Manics blue vinyl available in Germany


Easily available via JPC.de in Germany who ship worldwide

Don’t pay inflated prices for the sold-out-in-the-UK, blue vinyl version of the Manic Street Preachers Everything Must Go, since while it appears to be a UK exclusive for HMV it’s available from another retailer in Germany…

What JPC are calling the ‘baby blue’ vinyl can be ordered for €23 which is about £18. So if you had problems with the HMV website this morning and/or simply couldn’t get to your local store, this is a great option.

These will ship on 15 July 2015. JPC ship worldwide.

ORDER ‘Baby Blue’ vinyl edition of Everything Must Go from JPC.de

Much better than paying *these* kinds of prices (see below)

HMV exclusives already on eBay

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Nick Roberts

Anyone received their copy from JPC yet? Got mine, but side A is horribly off centre…


Yes mine is off centre too. Worst example of this I’ve seen for ages. Seems to be affecting sound quality too.

Peter Yarrow

I got confirmation from HMV that I’d ordered this and Teenage Fanclub, then over a week later emails saying there had been technical issues – thankfully was able to order MSP from JPC. Still a bit peeved about TFC though.

[…] sales. This is obviously thanks to that HMV ‘baby blue’ vinyl exclusive. As a reminder you can still order this from JPC in Germany if you didn’t manage to pick one up in the UK. The Clash‘s debut album is […]


FAO – Londoners ! Thought i’d pop by FOPP over lunch and found a dedicated rack with copies of everything, except Sex Pistols !


I think everyone missed it when HMV said “exclusive UK retailer”.


Oddly perhaps, I ordered this from a seller on Amazon on the 11th June – way before I actually knew HMV were doing any kind of exclusive. I just thought that Sony were doing a single version of the album now the box set had passed, just as they did with The Holy Bible.

this is the link, though I note it’s a different seller that’s fulfilling now:


My seller was UniquePlace-UK, and I paid £16 for it. It arrived today (and it’s the blue vinyl – obviously).


I would just like to add that I won mine off of eBay a week ago from a guy in Spain – I paid £26 inc p&p . Photographs of the actual item were posted on eBay and nobody else bid. It is the real thing – perfect. HMV exclusive? Hmmmm

Rick Marino

The question is can & will JPC be able to fulfill all the orders? Do they know how many copies they are actually getting & at what point do they cut off the pre-orders? If it sells out once they reach their limit or after they get their shipment & then refund all the orders they couldn’t fill? That happened to me with the new Radiohead on white vinyl from a website in Canada. They oversold it & then couldn’t fulfill all the pre-orders. Luckily my local record store had a few copies left on release day when they 1st opened & I was still able to get one.


Thanks a lot Paul! Ordered.

Emili Lafarga

Jpc.de has its English version.


Paul, do you know if jpc send the item with a tracking number? Tks

Zane Richardson

No not usually – I didn’t receive a tracking number for a copy of Moon Shaped Pool shipped on Friday morning


Thanks for the tip! When I read this morning about the HMV “exclusives”, I was gutted to find out that the Manics LP was not available. I’ve now ordered it from JPC. :-)


It’s a bit like these band store “exclusives” that turn out not to be quite as exclusive as we thought. Items are advertised as being their store only only for items to appear in Amazon or Record Store. The last Libertines album had an “exclusive” box set only for very quickly to emerge that with Amazon Germany you could pre order copies. Then it became available in Amazon UK and Record Store. The New Order Box Set was another. When I ordered the box it was advertised as a store exclusive only to turn up elsewhere. I did get a signed copy so that made me feel better. It’s very very naughty and I’m being polite here.

Peter Nicholas

Just ordered from here as despite getting through on the HMV website, not sure the order actually was a success as it just says order created, so cancelled HMV and ordered here.
Again Paul, thanks for the tip off.


Here in the USA, Best Buy has the Pet Sounds exclusive yellow vinyl single as a mail in offer. If you buy the 2cd set it contains an offer to fill out a code and get the single sent. I just got mine this morning.
I have noticed that HMV lists this record as an exclusive. This may be in England but here it is only at BEST BUY stores. It has already hit Ebay and is listed for over $30.00. The 2cd offer is on sale for $19.99 and off sale for $21.99. Don’t purchase from the secondary market.



I think Trading Standards need to get involved here. HMV advertised this as an HMV exclusive. This clearly is not the case.


I guess they must mean exclusive in the uk? its not like they have said ‘it will only *ever* be available from hmv and nowhere else’ – I was under the impression only HMV would have it. I guess it’s how you word it. people think it means one thing but it also can mean another.


this is great news for people who missed out. I was lucky enough to get one this morning.
was so damn happy when I saw it. a tad bit misty eyed too on that first glimpse haha.
I just really wanted it. it’s just as beautiful in real life as it looked in the video.

Zane Richardson

You may be interested to note when I’d ordered this a few weeks back, the release date was 3/6, on that day I was expecting dispatch but the date suddenly changed to 10/6, then again to 15/7 a few days later – but no changes since then!


Ummm It seems that the HMV exclusive was not so exclusive then

Thanks for the info

Robert Morgenstern

Thank you for the information. Ordered mine. Paul, do you know how many copies of this are made? Thought it was limited edition of 1000.

Les London

Probably 1000 exclusively for every store and Web site that wants to stock it. Really don’t get this obsession with vinyl, record companies are just ripping the collectors off if you ask me.

Alan Wilson

Top man, I really struggled on the website this morning, and this was top of my list, somehow managed to order one whilst in a restaurant with no Google chrome to convert the language for me, I feel both drained + relieved as I managed to get my order in.

Zane Richardson

Hope this was my tip off! Jpc are great for anyone who hasn’t used them before – my copy of Moon Shaped Pool dispatched Friday morning at 00:05. Unfortunately got it delivered to the office so will have to wait until Monday eve to play it!