Madness / “Take It Or Leave It”


Salvo Music will release the Madness movie Take It Or Leave It on 7 October 2013, pairing the DVD with a 26-track soundtrack CD.

The film follows the origins of the band from the mid-to-late ’70s through various line-up changes, before they eventually find success. It dates from 1981 and was largely self-financed and directed by Stiff Records’ Dave Robinson.

Take It Or Leave It has been digitally restored and contains the commentary by Madness guitarist Chris Foreman and the film’s director found on the previous standalone DVD.

The accompanying CD soundtrack album features 26 songs including singles, B-sides and album tracks. Two non-Madness songs are included (Fats Domino’s I’m Walkin’ and The Four Tops’ Reach Out I’ll Be There), both of which can be heard in the film.

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Roelant van Zevenbergen

I am still waiting for the missing first S in Madness on the back of their Salvo re-issues. I’ve send several emails asking about the much delayed re-issue of The Madness-album. Never got a serious answer. Are we all waiting in vain?


Bloody eck gave up on that one years ago! Singles box set 2 got delayed then they said to coincide with 25th anniversary… 2004…

Mike F


Salvo does not have the rights to release The Madness, that remains with EMI, who remarkably kept with the same packaging format as Salvo for Mad Not Mad – although they did put the same version of Sweetest Girl on there twice!


Heard about this. 3rd DVD release though really should’ve been Blu Ray this time… Disappointed. And could’ve including unreleased tracks from the film like ‘See you later aligator’ even if only the short version was recorded which is seen in the film…


Nice package. Shame the previously unavailable song ‘Sunshine Voice’ -which is included on the film – is sadly absent on the CD disc.


Ahh Camden Town and North London as it use to be. The amount of money I spent in Rock On Records, before it turned into a convenience store!


Any chance of an Australian release?