Manic Street Preachers / Holy Bible 20: five-disc deluxe box with vinyl

Next month the Manic Street Preachers will reissue their 1994 album The Holy Bible as a five-disc deluxe box that will include a vinyl pressing of the album – the first time it has been issued on LP since 1994 (when it was only released as a limited edition picture disc).

The Holy Bible 20 is a four-CD + LP set that will include remastered versions of the full album, the US Mix of the album, a disc of B-side, mixes and live versions (including a previously unreleased version of Revol) and a live CD of the band’s last performance with guitarist Richey Edwards from the Astoria on December 1994. Some acoustic tracks recently recorded for a BBC Radio 4 Mastertapes session (not yet broadcast) complete the content.

As well as the vinyl and CDs, the 12″ x 12″ deluxe box set contains a hardcover book with rare, previously unseen images, including exclusive photos by Mitch Ikeda, handwritten lyrics, sleeve notes from Keith Cameron and notes from the band.

The first 1000 copies of The Holy Bible 20 box set bought from the Manics’ online store will include a copy of the book SIGNED by the band! (update 6/11/14 – now sold out).

The Holy Bible 20 is released on 8 December 2014.


Track listing: The Holy Bible 20


The Holy Bible (Remastered)

  1. Yes
  2. Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart
  3. Of Walking Abortion
  4. She Is Suffering
  5. Archives Of Pain
  6. Revol
  7. 4st 7lb
  8. Mausoleum
  9. Faster
  10. This Is Yesterday
  11. Die In The Summertime
  12. The Intense Humming Of Evil
  13. P.C.P.


The Holy Bible (Remastered)

  1. Yes
  2. Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart
  3. Of Walking Abortion
  4. She Is Suffering
  5. Archives Of Pain
  6. Revol
  7. 4st 7lb
  8. Mausoleum
  9. Faster
  10. This Is Yesterday
  11. Die In The Summertime
  12. The Intense Humming Of Evil
  13. P.C.P.


The Holy Bible – US Mix (Remastered)

  1. Yes
  2. ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart
  3. Of Walking Abortion
  4. She Is Suffering
  5. Archives Of Pain
  6. Revol
  7. 4st 7lb
  8. Mausoleum
  9. Faster
  10. This Is Yesterday
  11. Die In The Summertime
  12. The Intense Humming Of Evil
  13. P.C.P.


B-Sides + Live

  1. Sculpture Of Man (Album Version)
  2. New Art Riot (In E Minor) (Live from the Clapham Grand)
  3. Too Cold Here
  4. You Love Us (Original ‘Heavenly’ Version)
  5. Love’s Sweet Exile (Bangkok Live)
  6. Drug Drug Druggy (Live at Glastonbury)
  7. Roses In The Hospital (Live at Glastonbury)
  8. You Love Us (Live at Glastonbury)
  9. Love Torn Us Under
  10. The Drowners (Live)
  11. Stay With Me (Live)
  12. La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) (Vocal Mix)
  13. La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) (Dub Mix)
  14. Faster (Dub Mix)
  15. Faster (Vocal Mix)
  16. Revol (Previously Unreleased)

CD 4

Live BBC In Concert, The Astoria December 1994

  1. P.C.P.
  2. From Despair to Where
  3. Yes
  4. Faster
  5. She Is Suffering
  6. La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
  7. Slash ‘n’ Burn
  8. Motorcycle Emptiness
  9. New Art Riot
  10. Life Becoming a Landslide
  11. Revol
  12. 4st 7lb
  13. This Is Yesterday

Radio 4 Mastertapes, Maida Vale, September 2014

  • 4st 7LB (Excerpt)
  • Faster
  • P.C.P
  • This Is Yesterday


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Well Liam, I have to verify my copy (received indeed on the 9th of December) which by the way is a signed one. They signed on the big booklet.

I find both this and the GT boxed sets a bit of a “miss” ones; but if one considers that The Jam Setting Sons double CD version was hailed as featuring (like Sound Affects had) the demos on the second disc while instead you have the live tracks and for the demos you have to buy the superdeluxe (once you already had the double version) …

Cheers and Season Greetings to everyone

Steg AT http://steg-speakerscorner.blogspot.com/

Liam Bastick

Talking of re-presses, I received an email from the Manics web site today which stated the following – and I quote:

“…To improve and enhance audio quality [of the vinyl edition], the song “4st 7lbs” has been moved to track 1 on side 2 of the LP.

