Madness / “One Step Beyond” 35th anniversary CD+DVD edition


Madness‘ debut album 1979’s One Step Beyond is being reissued by Salvo Music in October as a special ‘Sound and Vision’ CD+DVD set.

The album has been newly remastered from the 1/4-inch tapes and the CD features the previously unheard ‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tapes (14 tracks in total).

The DVD contains promo videos, BBC TV appearances and a documentary dating from 2000.

One Step Beyond will be reissued on 13 October 2014

Madness / One Step Beyond 35th Anniversary Edition
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Track listing

Disc: 1

  • 1. One Step Beyond…
  • 2. My Girl
  • 3. Night Boat To Cairo
  • 4. Believe Me
  • 5. Land Of Hope & Glory
  • 6. The Prince
  • 7. Tarzan’s Nuts
  • 8. In The Middle Of The Night
  • 9. Bed & Breakfast Man
  • 10. Razor Blade Alley
  • 11. Swan Lake
  • 12. Rockin’ In A Flat
  • 13. Mummy’s Boy
  • 14. Madness
  • 15. Chipmunks Are Go!
  • 16. Nutty Sounds (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 17. Mistakes (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 18. Sunshine Voice (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979 – previously unheard)
  • 19. My Girl (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 20. Memories (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 21. Believe Me (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 22. Lost My Head (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979 – previously unheard)
  • 23. Razorblade Alley (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 24. Land Of Hope & Glory (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 25. Mummy’s Boy (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 26. In The Middle Of The Night (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 27. You Said (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 28. Stepping Into Line (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)
  • 29. Bed & Breakfast Man (‘Fab Toones!’ rehearsal tape, 1979)

Disc: 2

  • 1. One Step Beyond… (video) (DVD)
  • 2. Bed And Breakfast Man (video) (DVD)
  • 3. My Girl (video) (DVD)
  • 4. Night Boat To Cairo (video) (DVD)
  • 5. One Step Beyond… (BBC Top Of The Pops) (DVD)
  • 6. The Prince (BBC Top OF The Pops) (DVD)
  • 7. My Girl (BBC Top Of The Pops) (DVD)
  • 8. Bed & Breakfast Man (BBC Old Grey Whistle Test) (DVD)
  • 9. Night Boat To Cairo (BBC Old Grey Whistle Test) (DVD)
  • 10. Young Guns’ Documentary (BBC, 2000) (DVD)

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[…] each CD+DVD deluxe set is fully SIGNED by The Nutty Boys themselves! This was originally issued late last year and as well as a newly remastered version of the album (from the original tapes) it includes […]

Chris D

I’m hoping when “Absolutely” gets another re-release, that “Embarrasment” isn’t forgotten in its single mix form. It came out on “The Business” boxset and fades-out a bit early, due to the chitter-chatter in between. This is the only time it has been released on CD.


Wow never knew that Chris. Did you know that there’s a few early versions of album tracks that were changed in later editions and the original versions were never seen again? Think it certainly applies to ‘7’


Oh and that always infuriated me about ‘The business’ which was otherwise an amazing compilation. All that fading out early of tracks and the talking. The talking should’ve been listed as seperate tracks or altogether at the end of each disc


Dave… I covered your points in my comment a few days before. Have this issue since Monday. It’s good but could’ve been great with just one more CD. A real shame. Also definitely missing TOTP performances there was at least 2 for The Prince. Also should’ve included My girl TOTP from 1993 with live vocal with the set being made to look like a train station. That was great!


‘The Madness’ was supposed to be the 2nd “S” in the reissue programme. ‘Wonderful is a ‘!’

As Mad Not Mad (the first ‘S’ for those keeping score) was issued with artwork to fit in with the other issues (albeit black rather than white), it seems a shame that they didn’t finish things off


This is also an excellent opertunity to release this as a 24bit Studio Master. Is there any chance that they will also release the 24bit 96/192kHz studio master for download? Or release it on a Blu-Ray Audio?


OK let’s clear up a few issues from hand. Firstly yes it was ‘The Madness’ that was supposed to be the first S as ‘Wonderful’ was the 2nd S i think (it’s Downstairs). The ‘Mad not mad’ deluxe had only Era songs on the DVD of ‘Whistle test’ live performance (31-12-85) as in it cut songs from the TV broadcast from 1979-1984). Gutting as that was my first ever concert at just 13 years old (my sister was 10)! And the ‘Whistle test’ broadcast was of course only about a 40 minute segment of the complete show. I have transferred the full 40 minutes from VHS some years ago and it’s pretty good. This release is a shambles i’m so sad to say. It should’ve been 2 or 3 CD’s. The reheasal is 20 songs long (check out their official site) yet as they are cramming it in we lose 6 tracks. These (it seems) will be released as free downloads (compressed to 320 – better than Madness’ usual 128kbps). The first (‘Madness’) i have already downloaded. Pretty decent! What we need is Singles Box set 2 (due around 2004 – 25th anniversary), Madstock (both shows over 3 CD’s), The Madness (remastered double CD), all iTunes only tracks onto CD uncompressed and First step beyond (bootleg) tracks all released officially just for starters!

