Manic Street Preachers / The Holy Bible / black vinyl reissue


Hallelujah! Sony are releasing The Holy Bible by the Manic Street Preachers as a standalone black vinyl record for the first time.

holybible20_spreadWhen the Manics first released the record, their third studio album, back in August 1994, it was only available on vinyl as a picture disc. A new picture disc was issued for Record Store Day this year, but only those who splashed out on The Holy Bible 20 four-CD + LP anniversary box set last Christmas will own the album on black vinyl.

A bleak counterpoint to the optimism of Nineties’ Britpop – Oasis’s Definitely Maybe was released on the same day (29 August 1994) – The Holy Bible explores subjects ranging from the Holocaust to American consumerism.

The album has particular poignancy of course, as it was the last to feature lyrics (during his lifetime) by Richey Edwards and songs such as Archives Of Pain, 4st 7lb and Die In The Summertime make for uncomfortable listening in the context of his struggles with depression, anorexia and his subsequent disappearance in February 1995.

The Holy Bible is released on standalone vinyl on 27 November 2015. At the time of writing you can pre-order it for about £15, but the previously mentioned box set is available for the bargain price of £30, so if you’re interested in a deeper exploration of the work and that era then that’s the one to go for.



New black vinyl reissue


The Holy Bible 20: LP+4CD box set

Manic Street Preachers / The Holy Bible 20 RSD pic disc

2015 RSD Picture Disc reissue


  1. Yes
  2. Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart
  3. Of Walking Abortion
  4. She Is Suffering
  5. Archives Of Pain
  6. Revol
  7. 4st 7lb
  8. Mausoleum
  9. Faster
  10. This Is Yesterday
  11. Die In The Summertime
  12. The Intense Humming Of Evil
  13. P.C.P.

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David white

Strange on Amazon website the link is to the box set at £77
However on bottom right hand side it states an alternative (I.e Amazon!) at £29.99! Bought it using this alternative and it’s good to go!


Looks like that bargain price of £30.00 already gone – I clicked through to find it at a very odd £77.78.

SDE Hall of Fame

Yes, it’s finished now. Worth keeping an eye on it though, because it’s been up and down a bit recently…


Not great news for those who bought the box last year at full price, is it?

Comsat Angels reissues? Lush box set? Any news on these at all?


Comsat Angels reissues are my holy grail and A Certain Ratio reissues that are around longer than a month would be awesome too!

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