Manic Street Preachers / Generation Terrorists bonus disc

Manic Street Preachers / Generation Terrorists 20th Anniversary bonus disc

The Manic Street Preachers will release a 20th Anniversary edition of their debut Generation Terrorists on 5 November.

We have already revealed the track listing for the 2CD+DVD ‘Legacy Edition’ but the Limited Edition Collector’s Edition adds an extra CD to that content, which is exclusive to that set. Below is the track listing:

Remastered B-sides & Rarities (CD3 – only available with the Collector’s Edition)

  1. Motorcycle Emptiness (South Wales Demo) 3.15
  2. Generation Terrorists (South Wales Demo) 2/58
  3. Poleaxed (South Wales Demo) 2.49
  4. Faceless Sense Of Void (London demo) 3.27
  5. UK Channel Boredom (Flexi Disc) 3.29
  6. Colt 45 (South Wales Demo) 4.37
  7. Crucifix Kiss (House In The Woods demo) 4.27
  8. Natwest-Barclays-Midlands (House In The Woods demo) 4.36
  9. Spent All Summer (South Wales demo remastered) 3.15
  10. Behave Yourself Baby (Home demo remastered) 2.34
  11. Sorrow Sixteen 4.02
  12. We Her Majesty’s Prisoners 5.16
  13. Spectators Of Suicide 5.05
  14. Starlover 2.39
  15. R.P. Murphy 4.04
  16. Soul Contamination 2.47
  17. A Vision Of Dead Desire 3.15
  18. Ain’t Going Down 3.07
  19. Bored Out Of My Mind 2.54
  20. Never Want Again 3.35
  21. Dead Yankee Drawl 3.44
  22. Democracy Coma 3.47

This track listing is confirmed. The Limited Edition Collector’s Edition is only available via the Manic Street Preachers webstore, although it is not available there at the moment. There is also a 10-inch vinyl with this set, but at the time of writing it is not clear what tracks are on this.

2CD+DVD Legacy Edition is available from amazon:


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Simon Long

The deluxe set is now up for pre-order on the Manics site – looks like quite a nice package, although the accompanying book is a mere 28 pages. It’s £45 including shipping. The 10″ vinyl contains 4 tracks from BBC Radio sessions.

James Pigg

Hi Paul,
Can you or someone confirm whether this reissue is going to contain the film sample from A Street Car Named Desire that made it onto the first few thousand copies of the orginal CD. It was pulled at the time for copyright reasons and the album was re-pressed. It came just before little Baby Nothing.

Paul Kent

As I was expecting, and somewhat disappointing. This should swap places with the demos only disc in the 2CD/DVD edition. The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go 3-disc remasters featured all their respective b-sides, so it’s a shame they couldn’t keep things uniform with this release. I’d rather have all the b-sides than a load of demos, personally, but won’t be buying this deluxe edition for them.


@Paul Kent: Actually the 2CDs/DVD anniversary reissue of Holy Bible didn’t feature any b-side. You can find some of the b-sides on the Lipstick Traces compilation.
The reissue of Everything Must Go along with Lipstick Traces feature all the non-remix b-sides by the Manics.

However, you can get the 2009 Japanese Mini LP, 2 CD reissue of all their albums up until Send Away The Tigers which feature all their b-sides (except maybe for the remixes) and exclusive live songs and acoustic versions, but they go for over 40 bucks each, except for the first two (Generation Terrorists and Gold Against The Soul) which go for over 100 bucks since they’re now out of print.
I would advice getting the upcoming deluxe box set if you really need the b-sides as badly as I do.