Lush / Chorus / five-CD box set


Prime yourself for the 2016 reformation of Lush, by dipping into Chorus, an extensive new five-CD anthology of their work in the late Eighties and Nineties, or sample some Lush career highlights on the first-ever vinyl pressing of Ciao! Best of Lush

The Chorus deluxe set, issued by the 4AD label, follows the evolution of the band’s sound from so-called ‘shoegazing’ to Britpop-y, with their three studio albums – Spooky (1992), Split (1994) and Lovelife (1996). These are bookended by compilations, Gala (1990) and Topolino (1996), which incorporate their first mini-album Scar, and a string of singles and EPs they recorded during their career. There are 105 tracks in total, including a liberal sprinkling of unreleased demos, radio sessions, remixes and rarities.

The five CDs are presented within a plush hardcover book, designed by Chris Bigg, a long-time associate of the band and former collaborator at the v23 graphic design studio.

The tragic suicide of drummer Chris Acland in October 1996, left his band-mates utterly bereft and they never performed again together before officially announcing the band’s dissolution in 1998. Seventeen years on, buoyed by popular demand from Lush fans, the band announced their reunion on Facebook in September 2015. The line-up that will headline London’s Roundhouse on 6/7 May 2016 consists of Lush stalwarts Miki Berenyi (guitar/vocals), Emma Anderson (guitar/vocals) and Phil King (bass) with the addition of Justin Welch, formerly of Elastica and an old friend of Acland, on drums.


Back in 2001, the band released Ciao! Best of Lush dedicated to Acland’s memory, and this is being pressed on vinyl for the first time. For those in North America/Canada, a limited first run on double red vinyl will be available from your local independent record store on 27 November for Record Store Day/ Black Friday, however it is widely available in Europe via more traditional channels.

The Chorus box set is released a week later on 4 December (22 January in North America).



Chorus 5CD box set




Ciao! Best of Lush 2LP (red) vinyl


* Denotes previously unreleased


Chorus 5CD box set

CD1: Gala

  1. Sweetness And Light
  2. Sunbathing
  3. Breeze
  4. De-Luxe
  5. Leaves Me Cold
  6. Downer
  7. Thoughtforms
  8. Baby Talk
  9. Thoughtforms
  10. Scarlet
  11. Bitter
  12. Second Sight
  13. Etheriel
  14. Hey Hey Helen
  15. Scarlet
  16. Leaves Me Cold – Peel Session*
  17. Breeze – Peel Session*
  18. Hey Hey Helen – Peel Session*
  19. Blackout – Evening Session*
  20. Kiss Chase – Evening Session*
  21. The Childcatcher – Evening Session*
  22. Single Girl – Mark Radcliffe Session*
  23. Runaway – Mark Radcliffe Session*
  24. Heavenly Nobodies – Evening Session*
  25. Ladykillers – Evening Session*

CD2: Spooky

  1. Stray
  2. Nothing Natural
  3. Tiny Smiles
  4. Covert
  5. Ocean
  6. For Love
  7. Superblast!
  8. Untogether
  9. Fantasy
  10. Take
  11. Laura
  12. Monochrome
  13. God’s Gift
  14. Fallin’ In Love
  15. Starlust
  16. Outdoor Miner
  17. Astronaut
  18. Sweetness And Light (The Orange Squash Mix)
  19. Undertow (Spooky Mix)

CD3: Split

  1. Light From A Dead Star
  2. Kiss Chase
  3. Blackout
  4. Hypocrite
  5. Lovelife
  6. Desire Lines
  7. The Invisible Man
  8. Undertow
  9. Never-Never
  10. Lit Up
  11. Starlust
  12. When I Die
  13. Cat’s Chorus
  14. Love At First Sight
  15. Girl’s World
  16. White Wood
  17. 500 (Acoustic Version)*
  18. Olympia (Acoustic Version)
  19. Kiss Chase (Acoustic Version)

CD4 Lovelife

  1. Ladykillers
  2. Heavenly Nobodies
  3. 500
  4. I’ve Been Here Before
  5. Papasan
  6. Single Girl
  7. Ciao!
  8. Tralala
  9. Last Night
  10. Runaway
  11. The Childcatcher
  12. Olympia
  13. Sweetness And Light (Demo)*
  14. Covert (Demo)*
  15. Problem Child (Demo)*
  16. Desire Lines (Demo)
  17. Hypocrite (Demo)*
  18. Lit Up (Demo)
  19. Light From A Dead Star (Demo)*

