Mark Knopfler / Tracker super deluxe edition box set


Mark Knopfler‘s new album Tracker was announced the other day and as well as a deluxe CD being available, a five-disc super deluxe box is also being released.

The follow-up to 2012’s rather good Privateering is produced by Knopfler and Guy Fletcher. The deluxe CD adds four bonus tracks to the 11-track album (.38 SpecialMy Heart Has Never ChangedTerminal Of Tribute To and Heart Of Oak) while the super deluxe box set adds two further bonus tracks.

The box contains the CD, the six-track bonus CD, a 2LP vinyl edition of the album and a DVD containing an exclusive video and interviews. You also get a numbered art print and six photographic prints. According to Virgin/EMI the box is very limited with only 300 copies being produced, so if you’re interested it might be worth getting your order in pronto!

Tracker is released on 16 March 2015.

Update: Universal have now removed the text stating that this is limited to 300 copies. Check out the comments below for more.


Tracker five-disc super deluxe edition


Tracker Deluxe CD (four bonus tracks)

Tracker 2LP  vinyl

Track listing

Disc: 1 [ Vinyl Record]
1. Laughs And Jokes And Smokes And Drinks
2. Basil
3. River Towns
4. Skydiver
5. Mighty Man
6. Broken Bones

Disc: 2
1. Long Cool Girl
2. Lights Of Taormina
3. Silver Eagle
4. Beryl
5. Wherever I Go

Disc: 3 [CD album]
1. Laughs And Jokes And Smokes And Drinks
2. Basil
3. River Towns
4. Skydiver
5. Mighty Man
6. Broken Bones
7. Long Cool Girl
8. Lights Of Taormina
9. Silver Eagle
10. Beryl
11. Wherever I Go

Disk: 4 [Bonus CD]
1. .38 Special
2. My Heart Has Never Changed
3. Terminal Of Tribute To
4. Heart Of Oak
5. Oklahoma Ponies*
6. Time Will End All Sorrow*

*exclusive to super deluxe

Disk: 5 [DVD]
1. Tracker – A Film By Henrik Hansen (Documentary)
2. Tracker (Interview)
3. Menu / Mark Knopfler / Tracker

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Surely the music comes before collectors status ?

stay puft

why do these mega-box sets still have dvds ? we are well into the hd age, any videos should be in hd !

Thomas Braun

My Box is 243 of 6200

Titles at the Bonus Disc Cover are in wrong order.
Track 5 on the Cover is Track 6 on CD and
Track 6 on cover ist Track 5 on CD
Paul’s tracklist here on the side is the right one.


Super deluxe arrived yesterday, numbered 3309 of 6200

Big difference from x of 300

Still nice box !

[…] Artist: Mark KnopflerTitle Of Album: TrackerYear Of Release: 2015Label: Will D. Side LimitedGenre: Blues, FolkQuality: 320 / FLACTotal Time: 60:42 minTotal Size: 190 / 481 MBWebSite: Album Preview […]

[…] Artist: Mark KnopflerTitle Of Album: TrackerYear Of Release: 2015Label: Will D. Side LimitedGenre: Blues, FolkQuality: 320 / FLACTotal Time: 60:42 minTotal Size: 190 / 481 MBWebSite: Album Preview […]

Thomas Braun

The normal 11 Track CD edition at the German markets Saturn and Mediamarkt have an exclusive Bonustrack called Hot Dog (2:53).

Stewart Gray

Very disappointed to read the SDL is now NOT limited to 300. I only bought it because of the scarcity factor.

Has there been ANY comment from MK?

Jon Holland

Thought it was limited to 300, not now so thinking of cancelling.

[…] are that this set is a limited edition of 300. I know we’ve been there before with Mark Knopfler… but Revolt is coming out on indie label FutureWaltz Records so it’s probably […]

Fat Old Bloke

Poor form Universal once again

Alan Fenwick

Time to cancel the box set order now, these are very underhanded tactics.

I’ll just wait it out until for the best price on Amazon now.


I disagree. I like the idea of owing something that’s proper limited “while stocks last” could be a huge amount and just think this time uMusic misled buyers. Just my opinion.


Hi – so…the Amazon.de version – is the best/same as the UK version or is Universal version ‘special’-ier ;)


I’ve received an email from Susie at uMusic UK re my query that the deluxe box set release is limited to 300 copies (when I ordered it that was the blurb was on the ad but this has now disappeared).

Due to “unprecedented demand” it is no longer limited to 300 but “until stocks last”.

Duped methinks so one order cancelled.

Why do companies do this sort of thing? So annoying.


The SDL Box on amazon.de comes from Virgin/Universal. Wonder why amazon.uk includes a Verve import.

As for value for money… I think we have seen more costly box sets here with even more dubious content.

Yet, I felt a bit frustrated with the GET LUCKY SDL back then, when the vinyls included there where really horribly. House in these thick cardboard sleeves, scratched from the first time pulled out, sounding mediocre and noisy… only to found out that the US-LP-only version was a rather audiophile treat!


Great! Buy the super deluxe edition and get TWO EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACKS for the fair price of 70 euro+s/h. Really good value for the money!
Well done, then the analysts wonder why the record industry is in crisis…


Agree with Marko !

Metal Mickey

1) If anyone’s fanbase could be assumed to be rather more comfortably off than most, it’s MK’s, so the price could well be reflecting that…
2) Mind you, if money is the key driver, surely he knows that releasing it under the name Dire Straits instead of solo would sell 10 times as many copies…?


Charge $154 CDN for the deluxe? Ain’t worth it.

Fat Old Bloke

It’s no wonder people would buy the single CD version and just ‘download’ the bonus tracks, I agree it’s exploitation of the fans.
If the box set included a high res BluRay Audio or DVD Audio of the album as well it may be a good investment.


Alan, thanks for the heads up, I had ordered on Amazon UK, now cancelled, and re-ordered via Universal, also a bit cheaper.

Being fond of Brian Transeau CD Somnambulis! I look forward to this LoL

Luigi Facotti

Is “rather good” on “Privateering” – yet another Mark Knopfler somnambulistic outing – sufficient reason to be interested in “Tracker”? And what gives with the orgy of deluxe versions? Pure and simple exploitation of the punter?

Alan Fenwick

Upon closer inspection those Box Sets available at the Amazon regions are the USA Import version on the Verve Label.

The one’s at the UK Universal store are on the Virgin EMI Label, and they have the UK Exclusivity on that version (of which there are only 300 copies)

I’ve no idea how many of the USA Box sets are been produced, can anyone else shed any light on that?

Jonathan Still

The verbiage (limited to 300) has been removed from the web site box set. Appears to me they are all the same and NOT limited to 300 as originally announced.


As usual, same old story, same old song. ‘Beryl’ is the first single and sound like some MK song from his first solo album. Always the same song.