Mansun / Attack of the Grey Lantern: exclusive SDE deluxe bundle

SDE exclusive Mansun CD single with rare audio

Mansun‘s 1997 album Attack of the Grey Lantern was reissued in the summer for as a four-disc deluxe book edition which included demos, rarities, outtakes, BBC sessions and a 5.1 surround mix (on DVD). This deluxe set (along with the double coloured vinyl edition) is now available to buy on the SDE shop and each order comes with a FREE, very limited and completely exclusive Mansun CD single!

In collaboration with Kscope, this SDE exclusive recreates a rare promo-only 12-inch vinyl single on CD for the first time. This two-track CD single replicates a 1998 promo-only vinyl and features Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osbourne’s rare (and excellent) seven-minute Perfecto Mix of ‘Wide Open Space’ and the Trouser Enthusiasts Hermaphrodite Circus Mix of the same track. This audio isn’t included on the 2018 deluxe edition and indeed wasn’t part of the 2010 three-disc set either!

The CD single artwork replicates the original promo 12-inch design. There are only 500 of these exclusive CD singles in the world and they are available exclusively via the SDE shop in these special bundles.

The Attack of the Grey Lantern deluxe is already a superb set even without such a great bonus item. The near 12-inch square hardcover 72-page book has a debossed front cover and is packed with notes, rare photos, and an intro from Paul Draper. As well as the 5.1 mix, the DVD also includes eight promo videos.

You can pick-up the 2LP heavyweight purple vinyl reissue of Attack of the Grey Lantern which also ships with the SDE exclusive CD single or if you want the lot, then there is a special 7-disc SDE bundle available!! Head over to the SDE shop via this link, or simply use the buttons below. These are available now and orders will ship this week.


SDE Exclusive Wide Open Space CD single

  1. Wide Open Space (Perfecto Mix) [07.15]
  2. Wide Open Space (Trouser Enthusiasts Hermaphrodite Circus Mix) [08.45]

Attack of the Grey Lantern 3CD+DVD deluxe edition

Disc 1
1. The Chad Who Loved Me [05:02]
2. Mansun’s Only Love Song [05:55]
3. Taxloss [07:04]
4. You, Who Do You Hate? [03:06]
5. Wide Open Space [04:33]
6. Stripper Vicar [04:11]
7. Disgusting [05:12]
8. She Makes My Nose Bleed [03:55]
9. Naked Twister [04:39]
10. Egg Shaped Fred [04:11]
11. Dark Mavis [08:36]
12. An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter [04:01]

Disc 2 – CD

1. Disgusting (demo) [04:41]
2. Rebel Without A Quilt (original version) [06:22]
3. Naked Twister (demo) [03:49]
4. Dark Mavis (demo) [05:31]
5. The Dutchess (backing jam) [03:41]
6. Ski Jump Nose (original version) [05:59]
7. She Makes My Nose Bleed (strings only) [03:59]
8. The Chad Who Loved Me (backing track take 1) [05:39]
9. Stripper Vicar (take 1) [04:21]
10. Stripper Link (full length version) [01:07]
11. Dark Mavis (rejected version) [05:17]
12. She Makes My Nose Bleed (version 1) [04:00]
13. An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter (take 1) [04:15]
14. The Greatest Pain (backing track take 1) [03:01]
15. You, Who Do You Hate? (early version) [03:01]
16. She Makes My Nose Bleed (demo) [04:01]
17. Egg Shaped Fred (mix 1) [05:13]

Disc 3 – CD

1. Skin Up Pin Up (Radio One Session 14/9/95) [04:05]
2. Grey Lantern (Radio One Session 14/9/95) [03:02]
3. Flourella (Radio One Session 15/5/96) [04:07]
4. Naked Twister (Radio One Session 15/5/96) [03:46]
5. Drastic Sturgeon (Radio One Session 15/5/96) [03:27]
6. Egg Shaped Fred (Soho Live Radio One Evening Session 12/11/96) [04:15]
7. Take It Easy Chicken (Soho Live Radio One Evening Session 12/11/96) [05:55]
8. Stripper Vicar (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96) [03:48]
9. She Makes My Nose Bleed (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96) [03:48]
10. Wide Open Space (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96) [04:18]
11. The Chad Who Loved Me (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96) [02:00]
12. Ski Jump Nose (Mark Radcliffe Session 16/12/96) [03:05]


