Lisa Stansfield: full track listings


In November Edsel will reissue all of Lisa Stansfields Arista-era albums as deluxe 2CD+DVD sets. In addition, a 33-track three-CD remix anthology will also be released.

Fans can buy all 18-discs together in an exclusive box set The Collection 1989-2003 which is also available from Lisa’s store with an exclusive bonus 12″. So lots of goodies to enjoy. See below for a first look at all the track listings for each album (and the remix set).

Lisa Stansfield / The Collection 1989 - 2003 box set


Affection deluxe 2CD+DVD

Disc 1

1. This Is The Right Time
2. Mighty Love
3. Sincerity
4. The Love In Me
5. All Around The World
6. What Did I Do To You?
7. Live Together
8. You Can’t Deny It
9. Poison
10. When Are You Coming Back?

Bonus Tracks

11. Affection
12. Wake Up Baby
13. The Way You Want It
14. This Is The Right Time [Miles Ahead Mix]
15. All Around The World [Long Version]

Disc 2

1. My Apple Heart
2. Lay Me Down
3. Something’s Happenin’
4. Sing It
5. This Is The Right Time [Extended Version]
6. All Around The World [Around The House Mix]
7. Live Together [Extended Version]
8. What Did I Do To You? [Mark Saunders Remix]
9. You Can’t Deny It [Extended Version]
10. The Love In Me [Extended Version]
11. This Is The Right Time [Kick Mix]
12. All Around The World [Runaway Love Mix]
13. Live Together [Home Sweet Home Mix]


Promo Videos

1. People Hold On – with Coldcut
2. This Is The Right Time
3. All Around The World
4. Live Together
5. What Did I Do To You?
6. You Can’t Deny It
7. This Is The Right Time [US Version]

Live! All Around The World – Live in Birmingham, 1990

8. This Is The Right Time
9. Mighty Love
10. You Can’t Deny It
11. Love In Me
12. Sincerity
13. Poison
14. Live Together
15. Good Morning Heartache
16. What Did I Do To You?
17. All Around The World
18. People Hold On
19. Affection
20. The Way You Want It

2014 interview with Mark Goodier


Real Love (1991) Deluxe 2CD+DVD

Disc 1

Real Love

1. Change
2. Real Love
3. Set Your Loving Free
4. I Will Be Waiting
5. All Woman
6. Soul Deep
7. Make Love To Ya
8. Time To Make You Mine
9. Symptoms Of Loneliness & Heartache
10. It’s Got To Be Real

Bonus Tracks

11. First Joy
12. Tenderly
13. A Little More Love
14. Whenever You’re Gone
15. Time To Make You Mine [Sugar Lips Mix]
16. Change [Knuckles Mix]

Disc 2

1. Set Your Loving Free [Extended Version]
2. Everything Will Get Better [Extended Mix]
3. Change [Driza Bone Mix]
4. Time To Make You Mine [Bomb Squad Remix]
5. Make Love To Ya [The Floor Mix]
6. Everything Will Get Better [Underground Club Mix]
7. Time To Make You Mine [House Dub]
8. Set Your Loving Free [Kenlou 12”]
9. Everything Will Get Better [Sax On The Beach Mix]
10. Time To Make You Mine [Kenlou Supa Mix]
11. Set Your Loving Free [Mellow Mix]
12. Change [Misty Dub Mix]


Promo Videos

1. Change
2. All Woman
3. Time To Make You Mine
4. Set Your Loving Free
5. Change [US Version]
6. A Little More Love
7. ‘T Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do [Live]
8. All Woman [Live]

2014 interview with Mark Goodier


So Natural (1993) Deluxe 2CD+DVD

Disc 1

So Natural

1. So Natural
2. Never Set Me Free
3. I Give You Everything
4. Marvelous & Mine
5. Goodbye
6. Little Bit Of Heaven
7. Sweet Memories
8. She’s Always There
9. Too Much Love Makin’
10. Turn Me On
11. Be Mine
12. In All The Right Places
13. Wish It Could Always Be This Way

