Little Feat / Rad Gumbo: The Complete Warner Bros. Years 71-90


Rhino will issue a 13CD Little Feat box set on 23 February 2014.

Rad Gumbo The Complete Warner Bros. Years 1971-1990 will feature 11 studio albums including the two-CD expanded edition of Waiting For Columbus. The set is finished off with a bonus disc of outtakes and alternates originally included in the Rhino box Hotcakes & Outtakes.

This set will be packaged as a clamshell box with all the albums in card sleeves. Sailin’ Shoes, Waiting For Columbus and Hoy-Hoy!  will be gatefold wallets.


Albums Included:

  1. Little Feat
  2. Sailin’ Shoes
  3. Dixie Chicken
  4. Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
  5. The Last Record Album
  6. Time Loves A Hero
  7. Waiting For Columbus
  8. Bonus disc from the expanded edition of Waiting For Columbus
  9. Down On The Farm
  10. Hoy-Hoy!
  11. Let It Roll
  12. Representing The Mambo
  13. Outtakes From Hotcakes

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The Japan Mini Lp versions have been remastered. I think they sound great. They’re available on ebay. A little pricey but I’ve invested in every one that’s available. No buyers remorse here.


All the Warner Borthers boxes I’ve seen don’t have the books that Sony ones do, but are consideably cheaper. As the information about the albums can be found online, I’d be happier with a microscope to read the text on the original covers……


Got my box today, very nice looking. But what an absolutely shame, no booklet in it. Totally no information about anything of this box.

[…] Little Feat / Rad Gumbo: The Complete Warner Bros. Years 71-90 […]


Back to £35 on Amazon. Glad I got it at £27…….

pete marlowe

This looks like the very old 16 bit versions nothing else re packaged, nice but hey dont we deserve some remastering finally , but as its not really surprising I cant think of another major band from the 70s that has been so poorly served in terms of sound mastering,unless someone knows better theres never been anything or than average versions of some very fine albums , the thought of a 24 bit or HDCD version of feats dont fail me now, or Dixie chicken but hey that would involve some imagination and love for music .

Sandy Solt

Yeah,… I mean this looks cool and all but… I already have 99 % of this. Remastered versions ARE what is needed here!!! Dixie Chicken & Feats Don`t Fail Me Now are the two Feat albums I listen to the most too by the way… (two of the BEST Little Feat studio albums, (with major input from Lowell George) for sure!) Little Feat… The band that always gets the short end of the stick! WEAK!

Wayne Klein

Some of these are the Japanese remasters repackaged for this set–I can confirm that at least the first five are from this source, i have nothing to compar for the later George albums and Columbus s the 2002 remasters. The post George albums are the original mastering including Hoy Hoy (well, that was issued after George had died). Have no idea on the remainder.


This looks like another winner………..I’d nearly bought their “Classic Album” mini-box, but didn’t like the incompleteness of it. This has no such issues. And will probably be as stylish as the recent budget Yes box.


Will these albums be remastered?


Started out on Amazon UK for about £45, but I snagged it on pre-order late last night for £28-ish, that is, approx. £2 per disc. A bargain!

And yes to a legit release of `Electrif Lycanthrope’!


But will “Mambo” or “Hoy-Hoy” feature the original CD+G mode? Some of us still have CD-i players.


Oh if only Warner Brothers (or whoever) would make the effort and roll out Electrif Lycanthrope, a bootleg supposedly mastered and sold by Lowell George.
It took years to find a copy, which I have on vinyl, but to this day it is certainly the best representation of the great band, leaves Columbus in the dust and is probably my favorite bootleg of all time
Only saw them once – at Charlton, when The Who were putting the boot in, it wasn’t the right venue for them.

Mark Studden

Check out ArchiveDOTorg and you can download the whole set that’s on the Electrif Lycanthrope album in lossless form, and you can do so legitimately.


Hedley, I was there at Charlton too. Little Feat were kind of eclipsed by the rockier Little River Band so I never took any notice. However, when a friend was playing their ‘Little Feat’ a few years later I said “Wow, who’s this?” I was gobsmacked that I’d ignored their show, and you’re right, wrong setting. And that was the only time I saw them too. My friend never saw them at all.


This is a shoe-in for my collection. I only have “…Columbus” and a few early albums a friend copied for me (shouldn’t really admit to that), so as early signs have it under £40 (Spin Records), it’s a buy.