1. The Chad Who Loved Me (5.1 mix) [05:02]
2. Mansun’s Only Love Song (5.1 mix) [05:55]
3. Taxloss (5.1 mix) [07:04]
4. You, Who Do You Hate (5.1 mix) [03:06]
5. Wide Open Space (5.1 mix) [04:33]
6. Stripper Vicar (5.1 mix) [04:11]
7. Disgusting (5.1 mix) [05:12]
8. She Makes My Nose Bleed (5.1 mix) [03:55]
9. Naked Twister (5.1 mix) [04:39]
10. Egg Shaped Fred (5.1 mix) [04:11]
11. Dark Mavis (5.1 mix) [08:36]
12. An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter (5.1 mix) [04:01]
13. Flourella (promo video) [04:27]
14. Egg Shaped Fred (promo video) [03:57]
15. Take It Easy Chicken (promo video) [04:28]
16. Stripper Vicar (promo video) [04:11]
17. Wide Open Space (promo video) [04:44]
18. Wide Open Space (US promo video ) [04:37]
19. She Makes My Nose Bleed (promo video) [04:10]
20. Taxloss (promo video) [04:38]

Attack of the Grey Lantern 2LP heavyweight purple vinyl

LP 1

1. The Chad Who Loved Me [05:02]
2. Mansun’s Only Love Song [05:55]
3. Taxloss [07:04]

1. You, Who Do You Hate? [03:06]
2. Wide Open Space [04:33]
3. Stripper Vicar [04:11]

LP 2

1. Disgusting [05:12]
2. She Makes My Nose Bleed [03:55]
3. Naked Twister [04:39]

1. Egg Shaped Fred [04:11]
2. Dark Mavis / An Open Letter To The Lyrical Trainspotter
(includes hidden track) [14:40]

SDE helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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hi gordon !!
can you please add russia to the list of countries.
want to buy cd bundle from you.
thank you.
igor from moscow russia.

Robert Laversuch

Got my copy today. Also Tanita. Well pleased with both! Keep up the good work and Happy Hols to you and everybody who frequents this site.

Steve Bryant

Love it Paul . I understand the duplication moans and groans but that’s the luck of the draw. I maybe mad but I bought the original cassette, promo cassette , cd , promo cd , US Cd ,, Japan cd , 3 disc reissue , deluxe 21st (it’s mostly my scans in the book) , Black 21st , purple 21st , purple signed 21st , 21st single cd and now the double purple again for the promo disc. I’m skint and stupid but not aggreaved! Can’t wait to get this , thank you.

Steve Bryant

…and the original LP !

Brad Breault

I recently pulled my 3CD reissue of this album out and listened through it again so funny timing reading about this reissue, always really liked Mansun and wished they would’ve done at least 1 extensive tour of the US in their time. Any idea if there’s a way to just get their promo videos on DVD or Blu-ray? Reading this I hope a similar treatment is coming for the ‘Six’ album as I only currently have the initial CD release. Paul, as always thanks for the heads-up on releases like this, it’s why you’re one of the first bookmarks on my PC!

Steve Thorpe

Hi Brad – there was an excellent ‘Best Of’ CD + DVD package several years ago called “Legacy” and this had the promo videos collected together. Great value and a very nice set with the singles collected on the CD.


hi paul !!
want to order it from you.
can you please add russia to the list of countries.
greetings from moscow.


I have no bad feelings towards paul as this a collaboration between his page and k-scope. Im more dissapointed with k-scope as I ordered vinyl and cd box-sets with them. so to then see an extra like this come out so shortly after release it understandably annoys people like me because yes we feel like we are missing out. if we could get this as a separate product everyone would be happy! but I doubt that will happen.


How much i cant stand people saying “first world problems”, Michael. The second you access a website dedicated to entertainment you lose any right to say such a thing or credibility. I am sure that you are complaining on a daily basis about first world problems like missing the bus or being shortchanged. Such comments provide zero value.
Here’s mine! I only want that bonus cd because i only have the 12″

Jason Statham

Shane, did you actually read and understand his post???

Michael, don’t worry. Have a good Christmas.

James Giraffe

I reckon I win. I bought it on cassette when it was released. Then I bought the CD. I also bought the 3CD edition, then I bought the 4 disc version. Then I had to buy it again to get into the Rough Trade gig, and now I’ve just bought the vinyl from Paul’s shop to get the CD single. But I don’t care. It’s an amazing album, and I’ve given my surplus copies to friends over the years so that they can also enjoy it.