Bonus Tracks

14. Gonna Try It Anyway
15. So Natural [Be Boy Mix]
16. Little Bit Of Heaven [Bad Yard Club Mix]

Disc 2

1. Someday (I’m Coming Back)
2. In All The Right Places [Soundtrack Version]
3. So Natural [US Remix]
4. I Give You Everything [US Remix]
5. Little Bit Of Heaven [Junior Vocal Mix]
6. Someday (I’m Coming Back) [Absolute Remix]
7. So Natural [No Preservatives Mix]
8. Little Bit Of Heaven [Seventh Heaven Vocal Mix]
9. Marvellous & Mine [Sure Is Pure Mix]
10. So Natural [Roger’s Club Mix]
11. Little Bit Of Heaven [Roach Motel Dub]
12. Someday (I’m Coming Back) [Classic 12″ Club Mix]


Promo Videos

1. Someday (I’m Coming Back)
2. In All The Right Places
3. So Natural
4. Little Bit Of Heaven
5. So Natural [Natural Cut Version]

2014 interview with Mark Goodier


Lisa Stansfield (1997) Deluxe 2CD+DVD

Disc 1

Lisa Stansfield

1. Never Gonna Fall
2. The Real Thing
3. I’m Leavin’
4. Suzanne
5. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
6. Don’t Cry For Me
7. The Line
8. The Very Thought Of You
9. You Know How To Love Me
10. I Cried My Last Tear Last Night
11. Honest
12. Somewhere In Time
13. Got Me Missing You
14. Footsteps

Bonus Tracks

15. Baby Come Back
16. People Hold On [Jon Is The Don Mix]

Disc 2

1. The Real Thing [Touch Extended Mix]
2. Breathtaking
3. You Get Me
4. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up [77th Heaven Mix]
5. The Line [Devaney & Mokran Mix]
6. The Real Thing [Silk’s Real House Thang]
7. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up [Frankie’s Hard R&B Club Mix]
8. The Line [Hippie Torrales Mix]
9. The Real Thing [Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Vocal Mix]
10. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up [Nikolas & Sibley Club Mix]
11. Never Gonna Fall [Junior’s Return To 27th & 10th Anthem]


Promo Videos

1. The Real Thing
2. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
3. The Line
4. Don’t Cry For Me
5. People Hold On [Bootleg Mix]
6. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up [US Edit]

An Intimate Evening With Lisa Stansfield: Live at the Riverside Studios 1997

7. The Real Thing
8. I’m Leavin’
9. People Hold On
10. Suzanne
11. Don’t Cry For Me
12. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
13. Change
14. You Know How To Love Me
15. The Line
16. All Around The World

2014 interview with Mark Goodier


Face Up (2001) Deluxe 2CD+DVD

Disc 1

Face Up

1. I’ve Got Something Better
2. Let’s Just Call It Love
3. You Can Do That
4. How Could You?
5. Candy
6. I’m Coming To Get You
7. 8-3-1
8. Wish On Me
9. Boyfriend
10. Don’t Leave Now I’m In Love
11. Didn’t I?
12. Face Up
13. When The Last Sun Goes Down

Bonus Tracks

14. All Over Me
15. Can’t Wait To
16. Let’s Just Call It Love [Original Vocal Mix]
17. 8-3-1 [Ian Devaney Remix]

Disc 2

1. Let’s Just Call It Love [Dreemhouse Full Extended Mix]
2. More Than Sex
3. 8-3-1 [Morales Radio Mix]
4. I’ve Got Something Better [Trackmasters Remix]
5. All Around The World [Norty Cotto Remix]
6. Let’s Just Call It Love [Silk Cut Mix]
7. 8-3-1 [Morales Alternative Club Mix]
8. All Around The World [Junior Vasquez Earth Anthem]
9. Let’s Just Call It Love [DYNK Vocal]
10. 8-3-1 [Morales Dub]
11. All Around The World [Norty’s World Dub]
12. Let’s Just Call It Love [K Warren Full Vocal]


