Manic Street Preachers / “Generation Terrorists” reissued

Manic Street Preachers / Generation Terrorists 20th anniversary reissues

The Manic Street Preachers  are to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album Generation Terrorists, with a multi-format reissue campaign on 5 November 2012.

The double album will be available in the following editions:

  • 1. Anniversary Edition – 1CD
  • 2. Legacy Edition – 2CD/DVD
  • 3. Limited Edition Collector’s Edition – 3CD/DVD/Book/10” Vinyl
  • 4. 12” 180g double vinyl gatefold LP
  • 5. Download

No track listings are available at the time of writing, but the Legacy and Collector’s editions will feature the entire original album re-mastered; unheard exclusive songs and demos; unseen film footage and home movies; unique artwork from the MSP archive; rare and unseen photos; legendary tv performances and a new essay from band biographer Simon Price.

UK Pre-order: 2CD+DVD Generation Terrorists
GERMANY Pre-order 2CD+DVD Generation Terrorists

UK Pre-order: 1CD Generation Terrorists
GERMANY Pre-order 1CD Generation Terrorists

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will rodgers

huge fan of Roddy’s work. unemployed, so i cant afford to rush out and buy these at the moment. winning them would be great!

Paolo Cecchini

I wanna win these reissues! I collect love, and Aztec Camera are love! The sky, the music, the past, the present, you and me, reissue my love, and impress it in my soul…

Paul Kent

Erm… why is everyone posting about Aztec Camera reissues on the Manics story? …which, incidentally, I am looking forward to immensely. The deluxe reissues of The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go were superb.


This release (Manics) is a definite must for us fans! I’ve been searching for years for the Japanese Mini LP 2 CD 2009 edition which includes the b-sides and rare live tracks, but it’s been long out of print and now goes for over 100 dollars online! Really crazy. Hopefully this box set includes all the material from the 2CD mini LP set and much, much more. I also beg the price isn’t ridiculously high, but I’m guessing it will only be a little more expensive than the 2 CD mini LP.
Can’t wait for the track listing details and pre-order option for the collector’s edition!

Larry Davis

Luckily, I nabbed the whole 9-album series of 2009 Manics Japanese Mini-LP reissues on eBay…most were around 40 bucks each but “Generation Terrorists” ran me $100 & “Gold Against The Soul” ran me about $60 & the book of “Journal” ran me $100…still had to have the triples of “Holy Bible” & “Everything Must Go” on top of the Japanese mini-LPs because they had additional material…more B-sides and the US mix of “Holy Bible” which is very cool…in light of this, I will get the “Generation Terrorists” box, for the DVD alone…


Paul, agreed! Holy Bible and Everything Must Go were amazing releases, however, I’m guessing 5.1 surround sound is still an option considering the 2002 DVD Forever Delayed did have 5.1 mixes of the videos. Although I’m not sure if this is 100% worth having, but I would definitely cash out for 5.1 mixes of their albums, so hopefully Holy Bible and Everything will get their reissue for 20 anniversary dates with 5.1 surround and the quite few b-sides from each album, especially the latter ones!

Mike Smith

Would love a set of these, they look fantastic!

Darryl Jayson

I am very interested to listening to these reissues of a great band from the 1980’s.

Andy Taylor

All I Need Is Everything!!!

william curley

My favorite favorite favorite band EVER! I must have these reissues. MUST!!!!

Michel Drolet

I have a radio show in a community radio (it’s voluntary work) where I play this kind of music…we reach 75 000 people a day on average, a really nice way to promote these (and other) re-issues!! Thank you!!

Corey McCaffrey

Aztec Camera were the best band of the 80’s. I wanna win this set!


these will sit nicely on my shelf,PLEASE !!!!!!!


I’m a long-time fan of Aztec Camera and would love to win this set of reissues!

Tyronne Mayadunne

First to comment … I wanna wanna wanna win this set!

Tyronne Mayadunne

Ooops wrong item .. wanted to leave comment for Aztec Camera competition :-)