The Trouser Enthusiasts remix is available on an EMI budget remix complication called Club Class Alternative, by the way. It’s a good compilation. There’s also a pop and dance version in the series too (if memory serves). The pop one has an unreleased (terrible) Belinda Carlisle remix.

Thanks, Paul. :-)


the perfecto mix is also available on this compilation


Hi Paul, didn’t want to miss out so ordered to my MIL again. Appreciate it if you can update shipping options to include Hong Kong when you have the time. Cheers….

Paul Wren

I’ve still got the original vinyl release from way back but even so this double purple vinyl reissue is still tempting………………………………..

Paul Taylor

Some people are never happy. Unfortunately these things happen and always will.
If you want something to complain about try directing your ire at The Killers and Universal
Day And Age 45rpm reissue due in January
Black vinyl version – £22.99 in U.K.
Clear vinyl version (unavailable in U.K.) – $49.99
Add taxes and shipping charges and it works out that a U.K. buyer will be paying around £100 per copy.
Now that IS a ripoff

Tom M Hans

I have never heard of this band but I am a big fan of Tears for Fears. The 3cd plus DVD Box looks very tempting. Still have to digest More Blood, More Tracks, White Album, Imagine SSL and KB Remastered 1 and 2. And I have a day job as well. Did I mention Wet Wet Wet SDL… not enough time… peace. This Was SDL, Steve Wilson RAH Package.
By the way, I rediscovered Big Thing from Duran Duran. Nice one…


I have the 3 CD Set and prefer it because it includes singles that were never on the original album and they have not been included on this release despite being a 4 disc set (a bit of let down for me).

Steven Robertson

Is there a download code with the vinyl?

Steve Robertson

Thanks :)


First World Problems I feel. Not the recent Ian Brown song.

I can’t help but agree with Stevo. I have both benefited and missed out through circumstances, marketing, coincidence and other things in the past.

The world is not perfect. Thank Paul for an extra item being available in this day and age of Streaming and downloads. Don’t moan.

Be thankful you can afford to buy such a product, many can’t.

I did not curse Saint Etienne when they found more of their Boxette fan club set and sold them on their website.
By the time I was home from work they were gone. That is life. I am grateful that people still care and make physical product available.

We want a lot and can’t have everything.

Happy Christmas



Maybe I should hold off when Six gets the reissue treatment later this year…;)

But I know I can’t wait.


I’d been slow to pull the trigger on this one but the bonus disc lured me…until I saw the shipping fees to the US. £17.50? OUCH.


Totally agree about that. I’ve been buying records online (ebay, discogs, indie stores, MFSL, Amazon, HMV, Fnac, etc.) for 17 years and I bought a lot of records from US shops or US sellers and they usually charged me between $14 and $25 for a single LP (depending on the weight). Amazon excepted, shipping from Europe to the US or vice-versa is costly. And it’s not only small shops or retailers, if you buy a 180g LP from the MFSL store (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab), they charge you $27 for a single LP with USPS or Fedex. I bought 3 Bowie records (2LPs + 1 7”) from the Brooklyn Museum store and I had to pay $ 47 for shipping ! They took 2 months to send the package and it was impossible to contact them, they never replied to my emails. You have to take into acount shipping costs obviouly but also the service (in case there’s a delay or you didn’t receive your package and you want to track it).


$49 with p&p to USA. Not bad considering I paid about the same for The 1975 new album at my local shop. Thanks Paul.


William – how did you get $49?!


Is it just me or does “Wide Open Space” sound like Elemental-Raul era Tears For Fears?
By the way, anyone who already bought this and is complaining about having to buy this set to get the single can simply give the newly purchaced duplicate set as a christmas gift (wink wink).

John S

Head Over Heels always reminds me of Mansun.


Oh and the hidden track isn’t on the vinyl as per the original release


Got both the purple vinyl and 4 cd set to go with my original cd, these reissues were done very well and are great package , I’d recommend them to any mansun fans out there no yet to purchase, along with Paul’s solo lp Spooky Action .

Alexey Luganskiy

Congratulations Paul for this release! Keep the great work!


