  • 12. Ott (Over the Top)
  • 13. You’ve Been Gone a Little While (Too Much Trouble Reprise)

Disc: 2

  • 1. Never Ending Story (12″ Mix)
  • 2. Never Ending Story (Rusty 7″ Mix)
  • 3. Never Ending Story (12″ Dance Mix)
  • 4. Never Ending Story (12″ Dub Mix)
  • 5. Only for Love(Dance Mix)
  • 6. Only for Love (Dub Mix)
  • 7. Too Much Trouble (Lovers Heartbeat Mix)
  • 8. Too Much Trouble (7″ Version)
  • 9. Tar Beach (the City Blues Mix)
  • 10. L’histoire Sans Fin
  • 11. Ivory Tower (B-Side to 12″ Never Ending Story)
  • 12. Your Love (12″ Master)
  • 13. Heartbeat (Demo)
  • 14. Then Suddenly (Demo)
  • 15. Heart of Gold (Demo)


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3 years in the making and yet these 2 great tracks are missing from it:

“Only For Love” (When She Moves In Close 12″ Mix) – This is much better than the 12″ Dance Mix which has been included
“Ivory Tower” (Long Version / 5.50) – No doubt the short version has been added.

Come on Cherry Red, include these!!!


@Steve, thanks. I don’t remember whether I had listened to the whole album or just the bonus remixes! Then I definitely will buy this one. I hope this SFE one will be better & no vinyl rips. I have more faith/trust in the Cherry Pop ones than those BBR/SFE/etc ones.

Steve Yeo

Here’s hoping :) I keep meaning to find out some more about the demo tracks – that’s where my interests lie. I guess I may just have to wait until release day!

Barney at Cherry Red is particularly proud of this one as it was a personal project for him – I have high hopes with the quality to be honest. He tells me it’s been 3 years in the making.


@Kiki, were there vinyl rips used on Eighth Wonder’s “Fearless” reissue?

@Steve Yeo, were there mastering glitches found on the Gold Legion issue?

Steve Yeo

@Griffin – Yes, there was a glitch on the Gold Legion one. Annoyingly enough, it was on the track ‘Oh Girl’, which was the only one that was new to CD. There are also significant errors on the packaging of the Gold Legion issue which was a real shame.

On the positive side, I got my name in the booklet notes :) Fame at last… ;) ha ha.

Steve Yeo

“Former Kajagoogoo frontman” ? He still is the frontman…..

Good news on the release of this album which will hopefully be free of the mastering glitches found in the Gold Legion issue. For me, the exciting thing about this are the demo tracks and for that I am glad to see this re-issue hit the stores.

Eyes peeled for Colour All My Days to follow – you heard it here first ;)

Well done Cherry Red!

Dennis Alexis

Shouldn’t the track be called “The NeverEnding Story”, like the movie does? I hate it when they use different spellings on different formats hehe :)


Don’t you mean FILM? (I hate the American word MOVIE).


So if I sum up well, here are the missing tracks of this edition :
– The greenhouse effect (B Side To “Tar Beach”) (04:34) : I’m not sure about that , as I found only 1 reference with this 7’’, wether it is a studio or a Live version..

– Only For Love (12″ Mix When She Moves In Close) (05:50) – 5:50
– Only For Love (Instrumental Mix) (06:41)
– The Never Ending Story (Instrumental) (05:28) – 5:28
I supposed the “12’’ Dance version” of “Neverending story” is the same as the US Club Mix.
Ivory Tower fas 2 different length (03:07 on the 7” & 05:50 on the 12”)
Just ask Cherry Red to make a slight effort, source from Master tapes (not the awful vinyl rips such as in Eighth Wonder’s “Fearless” reissue), and all could be great !


And the LP version of The Greenhouse Effect, half arsed Cherry Red!


Where’s the 7” of Only For Love?


The big downer for me regarding this 2CD Limahl reissue is that the UK 12inch single of “Only For Love” (When She Moves In Close) ( 5.50 mix) has not been included!!! Although the Dance Mix, which was a French issue, is a good extended version, I would have liked the extended UK remix to have also been included, considering the artist was a British popstar and had more success in our own country. Come on Cherry Red / SFE pull your fingers out and add the UK 12inch of “Only For Love” (When She Moves In Close)!!!


I’m interested in this, but wary because it’s Cherry Red – they are notorious for sourcing from vinyl. I usually hold off on buying any of their products until I read some online reviews first.


@Kiki, oh wow! Didn’t know about that one ;) I hope Cherry Red/Pop wil release his second solo album with the one you mentioned & (just found out about) this one: No Lo Pienses Más (Colour All My Days), Spanish Version as well. Fingers crossed!


Hmm, bought the Gold Legion one, also the EMI digital release & many Kajagoogoo/Limahl compilations! ;(

But I still will buy this, only for the French Version is it worth it for me! And many other remixes I believe I haven’t got them yet ;)

I hope someday Cherry Red/Pop can get the Eighth Wonder Spanish Version from Sony to release ;) see Remix Anthology post!


Great to see for the very first time “L’histoire sans fin” on CD !
Let’s hope for the french version of “Love in your eyes’, titles “Danger d’amour” !


How many mixes of Tar Beach were there ?

I am the God of Limahl and I bring you....dire

Is there a deluxe box due with a Limahl wig and fold-out talent barrel for scraping?


Very good news!
For me only tracks are ( sadly ) forgotten:
“Only For Love” ( When She Moves In Close ) – 5:50
“Only For Love” ( U.S./ French 12” Instrumental Mix ) – 6:41
There is enough space on CD # 1 for those rarities.


As far as I know there was not a 12inch Dance Mix of “Only For Love”, so I assume this infact the 12inch mix titled “When She Moves In Close” (5.50). I was thinking of purchasing this album recently, so I am glad I did not get around to it because I certainly prefer this new 2CD reissue. I bought the 3 singles taken from this album as they were so brilliant and even better in their extended form, so this reissue is a must for me!