Marc Bolan & T. Rex / Born to Boogie: The Motion Picture deluxe edition


A four-disc deluxe edition celebrating the T. Rex & Marc Bolan ‘Motion Picture’ Born to Boogie is to be released in June.

The Ringo Starr directed film (released in 1972) featured live versions of T. Rex’s greatest hits, recorded at their famous Wembley concerts, as well a legendary jam session with T.Rex joined by Ringo Starr and Elton John, and a mad hatter’s tea party with Catweazle and (Bolan/Bowie producer) Tony Visconti.

The new deluxe edition contains masses of content across two DVDs including the film, both Wembley Concerts in full (5.30 and 8,30 show) as well as documentaries, trailers and other bonus content. The concerts were filmed on 16mm with a soundtrack recorded to 8- and 16-track, mixed to 5.1 by Tony Visconti. The two CDs (available separately) also contain the audio of both Wembley shows.

The video content is also available on a standalone blu-ray (first time on the format) and other goodies are available via the official T. Rex store including a special seven-inch single and an A2 movie poster.

The deluxe edition is packaged within a book (featuring new annotation by Mark Paytress) and comes with some lobby cards which are exclusive to the T. Rex store. That means it will be available on Amazon and the like at some point sans lobby cards. Update: It’s listed on Amazon UK now. However with a sub-£30 price tag this this appears to be decent value from the off.

Born to Boogie – The Motion Picture deluxe edition is released on 13 June 2016.



Deluxe 2CD+DVD 


2CD Edition




seven-inch single 


Deluxe Edition

DVD 1:

  • 1. Born To Boogie – The Motion Picture
  • 2. The 8.30 Show
  • 3. Wizards, Warriors & Wembley – Tony Visconti and Rolan Bolan
  • 4. Original Theatrical Trailer

DVD 2:

  • 1. The 5.30 Show
  • 2. Cosmic Rock (When T. Rex Ruled The World) – Documentary
  • 3. Ringo & Marc backstage
  • 4. Tour montage
  • 5. Telegram Sam 2016 promo video
  • 6. Newspaper Cuttings Gallery
  • 7. More Extra Features

CD 1:


  • 1. Rosko’s Intro [Emperor Rosko]
  • 2. Cadilac
  • 3. Jeepster
  • 4. Baby Strange
  • 5. Spaceball Ricochet
  • 6. Girl
  • 7. Cosmic Dancer
  • 8. Telegram Sam
  • 9. Hot Love
  • 10. Get It On
  • 11. ‘Just One More?’ [Emperor Rosko]
  • 12. Summertime Blues

CD 2:


  • 1. Rosko’s Intro [Emperor Rosko]
  • 2. Cadilac
  • 3. Jeepster
  • 4. Baby Strange
  • 5. Spaceball Ricochet
  • 6. Girl
  • 7. Cosmic Dancer
  • 8. Telegram Sam
  • 9. Hot Love
  • 10. Get It On
  • 11. ‘One More Time?’ [Emperor Rosko]
  • 12. Summertime Blues



Seven-inch single

  • A: Children Of The Revolution
  • B 1: Tutti Frutti
  • B 2: Born To Boogie

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Ian Street

Paul, looking to order this..the link to the T.Rex store seems not to work. I want all the content so ordering the Blu Ray separately…appears on Amazon as NTSC only? Any information here? Cheers

alan flynn

When is release date

Christopher Etherington

I am at a loss as to why the Bluray edition is not the deluxe edition with everything included. The extras are very welcome and it’s a lovely product but why am I left feeling as if I am having my hat nailed on?


It’s been all done before

I have the 2 DVD box & CDs issued 10 years ago

Nothing new her

tony sandell

Does anybody know where you can order the coloured vinyl version of Born to Boogie?

Paul Wren

Wot – no vinyl LP offering?

Chris L

Looks to me like the content on the 2dvd’s is the same as on the 2005 2dvd special edition.

don cooper

I still have the original VHS release.When the last DVD and CD soundtrack were being prepared I explained to the inestimable Martin Barden that, back in the day, I ‘won’ a Slider promo badge in a 1972 Melody Maker giveaway-it never arrived. Martin salved the decades-long hurt with a marvellous BTB goodies package via Sanctuary.
Looking forward to these releases,esp the coloured vinyl on RSD-if I can nab one…


I don’t have the original release of this on CD and DVD to hand – so there’s quite a bit of extra unreleased stuff on these new versions?


NO!!! Make this stop! Why must this be released all over Earth and not in the U.S. of A.?! Or at least some access to it?! This happened with his last box sets! Maybe I will be able to order through Canada?!


Seriously do they think Americans hate Bolan/T. Rex. Tis a pity. No Blu for USA.


Seems there’s also a 2 disc coloured vinyl version for Record Store Day!

Ian Street

Looks good…I wish everything was in one package. Is ALL the DVD content on the Blu Ray?


Great news for all Bolan/T.Rex fans.
However the Blu Ray doesn’t have the 8.30 show so to get all of the video content you have to buy the non Blu Ray deluxe box (from what I can make out)
This is a bit annoying as this will be the 4th version of Born To Boogie I will have bought and I would have liked the whole package to include Blu Ray.