There’s never the right time to buy an item. Yes you could get an exclusive first issue, then find it’s been Deluxed, then remastered, then bundled with something new and extra, then sold at discounted prices, different countries prices, you could buy it cheap a couple of years later on e-bay or Oxfam.

I do buy every format of some artists. I’m just glad Paul browses the internet for us and give us the juicy info on a plate – so all I can say is ‘Please sir, can I have some more!!!!!’

Cheers & Merry Christmas folks


There’d be another “open letter” to Paul McCartney from SDE if he started issuing box sets with bonus discs six months after their initial release! ;-)


Interesting – this is the kind of thing you’ve complained about in the past!
Certainly unfair on the fans who have already purchased, who should be able to get a copy either by proof of box set purchase or separately.

Thomas The Great

Thanks Paul, from the other side of the pond. Not familiar with Mansun, but after seeing your post and checking out the reviews on here and Amazon, I realized the music and lyrical content of the album is right up my alley. I’ve certainly spent way too many Benjamin’s on various Amazon’s for deluxe editions I’ve seen on your site, so I figured I’d toss this one your way and pull the trigger on the deal. Keep sending those emails!


hi paul !!
great release, want to order it.
can you please add mother russia to the list of countries.
greetings from moscow.

Keith Fletcher

What a shame it’s bundled with something I already have as others have stated how I feel about this and I don’t want to be rude .


Hi Paul, can you release some more exclusive tracks as “download ony”? I like to read more of these aggressive posts.

Hi folks, this page is not from the evil (music industry) empire. You don’t have to like all of it but I don’t get this reactions as if you being robbed.


thats a real shame this wasnt tied into the original release for this deluxe edition, think there will be a lot of fans who will be disappointed this isnt available separately. Its not essential by any means but would be nice for the fans to get, having spent nearly £60 on the vinyl and cds already theres no way I would buy it again for a cd single. This isnt directed at paul it just feels fans are missing out as they would have already bought this.


Cheers Paul.

Sorry to see you are getting some negative comments. I think your site is great and am a regular visitor/buyer. Keep up the wonderful work!

Dave H

“Do you feel like you’ve been cheated?” a famous person once asked.

“Well, frankly yes I do!”

Normally, the goodies come to those people who put their orders in first like the Bronski Beat reissue but obviously there’s a few copies left to shift. It would have been nice to have the CD single as someone who pre-ordered and purchased the set.


Hi Paul, can you add Homg Kong to your shipping options to save me from ‘wife grief’ . Cheers……

Roberto R.

Wow, I already have both too, miss the cd single… sob

Richard Jones

Oh great
So the fans who purchased this on release are once again being penalised by not being able to purchase the CD single
Thanks for nothing
You really do encourage me to NOT buy new releases from you in the future

Dave H

Don’t blame the messenger!

It’s not Paul’s fault but I imagine K-Scope have a few copies they can’t shift so they create a limited single that most Mansun fans would like to have and to tempt those who were thinking about buying the set to go ahead and purchase the set with freebie single.

If Paul puts his collectors hat on and not the shop owner’s hat, he will understand the feeling of those people who already bought the set earlier in the year.

As for K-Scope, they need a way to shift a few copies and what better way than to reproduce a vinyl promo on CD to entice the punters. You win some, you lose some!

Chris Squires

Dave, apologies, as you can see our posts coincided and were originally written only a minute apart. I can see you were not having a go at SDE from your second post.

Dave H

Thanks for the apology. I know posts can easily be misinterpreted. I was never having a go at Paul and glad you can see that from my second post.

I was just feeling sorry for those of us who bought the package in advance and didn’t have the option of a bonus single at the time.

Chris Squires

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the age of “Internet entitlement”. (Richard and Dave H.). Very unnecessary.

How on earth is any of this SDE’s fault?

Paul didn’t sell the original copies, you didn’t order your original from SDE did you? And even if he did (he didn’t) that’s what marketing is.

Yes most times you get something nice as an initial carrot, but many was the time the carrot came later. Such as the double pack 7″ or 12″, the second remix to push something up the charts or shift sticky last copies (amazon deal anyone?). Sometimes you get in early sometimes you hang back…it’s swings and roundabouts, no need to throw the toys out the pram in such a nasty manner with added threats. As my Mrs. taught me, if you are grateful you can never be unhappy. Like many here I am grateful for everything Paul puts our way, whether information or product. (It’s concurrently saved and cost me a bundle).