It was a last minute decision so those lucky people receiving the first run of ‘Holy Bible’ box sets will be getting a rare collectors edition where the tracklisting shows “4st 7lbs” as the last track on side 1 (as per the original 1994 vinyl cut).

We hope you enjoy your purchased item. ”

So for those who missed out on the signed editions (moi aussi), it’s not all bad.

John S.

I will gladly pass this release as I have the 10th anniversary edition, which is well enough for me anyways.

James Pigg

Totally agree Kiki. I missed out on this too and feel pretty peeved about it as copies are fetching more than £200 on ebay. I wish the band would step in, support the fans who can’t afford that, and get some more copies pressed.
Also another vote here for the live version of LBAL from the Revol 10″ to be included in this set.
I wish Paul had been involved in the track listing for this as he would never have allowed such an oversight. Maybe he can have a word about a repress of the Generation Terrorists box :-)


the only question I have is : Why didn’t they use this occasion to re-release the previous big “Generation terrorist” Box set through the usual commercial path ? it’s now very expensive and I’m sure it would have sold more copies… An this time I would not have missed it !

Paul N

Had ordered from Manics store for approx 80 euro including postage..
Cancelled it and ordered from Amazon and saved about 15 euro with free postage… Happy Days


Should “Judge Y’rself” (or however it’s spelt!) be on here as well?

Phil Wilson

Could maybe include the session version of Pennyroyal Tea if I can remember which compilation album it was one (and if I still have it)


Its on the Evening Session Priority Tunes comp.

Phil Wilson

The BBC broadcast of the Astoria gig (can be found here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00p43fy) including Motown Junk as the last track, but it does miss out Yes (probably due to the language in it). Shame Motown Junk isn’t on the live disk. I hadn’t notice the live version of Life Becoming A Landslide from the Revol 10″ was missing, but would like to see that added. I don’t hold out much hope as the live version of Stay Beautiful from the Marquee in 1991 (from the Repeat/LSE 12″) is still M.I.A. I think it was from the radio broadcast which I have somewhere but a CD release would be nice.

I think an “extra disc” for the Holy Bible could be made up (at home) of the following tracks:

10th Anniversary Bonus Tracks:

The Intense Humming of Evil (live) 4:58
4st 7lb (live) 4:44
Yes (live) 4:30
Of Walking Abortion (live) 3.47
Die in the Summertime (demo) 2:26
Mausoleum (demo) 3:29
Of Walking Abortion (Radio 1 Evening Session) 3:39
She Is Suffering (Radio 1 Evening Session) 4:25
Yes (Radio 1 Evening Session) 4.40

Live at the O2 – National Treasures gig
Faster (free download)
Revol (RTF Deluxe)
She is Suffering (Anthem for a lost cause single)

Yes (Live from Manchester Apollo) (Some Kind of Nothingness download)

Johan Erikson

Should have said that the list is from the digipak edition from a few years back that Hans Jörg asked for, not Japan bonus tracks for this release :-)

Johan Erikson

Japan edition bonus tracks:
1. Too cold here
2. Love torn us under
3. Faster (dub)
4. La tristesse durera (dub)
5. Love´s sweet exile (live)
6. New art riot (live)
7. The drowners (live)
8. Stay with me (live)

Hans Jörg

Did anyone already compare it with the 2 cd digipak japan version released some years ago bonus track wise? They released seven or eight albums at that time. Don’t remember exactly.

Simon Long

All the tracks which were on the bonus disc with the Japan release are included on disc 3 of this set, along with a few others.


Shame that “Life Becoming A Landslide” (live at Bangkok) from the “Revol” 10″ is missing :( That was a B-side too! And I agree that the rest of the demos should have been here.

Can’t decide whether to buy it. My first impulse was “of course”, but really there’s too much duplication from the 10th anniversary edition to really spend this kind of money.

Simon Long

This release also does something I really hate – it misses out a bunch of the tracks that were on the previous deluxe edition! In fact, I think that all 9 tracks on the 10th Anniversary version which weren’t the album itself or the US mix are missing from here. So you can’t even get rid of your 10th Anniversary set if you buy this.

(Also guilty of this recently – Big Country!)

Hans Jörg

Me too won’t buy the album a third time. Will see if a download will also be available for the content not on the 10th anniversary edition.


Got in just in time for a signed copy.

This release, along with recent reissues of Massive Attack’s Mezzanine and Morrissey’s Vauxhall & I, as well as the ongoing Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds campaign, means I can now fill all of the major holes in my vinyl collection without breaking the bank on impossible to find originals.

Happy Days!


