Luke Haines releases Raving, a unique album of ‘Outsider Music’

lhLuke Haines, the former Auteur and Black Box Recorder-er, has put together a new 12-track album of ‘Outsider Music’ called Raving that truly redefines the term ‘limited edition’ when it comes to physical music releases.

Described as “an album, a folk-ART statement and instant collector’s item” by the man himself, only 75 CDs of Raving are being issued and, remarkably, each disc features a different recording of all 12 tracks. Yes, Haines has recorded the album 75 times so each buyer gets a truly unique item. Each CD has an individually hand drawn/painted cover and they are signed. The price is £75.

These went on sale a little earlier today and can only be purchased via Haines’ Outsider Music blog. Below is a track listing and description of each song lifted from LH’s site.

Raving / Track details

  1. ‘Marc Bolan Blues’ – ‘Sitting here with the Marc Bolan blues…’ a self explanatory boogie
  2. ‘The Incredible String Band’ – The story of how the ISB discovered Scientology. In song. With Kazoo
  3. Chris From The Stars – A song about a mythological character from teen soap ‘Hollyoaks.’ The elusive ‘Chris’ lures the songs narrator into a dance of death. A harmonium drone with tape effects – all played simultaneously.
  4. Herbie Hancock Has An Idea – The synth jazz pioneer is hungry. He needs spicy pizza. Originally titled ‘Hungry Herbie.’ Features an overdubbed ‘Korg Attack’ synth’ solo.
  5. 68p In My Pocket’ – You all know Iggy’s ‘I’ve got my cock in my pocket.’ You may also know the Velvet Undergrounds’ ‘Fever In My Pocket.’ Well, this is a song about a man who has 68p in his pocket.
  6. Hey Bobby – Bobby is a modern day Mad Hatter. Sometimes he’s here – sometimes he isn’t. Sometimes he crops up in other songs. That’s Bobby for you.
  7. Makin’ The Ladies Cry – A man who has an unfortunate habit of reducing every woman he meets to tears. No one knows why.
  8. Drooling – ‘I’m sticky like the fluff on your chin. I’m dusty like dusty bin.’ Goes the song.
  9. Bomber Jacket – A song that didn’t make it on the Auteurs Bootboys album because I could never finish it. Now I have. Some things are worth waiting for.
  10. Impossible Art Band – A spoken word album wrapped up in under a minute. Frank Zappa’s entire career reduction. 4 instruments played simultaneously including a reversed backwards piano. (Bobby sometimes creeps into this track)
  11. Rave – After the storm…
  12. New Pagan Sun – A retelling of the 1980 Dart World Championship…

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Greg McGill

any chance there will ever be any sort of “release” of at least one version of each of these songs?


God bless this beautiful bastard! I personally think he’s never been more interesting then in his later, crazy years. Rock n Roll animals and New York in the 70’s are on constant rotation here. Too bad I acted to0 slow on this I should have known it would go quick. Unfortunately I had just dropped some cash on his micro opera.

Presley Spigot

Crikey fuck. You had to be onto that fucking fast. What a fucking fuck. Big fan here. Missed the fuck out. What a cunt that Haines is.

Metal Mickey

Luke, is that you?


I’m actually not in favor of these types of things. They reduce music to an “investment” level, where the money that can be made overrides the music itself.

For me music had no value unless it can be heard. Often we hear of Limited Editions, but they are of more reasonable numbers, where those truly wanting a copy can get one, at least at time of release.

But this is something different, and seems more of a money exercise than anything else.

Sorry, just my take on it. Let the music be heard! Let the people who want it, get it as a reasonable price where everyone is happy.


Kristin Hersh did something like that a few years ago, called “10-4 You.” Anyone who ponied up $50 would get a personalized live acoustic CD with ten of their favorite tracks from her catalog. It was available for quite a while, but she eventually discontinued it. To this day I regret not getting one.

Anyways, once that was over she did compile the “best” take of each song she did into five reasonably priced MP3 bundles that you can still buy on her website, called “10-4 All.” Making the music available, eventually. Maybe Luke will do the same one day.


No chance of that Straker, each CD has been compiled randomly, you may get Take 1, Track 1 and Take 72, Track 9 and so on.


Not an artist on my radar, but I really like the concept – a ‘real’ limited edition, and not only that but each one unique both in terms of the music and cover. The closest are some of the offering via Pledgemusic (for example Tom Robinson is doing 30 (?) copies of CD of outtakes with a signed dedicated and drawn cover (though the music will be the same on each still a good limited edition and like other Pledgemusic launches supports the release). Anyway, well done Luke Haines …..


Ordered, he is okay. Not only for his music, just also for his book.


You wouldn’t necessarily want #75 – Somewhat less enthusiastic than #1 I’m guessing….!


I love Haines, but think he’s not been at his best lately. However I still bought one of these.