Promo Video

1. Let’s Just Call It Love

Live at Ronnie Scott’s, 2002

2. 8-3-1
3. The Real Thing
4. So Natural
5. Make Love To Ya
6. Tenderly
7. Someday (I’m Coming Back)
8. Don’t Explain
9. They Can’t Take That Away From Me
10. Didn’t I?
11. Change
12. Live Together
13. I’ve Got Something Better
14. Face Up
15. All Woman
16. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
17. People Hold On
18. All Around The World

2014 interview with Mark Goodier


People Hold On… The Remix Anthology 3CD

Disc 1

1. People Hold On [Full Length Disco Mix] with Coldcut
2. What Did I Do To You? [Morales Mix]
3. Change [Ultimate Club Mix]
4. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up [Frankie’s Classic Club Mix]
5. This Is The Right Time [The Rhythm Mix]
6. The Real Thing [K-Klassic Mix]
7. Let’s Just Call It Love [Feel It Mix]
8. Make Love To Ya [Light Me Up Mix]
9. Set Your Loving Free [Dubmaster Edit]
10. Time To Make You Mine [Sunship Mix]
11. All Around The World [The Global Quest]

Disc 2

1. Live Together [Live It Up]
2. This Is The Right Time [Shep Pettibone Extended Remix]
3. I’m Leavin’ [Hex Hector NYC Rough Mix]
4. Let’s Just Call It Love [Bass City Rollaz Rollin’ Dub]
5. Never Gonna Fall [Wyclef Remix]
6. Set Your Loving Free [Low Life Mix]
7. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up [After Hours Mix]
8. The Love In Me [12″ Remix]
9. You Can’t Deny It [Sky King Mix]
10. What Did I Do To You? [Anti Poll Tax Dub]
11. Change [Metamorphosis Mix]

Disc 3

1. All Around The World [American Club Remix]
2. The Line [Pure Funk Mix]
3. Change [Bone-Idol Mix]
4. Live Together [Big Beat Mix]
5. The Real Thing [Yūtenji Mix]
6. You Can’t Deny It [Yvonne Turner Extended Remix]
7. The Line [Ian O’Brien’s Benfleet 3:30 Mix]
8. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up [Franktified Off The Hook Dub]
9. What Did I Do To You? [Red Zone Mix]
10. Time To Make You Mine [In My Dreams Mix]
11. All Around The World [Attack Mix]

Lisa Stansfield / The Collection 1989 - 2003 box set

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I Just received this wonderful box and I still didn’t finish listening to it!
The sound is very great and I’m very happy with the rare and unreleased tracks !

Just a question : Did anyone noticed that the remixes that were on the “#1 Remixes Ep” have simply been forgotten ? I noticed that simply because the Picchiotti’s Disco remix (and somewhat Giant !!!) of “The real Thing” was not in this box…


Yes! The Junior Vasquez “Never Gonna Fall” remix is the complete mix, but the Hippie Torrales Mix of “The Line” is different than the one that I have on vinyl. Still-perfection so far!


My error-I had mislabeled the Black Science as Hippie Torrales. All is well.

Keith Lambert

Edit: my signed 12″ arrived this morning, very nice!

Keith Lambert

Ahhh….I see the note on the D2C store now. It states that the 12″ will be delivered separately on the 15th December. Although I think that “2015” may be a typo!

Keith Lambert

For those wondering about release/delivery dates, I received my box today, looks great.

I assume that the signed 12″ comes along separately at some point?

Thomas Williams

Found out today these reissues have pushed back to 24th November


Looking forward to these reissues.

Roll on 10th November!

Mervin Malone, Jr.

Will the DVDs be playable in Region 1 — the States, Canada etc.? I live Stateside and would like to know….