Mike the Fish

There’s previews through the website. From what I could tell the main album has not been subjected to crazy compression, and might turn out to be much better than last time. The quality of the rehersal tapes is pretty bad.


Was the last double CD issue poor sound-wise then?


Does anyone know more about these Fab Toones rehearsal tapes? Have they been bootlegged before? What’s the sound quality likely to be? How about the actual playing? I bought the Salvo reissues up through Keep Moving, and the 2×10″ vinyl releases, but I’m not likely to pony up again for OSB unless those rehearsals are good. (I AM a little interested in the DVD, but I bet it won’t play on a US player anyway!)

Mike S

I always thought that Madness could be given the ‘At The BBC’ treatment with a CD/DVD box set to include radio sessions, live radio concert broadcasts and all the TV appearances on Auntie Beeb including Wogan, TOTP, Cheggars etc.

Mike the Fish

That’s a good idea, if the session material is there.

Paul Kent

@Kiki – The missing ‘S’ is “The Madness”. It was originally advertised as part of Salvo’s reissue programme. Then, it disappeared. Don’t know whether there are issues with Virgin, as with “Mad Not Mad”. But, then, Virgin did end up reissuing that themselves, and very kindly packaging it to sit nicely alongside the Salvo reissues. Don’t think it will ever get released now, so we’ll always have a missing ‘S’, Kiki…

…actually, Paul, would you be able to find out if Salvo ever plan to finally release the deluxe “The Madness”?

Roelant van Zevenbergen

I’ve send several email to salvo during the last three years. Their answer was always something like this (so the mystery of the missing S continues):

Dear Roelant,
We hope to release it but have no immediate plans to do so. Please keep an eye on our website for news!
Kind regards,


Well an “S” is still missing on the previous reissue set (If I remember well, it should be to the 1992 “Madstock” album?), it was the 7th album…

The previous reissue of that album was cool with a lot of interesting bonus material, so I don’t the reason about this new reissue.

Obviously videos on DVD are greater than Cd-Rom (I didn’t understand that in the previous reissue anyway) but all these could have been collected into a double DVD or blu ray separately…


Salvo have cheapened Madness’ catalogue already with endless hits compilations, let alone reissue an album that was already released as a collectors 2cd edition a few years ago. they’re now including a poor sounding rehearsal cassette recording. very poor.

Mike the Fish

Yes, this is annoying. Why couldn’t they have done this – and got all the bonus previously released tracks present and correct last time?

So basically fans are looking to have both deluxe editions, and still be lacking all the tracks released from that era. I even had ‘phone contact with a guy at Salvo or the parent label about stuff that was missing or incorrect from the reissue programme, but sadly that went cold, and the missing stuff appears un-rereleased. Interesting to see something different from the archives – and the videos on a better medium than CD-ROM, but this is a bit frustrating!


Crazy to leave out all the stuff from the last deluxe. I don’t understand that logic.

Steven Roberts

Hey, Mike, you’ve piqued my curiosity – what got left out that should have been included last time around?

Mike the Fish

Hey Steven,

There’s at least one 12″ version of One Step Beyond, and whichever one of the Spannish/Italian versions of OSB they missed off. There’s the proper Two Tone single version of the Prince with a slightly longer end (it frequently gets faded early on the last note), the Two Tone single version of Madness. (Both of these are available with good sound quality on Ultimate Collection from Rhino.) Night Boat to Cairo had a different mix on the US/Canada “Madness” album on Geffen. There’s the promo mix of Don’t Quote Me On That too. I don’t know much about the flexi discs, but a bunch of those were missed in general throughout the series. There may be more, but that’s the stuff I know of.


The long version of ‘One Step Beyond’ was a US 12″ promo that loops back to the middle eight and adds another minute to the track.
I actually prefer the US mix of ‘Night Boat to Cairo’ which has the lead guitar higher in the mix and the rhythm guitar part is replaced by Barso’s piano doing the skanking part. At least this one has been released on CD’s in the US.
As for the DVD, did Madness do repeat performances of the same song on TOTP? A pity all the OSB era TOTP performances couldn’t be collected together.

Mike the Fish

The UK 12″ of One Step Beyond has the album version, then about one second gap then a different mix of about the usual length, with a different spoken edit at the beginning. “This is the heavy, heavy monster sound… ONE! STEP! BEYOND!” is it.


I’m not aware of ‘Lost My Head’, but ‘Sunshine Voice’ is performed in their film ‘Take It Or Leave It’.


While one the one hand I’ll be buying this, on the other… this is kind of taking the piss. They just reissued a (different) expanded version of this album what 3 years ago?