Manic Street Preachers / Generation Terrorists track listing

Manic Street Preachers / Generation Terrorists reissue track listing

Today, we can reveal the full track listing for the Manic Street Preachers three-disc ‘Legacy Edition’ of the Generation Terrorists reissue.

The second CD is packed full of unreleased demos while the DVD includes a documentary, home movie footage, promo videos (including two new ones) plus various BBC TV performances.

A limited Collector’s Edition – 3CD/DVD/Book/10” Vinyl will also be available via the band’s web store. Details of that have yet to be released.

Full track listings:
CD1: Original Album [remastered] (ALL FORMATS)

  • 1.Slash ‘N’ Burn
  • 2.Nat West-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds
  • 3.Born To End
  • 4.Motorcycle Emptiness
  • 5.You Love Us
  • 6.Love’s Sweet Exile
  • 7.Little Baby Nothing
  • 8.Repeat
  • 9.Tennessee
  • 10.Another Invented Disease
  • 11.Stay Beautiful
  • 12.So Dead
  • 13.Repeat
  • 14.Spectators Of Suicide
  • 15.Damn Dog
  • 16.Crucifix Kiss
  • 17.Methadone Pretty
  • 18.Condemned To Rock ‘N’ Roll
  • 19.Theme From M*A*S*H  (Suicide Is Painless)

Pre-order single CD remaster

CD2: Previously Unreleased Demos [remastered] (Legacy Edition Only)

  • 1.Slash ‘N’ Burn (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 2.Nat West-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds (Marcus Demo)
  • 3.Born To End (Marcus Demo)
  • 4.Motorcycle Emptiness (House In The Woods Demo )
  • 5.You Love Us (Heavenly Version)
  • 6.Love’s Sweet Exile (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 7.Little Baby Nothing (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 8.Repeat (Marcus Demo)
  • 9.Tennessee (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 10.Another Invented Disease (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 11.Stay Beautiful (Marcus Demo)
  • 12.So Dead (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 13.Repeat (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 14.Spectators Of Suicide (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 15.Damn Dog (Live)
  • 16.Crucifix Kiss (Marcus Demo)
  • 17.Methadone Pretty (House In The Woods Demo)
  • 18.Suicide Alley (South Wales Demo)
  • 19.New Art Riot (South Wales Demo)
  • 20.Motown Junk (London Studio Demo)
  • 21.Motown Junk

DVD:  (Legacy Edition Only)

  • 1. Culture, Alienation, Boredom And Despair –  A Film About Generation Terrorists *
  •  2. Unseen Super Eight Montage  *
  •  3.Home Road Movie* 
  •  4.Official Videos: 
    • •Motown Junk
    •  •You Love Us (Heavenly Version)
    •  •Stay Beautiful
    •  •Loves Sweet Exile
    •  •You Love Us (Columbia Version)
    • •Slash ‘N’ Burn
    • •Motorcycle Emptiness
    •  •Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)
    •  •Little Baby Nothing
    •  •Repeat (New Film)*
    •  •Nat West-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds (New Film)
  •  5. Generation Terrorists At The BBC *
    •  •Snub
    • •Rapido
    • •Band Explosion
    • •Rapido
    • •Top of The Pops – You Love Us
    • •Top of The Pops – Motorcycle Emptiness
    • •Top of The Pops – Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)

    Pre-order Three Disc Legacy Edition

    Vinyl version

    Side splits for the vinyl are as follows:

    • A1  Slash N’ Burn (Remastered)
    • A2  Nat West-Barclays-Midlands-Lloyds (Remastered)
    • A3  Born To End (Remastered)
    • A4  Motorcycle Emptiness (Remastered)
    • A5  You Love Us (Remastered)
    • B1  Love’s Sweet Exile (Remastered)
    • B2  LIttle Baby Nothing (Remastered)
    • B3  Repeat (Stars And Stripes) (Remastered)
    • B4  Tennessee (Remastered)
    • C1  Another Invented Disease  (Remastered)
    • C2  Stay Beautiful (Remastered)
    • C3  So Dead (Remastered)
    • C4  Repeat (UK) (Remastered)
    • C5  Spectators Of Suicide(Remastered)
    • D1  Damn Dog (Remastered)
    • D2  Crucifix Kiss (Remastered)
    • D3  Methadone Pretty (Remastered)
    • D4  Condemned To Rock’n’Roll (Remastered)
    • D5 Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless) (Remastered)

    Pre-order Vinyl Edition

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[…] If you look closer at the image about, you’ll notice that this release actually has the subtitle “Generation Terrorists US Mix”. The reason for this is that four of the eight tracks – Slash ‘n’ Burn, Nat West–Barclays–Midlands–Lloyds, Little Baby Nothing and You Love Us are different mixes from the UK/European versions (remixed by Michael Brauer) and feature the live drumming of American session drummer Zachary Alford. None of these tracks appeared on last year’s 20th Anniversary of Generation Terrorists. […]