Everything I’ve seen about these reissues says all DVDs are NTSC/Region 0 (which means region-free), so the DVDs should play fine on a Region 1 (American/Canadian) DVD player.

steven proom

The singles from Seven were not remixed in anyway though,apart from being edited slightly.


Actually her last single from Seven ‘So Be It’ was remixed for it’s single release by Ash Howes. There is more body to the remix and sounds quite different to the album version.


and just and “fault” from Lisa’s stuff is the reissue of “Seven” which will not include any of the singles versions of the “singles” but only remixes and will let out the tracks of the original deluxe edition…


That seems a brilliant trcklisting !
However, I [moan – lol] have a few remarks …
– About “someday (i’m coming back)” : The extended and Absolute remix have never been Cd released before ! I suppose the [unnamed] mix of that track is the single version, so the original “Bodyguard” version will be missing (in fact the extended incorporates parts of the single version and the album version)
– About “people Hold on” : the 7” version was easily found on several compilation, so that’s not a big deal, but the fact that the Dirty scoundrel remix has been deleted is strange beacause it was originally on her 1997 album! (Anyway, people here ask for “People hold on” 7”, but noone talks about the missing 3 or 4 “My telephone” remixes !
– About the non album tracks : severeal tracks exists, such as 2 duets with barry White, one with Babyface and so on… but they may have been discarded because of licensing problems ?…

After that few remarks, I feel very happy with these, much more than for the previous poor Arista reissues ! If the sound quality is here, i’ll gladly buy the box set !


The 5-minute version of Everything Will Get Better is not simply a fade out of the Extended Version, which has a longer intro (about 30 seconds longer) and a much longer middle break. Having said that, if you have simple audio editing software on your computer (like Wavepad), you could easily condense the intro and middle break of the Extended Version to re-create the 5-minute version (though if you already own the 2003 remasters, you don’t need to do so).

Overall, this is a wonderful collection, with just about everything a Lisa Stansfield fan would want (who would have guessed that we’d get three full concerts on the DVDs???). As a US fan, I’m happy to finally get many of the remixes remastered on CD that were only ever issued on 12″ vinyl promos here (some of which I’ve never heard before), plus quite a few previously unreleased remixes.


Everything Will Get Better – the 7″ version is simply an early fade of the 8 min extended.

Big Thing – wasn’t the LS b-side version in fact the same as the Blue Zone version?

People Hold On, Make It Right, Dream Away – these are perhaps the most crucial omissions as they were released as singles and came with remixes. There really should be a separate disc for all the “outside” projects, like the Red Hot+Blue track, Margin Gaye tribute track etc.

I would also place all the bonus cuts (non-remixes) on the first disc. Now some are and some aren’t which is a bit messy.

steven proom

I agree,hate it when b sides or bonus tracks are shoved on disc 2.


My hands are burning to touch these and listen to all this! Simply incredible!


What a wonderful set : The packaging looks great and the tracklisting seems quite comprehensive.

However as some people mentioned, there are some tracks missing :
– some 7” single/mixes notably People Hold On
– some videos : the 1992’s “Live at Wembley” or the “Real Life” interviews & behind the scenes footage

What seem strange is that they included neither the audio track nor the video for Red, Hot & Blue’s “Down In The Depths” whereas the promo video was on both “Real Life” & “Biography” videos…

Maybe they’re keeping some tracks/videos to release a singles & rarities set in the coming months?

On a side note, the fact that ARISTA/BMG licensed Lisa Stansfield’s back catalogue to EDSEL for a second and a lot more complete set gives me hope that someday the same care could be given to Eurythmics & Annie Lennox back catalogue…Because, let’s face it, the 2005 Eurythmics’ reissues were great but far from complete. There’s enough material to re-release each albums with 2CDs+DVD sets. I’ll be happy to suggest the tracklistings for these sets if the powers that be needed some assistance ;-)


Yes Sir, I did to missed Red, Hot & Blue’s “Tribute to Cole Porter” video… The VHS… released 1990, again reissued on DVD 2006, 2 Disc set, with DVD and CD. I’m sorry to say, the DVD video quality, poor. Grainy like early digital in low light. I’d hoped that if it was included as part of the Collection, it would have been remastered. It hasn’t kept me from the pleasure of repeated viewings. (There’s some improvement when the DVD is played, on Blu-ray, and viewed on HDTV)… Please note: CD “Lisa Stansfield, Biography: The Greatest Hits”, contains the track “Down In The Depths”, released 2003…
— Ron


Someday (Absolute Mix)
All Around the World (Around the House Mix)

Hell ya, I’m there!!!

