Madness / Madstock CD+DVD


Salvo Music are to release the classic Madness ‘Madstock’ gig as a CD+DVD set in October.

The legendary 1992 performance at at London’s Finsbury Park, came six years after the band had split and over 70,000 people turned up to see them. This double-disc collection is part of Salvo’s Sound+Vision imprint and while audio and video have both been available before separately (the DVD debuted on 2013’s Guided Tour of Madness set) the CD does come with four previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The Madstock CD+DVD is released on 9 October 2015.



Disc: 1
1. One Step Beyond…
2. The Prince
3. Embarrassment
4. My Girl
5. The Sun And The Rain
6. Grey Day
7. It Must Be Love
8. Shut Up
9. Driving In My Car
10. Bed And Breakfast Man
11. Close Escape
12. Wings Of A Dove
13. Our House
14. Night Boat To Cairo
15. Madness
16. House Of Fun
17. Baggy Trousers
18. The Harder They Come
19. Land Of Hope & Glory (Bonus Track; Previously Unreleased)
20. Razor Blade Alley (Bonus Track; Previously Unreleased)
21. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) (Bonus Track; Previously Unreleased)
22. Take It Or Leave It (Bonus Track; Previously Unreleased)

Disc: 2
1. One Step Beyond… (DVD)
2. The Prince (DVD)
3. Embarrassment (DVD)
4. My Girl (DVD)
5. The Sun And The Rain (DVD)
6. Land Of Hope & Glory (DVD)
7. Grey Day (DVD)
8. Razor Blade Alley (DVD)
9. It Must Be Love (DVD)
10. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) (DVD)
11. Take It Or Leave It (DVD)
12. Shut Up (DVD)
13. Driving In My Car (DVD)
14. Bed And Breakfast Man (DVD)
15. Close Escape (DVD)
16. Wings Of A Dove (DVD)
17. Our House (DVD)
18. Night Boat To Cairo (DVD)
19. Madness (DVD)
20. Swan Lake (DVD)
21. House Of Fun (DVD)
22. Rockin’ In Ab (DVD)
23. Baggy Trousers (DVD)
24. The Harder They Come (DVD)

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Dave H

It wasn’t the first time it happened. On ‘The Business’ the extended version turned out to be the album version.
It was more annoying on the ‘Mad Not Mad’ deluxe CD as the same version was on the same CD.
Album Version = 5.42
Extended Version = 6.45

Mike the Fish

Yeah. There were a few errors that overspilled from The Business, and it appears it was used as a source in places throughout that remastering campaign. But The Sweetest Girl on the same disc twice in the same form was pretty bad! Was no one suspicious about the lengths being the same?!


Continuing the Madness reissue thread, I was wondering if ‘Mad Not Mad’ will be reissued. I assume that it is deleted and that this explains the high prices for copies online?

Mike the Fish

Wow – you’re not kidding! Did it come out before EMI was sold off? From sound samples I heard I thought it could be over compressed. You probably know that Sweetest Girl was on there twice in album version form, just one of them was supposed to be the extended mix.


Would have been nice to have the cd with bonus tracks in the correct running order


I sent the reissue label an email when the deluxe CD 2-CD sets were coming out to ask about “The Madness” and the reply came back that they were having a rights issue with Virgin Records.

The Dance Craze CD in the US replaced Madness with some addtl Selecter and Specials tracks due to the rights issues between Sire and Geffen. Would love to get an official copy of Dance Craze on DVD someday…and the two Selecter albums from EMI or whoever now owns the rights.

Paul Kent

What we really need is the deluxe “The Madness” that we’re still waiting for! Never got round to buying this, though, so I’ll pick this up.


Forget a DVD of Dance Craze, a Blu-ray of the film could be released with surround sound audio.
Read this article about the making of the film.


Paul, is there any word that the CD has been remastered or the source of the DVD footage?

This will be the third time the DVD has been released, first on their ‘Googlebox’ DVD Box Set and then on the ‘Guide Tour’ box set. I believe both of those were taken from a video U-Matic tape and the picture quality and sound aren’t great.

I agree, it would be nice to have a ‘Dance Craze’ CD/DVD set but I would imagine that would be a rights nightmare…


the dvd on gogglebow is madstock ’09

Mark S

Land of hope and glory, Tomorrow’s just another day, and Take it or leave it were all previously released as extra tracks on the single released from Madstock..that single being The Harder They Come.

Not sure about Razor Blade Alley though.

simon s

What we really need is a Dance Craze CD + DVD comb