[…] Enjoy some neon loneliness with the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Manic Street Preachers’ debut Generation Terrorists. The Collector’s Box has SOLD OUT but the three disc ‘Legacy’ edition is almost as good. More here. […]

[…] Fans will note that the packaging is consistent with the tenth anniversary editions of both  The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go with the folding ten panel digipak slotting into an outer slipcase. Like those previous issues this Legacy Edition will have two booklets glued in place to the end panels. If you haven’t seen the track listing there are details here. […]

Simon Long

What a surprise – the “cheap” set contains a bunch of demos of very little interest to many people. But to get the otherwise completely unavailable B-sides from GT, that most people would want, you have to buy the super expensive ultra-limited version. I’m getting thoroughly sick of being milked by record companies at the moment…


Hello Gazelle,
then there is also the “Little Baby Nothing” with the Marlon Brando intro …

In my humble opinion it is better to have more of the never heard (or seldom heard) versions/songs than certain b-sides.


[…] have already revealed the track listing for the 2CD+DVD ‘Legacy Edition’ but the Limited Edition Collector’s Edition adds […]


Another missed opportunity? In addition to ‘Motown Junk’ and ‘Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)’, I would have liked to see all the non-album studio recordings from 1988 – 1992 included, such as:

‘Suicide Alley’ (1988 single)
‘UK Channel Boredom’ (from 1990 ‘Hopelessly Devoted’ fanzine single)
‘New Art Riot’ (from 1990 ‘New Art Riot’ EP)
‘Strip It Down’ (from 1990 ‘New Art Riot’ EP)
‘Last Exit On Yesterday’ (from 1990 ‘New Art Riot’ EP)
‘Teenage 20/20’ (from 1990 ‘New Art Riot’ EP)
‘Sorrow 16’ (b-side of ‘Motown Junk’)
‘We Her Majesty’s Prisoners’ (b-side of ‘Motown Junk’)
‘Star Lover’ (b-side of ‘You Love Us’)
‘RP McMurphy’ (b-side of ‘Stay Beautiful’)
‘Soul Contamination’ (b-side of ‘Stay Beautiful’)
‘Democracy Coma’ (b-side of ‘Love’s Sweet Exile’/‘Repeat’)
‘Ain’t Goin’ Down’ (b-side of ‘Slash ‘N’ Burn’)
‘A Vision Of Dead Desire’ (b-side of ‘You Love Us’ 1992 Reissue)
‘Bored Out Of My Mind’ (b-side of ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’)
‘Dead Yankee Drawl’ (b-side of ‘Little Baby Nothing’)
‘Never Want Again’ (b-side of ‘Little Baby Nothing’)
‘Sleeping With The NME’ (b-side of ‘Theme From M*A*S*H’)

Furthermore, in addition to the Heavenly version of ‘You Love Us’, I would have liked to have seen all the alternate versions of songs from 1988 – 1992 included, such as:

‘Tennessee (I Get Low)’ (b-side of ‘Suicide Alley’)
‘New Art Riot’ [Alternate Version] (from 1991 ‘Feminine Is Beautiful’ fanzine single)
‘Repeat After Me’ (from 1991 ‘Feminine Is Beautiful’ fanzine single)
‘Spectators Of Suicide’ [Heavenly Version] (b-side of ‘You Love Us’)
‘Motorcycle Emptiness’ [Single Edit] (1992 single)
‘Little Baby Nothing’ [Single Edit] (1992 single)

I’m also mindful that Manic Street Preachers was an incendiary live act during this period and I feel it would have been fascinating to hear further recordings from the following gigs that have already had exposure on b-sides:

Bath Moles Club:
‘Strip It Down’ (b-side of ‘You Love Us’)

London Marquee – September 1991:
‘Stay Beautiful’ (b-side of ‘Love’s Sweet Exile’/‘Repeat’)
‘It’s So Easy’ (b-side of ‘You Love Us’ 1992 Reissue)

London Astoria – February 1992:
‘Crucifix Kiss’ (b-side of ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’)

Japan Club Citta – May 1992:
‘RP McMurphy’, ‘Tennessee’ and ‘You Love Us’ (b-sides of ‘Little Baby Nothing’)

And finally, I’ve just remembered ‘Under My Wheels’ from the BBC Radio 1, Friday Rock Show (previously issued on the b-side of ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’), which begs the question: is a ‘Manic Street Preachers at the BBC’ retrospective sorely needed?


That the Super Deluxe will include a book appears to be almost certain. About the 10″ vinyl, there are speculations.

The extra CD may have the tracks listed on Forever Delayed discussion pages by means of – apparently – a picture of the CDRs promos.

The problem with MSP boxes prices is that usually it is possible to buy them only fom the official website, hence they are out of the “discount game” which usually Amazon and others perform (and thanks for that!)


What? No ‘Democracy Coma’?


This reissue is based on the UK original release, not in the 1992 US release…


I bet the big limited edition box set that includes a book, a 10″ vinyl and an extra CD will include the B-sides from Generation Terrorists and hopefully some live tracks as well. Who knows what will be the price though, probably over GBP 100.00 though.