CD5: Topolino

  1. 500 (Shake Baby Shake)
  2. I Have The Moon
  3. Ex
  4. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
  5. Matador
  6. Outside World
  7. I’d Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
  8. Carmen
  9. Shut Up
  10. Cul De Sac
  11. Demystification
  12. Tinkerbell
  13. Piledriver
  14. Plums And Oranges
  15. Half And Half
  16. Dear Me (Miki’s 8-Track Home Demo)
  17. Sweetie
  18. Heavenly
  19. Pudding
  20. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
  21. All This Useless Beauty
  22. Mannequin
  23. Rupert


Ciao! Best of Lush

  • A1. Ladykillers
  • A2. Single Girl
  • A3. Ciao!
  • A4. 500 (Shake Baby Shake)
  • A5. Light From A Dead Star
  • B1. Love At First Sight
  • B2. Hypocrite
  • B3. Desire Lines
  • B4. Lovelife
  • C1. When I Die
  • C2. Nothing Natural
  • C3. Untogether
  • C4. For Love
  • D1. Monochrome
  • D2. De-Luxe
  • D3. Sweetness and Light
  • D4. Thoughtforms
  • D5. Etheriel

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On Discogs there are a lot o complains about the repress being defective??

“I’ve bought this set twice now, and all the discs skipped. Hopefully this is remedied soon.”

“This release is defective and I requested replacements and they were defective also.
Has anyone received non-defective pressings? If yes, please provide pics.”

“My first copy skipped on all 5 discs as did my replacement. Beware until they remedy this major problem.”

“Watch out, many copies of this box skip all over, especially on HQ gear. Poor quality control.
I will have to return my copy to Amazon. Be aware of this before you buy it!
To clarify, I have the repress with Mould SID code IFPI ACLC3.
Discs 1-3 cannot be ripped 100% securely on 2 ofmy 3 CD-ROM drives.”


Does anybody if there were major problems with this repress / second pressing …

I bought several for my collection and I don’t want to open them just to test??

Jon P

Worth keeping a eye on the price at the moment. I bagged a copy at just over £22 this morning after it had been hovering around the £25-30 mark on Amazon. Last time I checked the price had risen again. Should be back in stock March 9th. Norman Records seems a good bet at £25.

Paul Mac

Just received my copy courtesy of Banquet Records (although it’s cheaper via Norman), glad I held off as I didn’t realise it was getting repressed and nearly shelled out flipper money for it!


Available again on Amazon UK. Mine, which I ordered in December, has just been dispatched. Lucky I didn’t fall for silly eBay prices, and kudos to 4AD for repressing this well received box set.


Received info from amoeba records in U.S. that it is finally shipping. Information passed along is that there were manufacturing issues which delayed release.


Delayed release? You mean the second pressing? I checked a couple of days ago and it was available on Amazon.


JPC in Germany still has them stocked.
Not a bad price either: €32.99 (around £26) + €6 (around £4.75) postage to UK.
So roughly £31 including postage. When ordering multiple copies the postage stays the same so even cheaper that way.


Now sold out and saying it’s being remanufactured and available at the end of the month… I hope the 2 copies I’ve ordered (before I posted about it here) will still be the first batch so I’ll have it soon. Fingers crossed.


The 4AD website now has it available for purchase again. It looks like they will be shipping them February 19.

Mike C

Still showing up as out of stock on the 4AD website, sent an email about availabliity but didnt hear anything back, looks like the company didnt expect the anticipated demand……..

Mike C

Now gone up to €84.75 on amazon uk!! Ripoff!!!!


They have Chorus on Amazon.com as of today (Jan. 29, 2016) for $49. Better get it quick. I doubt if they’ll be around for too long.

Mike C

On Amazon uk its on sale at £59.00, its a drop from the £76.00 when I last looked, but still at £59.00, its a hefty price, I aint shedding out that much for it to be posted to Ireland!!!!!


I purchased a copy in the states from Amazon for $44.99. It’s been shipped and due for arrival on 1/28/16. I preordered a few months ago and received a notice it would be in stock. This was about a week and a half ago. I assume they only got a few copies to sell because it’s not listed as being in stock at this time.


It seems weird that it would sell out so quickly. There was no mention of it being limited on the 4AD site, as opposed to the red vinyl Ciao!, which was stated to be limited. I’d be surprised if they didn’t press more.