Would love to have the B-side disc at is wasn’t in the 2 disc/dvd 10th anniversary but I can’t justify buying this as I don’t do vinyl.


Actually that’s a partial recording of Richey’s second-to-last show. I keep a dodgy bootleg of the real final show on CDR in my copy of the 10th anniv. Bible… so it’ll be neat to have something presumably clean-sounding from the same Astoria run.

There are few things I would foolishly dump US$118 on, and here we are. To be honest, I’d kind of love it if the vinyl was exclusive to this set. And as big a deal as the original album was to my younger self, the book should be a treat. The last couple DX books they’ve done since Journal have been nice.

Lastly, re: demos – I kind of appreciate the completism of this… versus say, the Afghan Whigs ‘Gentlemen’ box which was lacking a couple b-sides from the period in favour of demos that didn’t differ too much from the album proper.

Michel D.

Generation Terrorists has a 10″ vinyl but I understand what you mean…don’t care for vinyl myself so I too wish they never put vinyl inside the box sets!!

Simon Cornish

That’s true, I forgot about the 10inch. But at least on the Generation Terrorists 10inch you were getting session tracks that weren’t on the CD’s. As opposed to this box set where you are getting exactly the same tracks on the vinyl as CD1.

Simon Cornish

Why does the vinyl have to be included in the box set? I understand why they are re-issuing the vinyl. But can’t the vinyl be sold separately for those who want it? The Generation Terrorists box set didn’t include vinyl.

Also there is a total lack of demos on this box set, which is a pity. The Generation Terrorists box set and to a lesser extent the Everything Must Go box sets both had demos on them. They must exist because there are two demo versions on the 10th anniversary version. They could have made it 5 CD’s or alternatively there would be some room at the end of CD1 or CD2 to put some demos on.


Yeah, hard to justify if you have the 10th Anniversary box.

Phil Wilson

They are still on sale, but no mention of the current ones being signed so I would guess those 1000 have gone


I just ordered it the signed box set, but on the email I got, it said sold out but it was still on sale when I ordered it, Wonder if I got it in time, Joe


MyPlayDirect which I believe is a Sony retail outlet (much like PopMarket) charges absolutely ridiculous for postage of vinyl and box sets. One of the reasons I never buy anything from them anymore. The postage for the Suede DMS 20th Anniversary box set was something like $AU50 which is ridiculous. The postage for this Manics box is AU$49 while Amazon charges AU$6.60. Admittedly there is no way in the world that the Amazon postage charge covers the actual postage fee, but there needs to be a reasonable middle ground somewhere.


Great news, ordered, but sure they have the price wrong, can’t believe £49,,,,,

Thanks again to SDE

Phil Wilson

I have made my order, and I am also one of those who would love a GATS deluxe edition / super deluxe edition. I have all the UK versions of the albums, and the Japanese 2CD versions that came out a few years ago, which are loaded with b-sides and nicely packaged.

Whilst I agree with the comments about the Tristessa remixes it is good that they are there to give a complete b-sides disc but even stranger is the heavenly version of You Love Us being on there. It was a revol b-side, hence its inclusion, but I have to say I am very much on the let’s have it on there side. Looking forward to the gig in Manchester in December even more now!


Pre-ordered as a Christmas gift for myself.

I missed the last box set (couldn’t swing it the last time).

Shipping seems quite high ($32) to the States.


I don’t think anyone has any love for GATS. I’d buy a deluxe reissue, though.
I think the Tristesse remixes are on there because they are HB era B sides (She Is Suffering?) but they don’t really fit, do they?

Simon Long

Hmmm – it’s tempting, but I’d feel happier about buying it if I hadn’t shelled out 10 years ago for the 10th Anniversary box. I look forward to seeing what they offer us in 2024…

On a more serious note – why are there two remixes of a GATS track (Tristesse), and on that point, why has there been no deluxe reissue of GATS itself yet? There have been deluxe reissues of the other three of the first four albums.


The band hate GATS although it does contain Sleepflower which is up there as having one of the best riffs of all time.


I ain’t buying this bloody thing again. Boring.


PS: I must say THANK YOU to Superdeluxe edition for these news.



So did I. You have to make choices, and although shipping costs seem high, I decided for the signed copy.
Thus I will go for a “poor” 2CD deluxe with The Jam’s Setting Sons reissue. :-(

Steg AT http://steg-speakerscorner.blogspot.com/


Paul – I was at the Astoria gig, will be special to hear it again.


Ordered faster than I could read the article itself.