Donald Martin

The only “omission” to me that seems curious is that “Lisa Live At Wembley” video, especially since a couple of its tracks were used as b-sides back in the day.

The ‘omission’ of the single versions may be deliberate, I wouldn’t doubt that there’s an “anthology” type of compilation in the works.

I, too, wondered about which versions are utilized for the “Affection” album – the USA edition has several differences from what the rest of the world got, some of them improvements.

Too, they skipped over the b-side “Big Thing” – though that was a remake of a Blue Zone track, which is likely why.

The thing that’s here to absolutely and resoundingly celebrate is that this series brings to CD about EIGHTEEN tracks that have never been on CD before – that’s amazing!


The definition of bonus tracks here is a little dubious. On both Affection and Real Love – discs 1 – tracks eleven to thirteen were on the original cd version so may not be bonus tracks for many people.

That minor niggle aside, this looks like a great job. Box set ordered.

Thanks Lisa and Ian for a great collection of music.

Jon J

I understand where people are coming from re 7″ versions missing (particularly that of People Hold On, which is pretty key as it’s not on any of the original albums), but in fairness most of them weren’t that different from the album versions and a good number of them (Live Together, Never Never Gonna Give You Up, etc) are already quite easy to find on the CD singles. I’d rather they were bumped from the tracklists to make way for more vinyl/promo-only mixes. There are a HUGE number of Lisa mixes and to include them all, you’d be looking at adding another disc or two for some of the albums, which would make them too expensive for many fans.

The discs look pretty full to me so doubt there’s room to add much more. In general it’s a very nice looking tracklist – disappointing that the Lisa Live at Wembley concert is missing from the Real Love DVD given that her other concerts issued on video/DVD are all present and there would be room to include it (plus she’s in great voice on it), but apart from that, a pretty good job done.

steven proom

What people forget is sometimes the 7inch versions are the ones that lifted the tracks higher in the charts than they would have done.

The Never gonna give you up single mix is leagues better than the drab album version.In fact my only niggle with Lisas work was that she let her husband produce her for far to long,by So Natural it was sounding stale.



Dear Tom Parker,

Dead Or Alive.

Kind regards




I’m excited to finally have some of the rare and vinyl only mixes on CD. Still, I would love to have the short version of “Everything Will Get Better,” because I really like that song.


Francis, I stand by my statement. I never said that it would happen in every case and specifically referenced the Donna Summer cd. Again, people have a right to be disappointed, as you were with the Limahl cd and complain about it, as you did with the Blue Zoo cd. I’m certain that, if Cherry Red replied to your email, they did not just say “why do people moan so much and just be happy with what we give you.”


Franci, I stand by my statement. I never said that it would happen in every case and specifically referenced the Donna Summer cd. Again, people have a right to be disappointed, as you were with the Limahl cd and complain about it, as you did with the Blue Zoo cd. I’m certain that if Cherry Red replied to your email, they did not just say “why do people moan so much and just be happy with what we give you.”

Scott T.

Nice to see the “All Around the World” concert on DVD. But why no “Lisa Live at Wembley” on “Real Love”? Neither concert video has been released ‘officially’ on DVD before, so both would have been new to fans.