It’s quite pretty, with the shiny embossing on the cover. It has the typical “CDs between pages making them hard to remove without touching the face” design that is unfathomably popular nowadays. Plenty of track info, but no commentary whatsoever.

First listen sounds reasonably decent. Haven’t done A/B with the originals yet.


I’m in the US and I got mine last week from Amazon. I had preordered, and I ended up paying $45 for it. So some did make it to these shores.


Anyone in the U.S. received their order? I ordered from amoeba records back in December, and they are now back ordered also. Did the record company underestimate demand? Only other supplier I can find at a reasonable price is Best Buy, and they estimate delivery date for March.


This was “supposed” to come out in North America today, but every site I’ve checked has it on Backorder. Well, except Amazon US, where a 3rd Party seller is asking US $225.00

Mike C

Just checked on Amazon UK and its now upped to £76.00, thats ridiculous, does anyone know where I can get the boxset for a reasonable price? Thanks

SDE Hall of Fame

It looks as if it’s being re-issued on 22 January 2016. Perhaps a new production run since they may have been caught out by demand? I’d hold fire and don’t spend silly money.

Mike C

Cheers Paul, thanks for that, i’ll wait until that date. Its mad how an initial run on a deluxe cd sells out quickly only for 3rd parties to top up the price on it. Thanks, Mike

Dean T

Now in stock at Amazon ( be quick).

Dean T

Well mine just dispatched from Juno records,only five in stock it would seem and sold very quickly ,just how limited is this?l have a dead can dance box set and that was only fifteen hundred and is a prize possession

[…] Of Shoegaze 1988-1995… Hot on the heels of shoegazers-turned-Britpoppers’ Lush releasing their Chorus box set comes this 87-song collection with classics, cult favourites, rare tracks (some on CD for the […]


Anybody any idea why it’s listed on Amazon.co.uk as ‘Currently Unavailable’?



Does anyone know if the vinyl of ‘Ciao’ comes with a download card? Some sites say yes, but others no.


Its a shame that all the radio sessions aren’t included either but if you read the press release, it does make an apology for the exclusions. Miki was my 90s poster girl.

Derek T.

I can add another couple of versions not included – Nothing Natural 7″ version and When I Die remix by Scott Litt.
It’s funny how a bands B-sides can get compiled but A-side versions get overlooked. It happened with Pixies too. And maybe more surprisingly, to The Police – all those single edits that were huge hits, but never made it to CD.

Paul English

Agree – Walking On The Moon, Message In A Bottle 7″s never made it to CD.

Christian Fex

Just in time – as I completed my LUSH collection recently ;-)

Peter B

Only £24.99 from recordstore.co.uk too. Very excited about this!


Are the tracks remastered?

cory eling

God I hope not…


Only £24.99 from Spincds.com (with free P&P and “Spin Gold Points”) … if we’re doing price comparisons! :)

Halloween Jack

Also missing “Light From A Dead Star (Instrumental)” taken from the soundtrack to the 1996 film, “Joyride.”


Looks great. I think it’s missing a few alternative versions, as follows:
(Let me know if I’ve made any mistakes!)

Gala – All associated tracks present

Spooky – For Love (Single Version), Superblast! (Remix) (Japan CDS)

Split – Last Night (Latent Power Mix), Last Night (Darkest Hour Mix), Lovelife (Suga Bullit Remix), Last Night (Hexadecimal Dub Mix), Ladykillers (Demo-Ruff Mix ’95) (Promo remixes CD/ B-side)

Lovelife – The Childcatcher (Original Version) (Select cassette), Tinkerbell (Demo) (Volume 10 mag)

Wax Monster X

Lovelife – The Childcatcher (Original Version).
Is this the same as the version on All Virgos Are Mad?
If so, then this is actually essential and should not be left off. One of my top 5 Lush tracks.

Paul English

Very nice. Still missing the 7″ edit of Sweetness and Light. But aside from that, a great-looking package.

Phil Wilson

It says ‘plus shipping’, but shipping was free:


Phil Wilson

Pre-ordered this form norman records for £25.50, plsu you get ‘norman points’ to use off a future order. Cheaper than Amazon which was £26.99 last time I looked.

Derek T.

Unless she’s changed A LOT since we last saw her, that should read ‘Miki Berenyi’, not ‘Mike’.

Derek T.

Aww, took too long to post and was beaten to it. Tsk.

SDE Hall of Fame

Apologies…fixed now!


Mike Berenyi- should be MIKI!