It has nothing to do with “Internet Entitlement”. Why is it that wee have to put a belittling title on anything we don’t like or agree with?

Needless “special editions”, ridiculous “bonus” items if you buy from a particular vendor is becoming a scourge on the industry. Stupid colored Vinyl, extra tracks on one edition and not another – buying music has turned into a “Collectables” business, at the detriment of music lovers who simply want the music they love and enjoy.

I have no idea where Paul got this offer from, I’m not entirely laying the blame at his feet. That said, he’s clearly promoting the practice. That along with a continued lack of interest regarding mastering issues unless they’re widely reported elsewhere, means you have to be careful about anything you read here.

Again – I’m not attacking Paul – it’s just that music lovers have so few advocates. This announcement isn’t great news, it’s bad news for fans who bought the item when it came out. Mastering issues ought to be near the top of the list of concerns, but it never gets a mention unless someone does it first, as I stated earlier.

Richard Jones has every right to complain about this. The Knee-Jerk “entitlement” reaction is simply a sad reflection on what constitutes Internet dialog in 2018. He doesn’t like this release, and he has stated his reason. As a music lover, if you can’t at least understand that, then honestly your opinion is worth nothing.

Marky boy

Saw them so many times in the 90’s …great live band …. Take it Easy Chicken was seriously bad for your health in the crowd ….and some great studio albums too …already have the deluxe vinyl ed ….but stumped up the cash for the big bundle … no cash left for the xmas turkey , oh well.

This is such a great website ….. love all the banter …. fave part of the day catching up with all the posts et al. Great work, Paul and Co and to all those who post.

Chris Squires

Can I site you as a co-respondent in my impending divorce settlement?
Fabulous album that sat in heavy rotation with “I love my Friends” on my various daily car duties as a Sales Rep.


Tim Larkham

“I Love My Friends” is such a great record. It makes me grin from ear to ear when something by the brilliant Mr Duffy gets a mention, however brief.

Chris Squires

Oh, I am under orders to keep it brief Tim, I could bang on and on and on about how fabulous SAJD has been In all of his guises since 1978.
The main problem with any decent archive that covers even the shortest length of time is dealing with all of the different labels. A legal nightmare that would possibly stump even Mr Sinclair. I would particularly love a multidisc SDE of 1982 – 1986 in a box like The Hurting including everything pre-TUADowns like Baby Impossible and She Loves Me. I think I am one of only about 2 people outside the people that actually matter that has the full recording of The Subterranean Hawks album from 1979. Oops sorry, will cease the banging on.


Wish I had known this was going to happen a couple of months ago. I purchased the deluxe box set, then the Legacy EP CD2 single separately. Obviously, would rather have gone for this.

Rob Puricelli

The Perfecto Mix was released on the FIFA 2000 soundtrack CD back in the day.


It’s on the Legacy EP as well and quite a few other releases.


Already bought these when released, so it’s a shame the CD single can’t be purchased separately.

Paul Kent

Agreed. Can’t buy it again for the exclusive. Can you ask for some more, Paul, for those of us who supported the artist and bought it when it was originally released?



Kscope should at least post these additional tracks to the pledgemusic page for people like myself who shelled out substantial sums 4 months before release enabling them to press it in the first place.

It’s clearly not SDE’s fault and I very much doubt the people saying “first world problems” are fans of Mansun in the first place.

David Carter

I bought both of these items last Summer (being a huge Mansun fan). They really are special and a perfect example of how these things should be done.

Tim Johnson

Do you know if KScope have any intention of re-releasing the CD single on vinyl?
The Perfecto mix is one of my all-time favourite tracks and id love to own it.
I’ve already bought all lf the AOTGL re-issues so don’t need those but I would love the Perfecto mix!


huge mansun fan so I obviously have the deluxe editions already, is there any chance you could make some CD singles only available to purchase???

Aidan Woods

HI Paul
WOW! Well you’ve made my day!
It’s actually my birthday so I’ve taken the day off work and having a great time spending it with my family…
And then I see this on your website!
I love Mansun, one of my favourite bands, so I’ve got all the original albums, lots of singles, and the 3 disc and recent 4 disc sets. I was thinking of getting the LP and now with this new WOS CD single I have the perfect excuse. And I only have the TE mix on tape!
So WOW once again and thank you!