With regard Kiefer2’s comment about reissues having tracks added when people complain (“moan”), it did not happen with Limahl’s recent reissue as there is a UK 12inch version missing from it and neither has it happened with the latest Siouxsie and the Banshees reissues which also have 12inch versions missing from them! So, music companies do not always listen to what people have to say! The same could be said for the Blue Zoo reissue which had no 12inch versions added to it, despite all their singles having been released extended on 12inch (the music company Cherry Red did not update that release with the missing tracks, of which I contacted them about, and these would have made it a much better expanded reissue and yet they still did not add them, so they do not always listen to music lovers or buyers of CDs).


I will be buying all of these. Can’t wait.


I won’t be buying these. I was excited about the possibility of 7″ mixes as I’m a fan of having the single and edit versions, but there really aren’t any here.


Tracks omitted probably come down to either clearance issues or run times of 79:59 mins on a CD!


Affection and Real Love for me. Absolutely beautiful work by all concerned. Cannot wait. God the memories her music brings back.


You do realize, that when some people “moan” about a track missing, the compilers will actually search it out and put it on, don’t you? If not, please see the Donna Summer “Another Place and Time” reissue. Almost every single person who stated something about a missing favorite on this collection also stated that they are still buying it. People have a right to be disappointed or euphoric and not be fingerwagged because a track listing wasn’t what they expected.


Precisely!!!!! They’ve rejigged Cats Without Claws a little as well.


What will people moan about next, the silence between each track?


For those people that keep moaning about every reissue that gets released – “Get a life” and don’t buy them if they don’t suit you (simple as that) because there has to be more important things to be worrying about than a few tracks missing off CDs! I think they are great reissues myself and I for one, and no doubt many more people, will certainly be purchasing them.


There are always people that moan about tracks being missing! Maybe there are reasons for it, so just be happy with the amount you are getting for your money compared to what was on the originals! Plus they are much cheaper than the Kylie Minogue reissues!

Lee Anderson

The price for this whole collection (box set) is fantastic and yet people are still disappointed. If everything was available, collecting and seeking out rarities would be null and void. I’m really impressed with this and cannot wait to receive.


@Kiefer2: you’re so right ! :) It’s an amazing boxset ! It should set the stardard for next reissues…


Was going to say amazing and then realised it doesnt have the Magic Juan Atkins (legend) Dub of People Hold On. Aarggh! So only quite amazing.


Yeah, there are omissions here and there, but I still put the box set on my must buy list.


I would also be interested in knowing if the “Never Gonna Fall [Junior’s Return To 27th & 10th Anthem]” is the complete version, as it was edited on the “#1 Remixes cd”.


@Thomas Williams: no audio track of People hold on, but the video is there ! Quite funny ! :)
The missing 7″s may prelude to a new GH ? :)

Just a little question: the 2003 reissue of Affection included:
What Did I Do To You? (7″ Version) 4:20
You Can’t Deny It (US Version) 4:27
instead of the original version.
What about this reissue ? Are the original version back ?


Agree with comments above, wasn’t sure whether to buy or not but now I will go for the box set.


Thank you thank you thank you Paul !!! :)
Btw, the All Around The World – duet with Barry White, available on the Time to make you mine single is missing !!! Quite bad !
It looks like it’s also missing the 5:00 min version of Everything will get better, bside of All Woman.
btw, amazing reissue !

Thomas Williams

The tracklistings look quite good, but a bit disappointed that some of the bonus track on the 2003 editions are missing from these releases like “People Hold On” (Affection), “Dream Away” (So Natural), “People Hold On (Bootleg Mix)” (Lisa Stansfield). Would have also liked to see the 1994 single “Make It Right” would have made it on to the So Natural album as a bonus track. Also a bit of a shame there are no 7″ single versions included on these releases.


It is so disappointing that Make It Right and its remixes are not included.


What a terrific reissue project. Much appreciated. Good job Edsel. Hope they were gentle on the compression.




Thanks Paul.


The box set is a definite buy for me!


One word to describe the Lisa Stansfield deluxe edition reissues – BRILLIANT!


These look fantastic. I wasn’t originally going to purchase the box set but now I will.