Martika / Expanded Edition


US singer/songwriter Martika‘s 1988 self-titled debut album will be reissued next month.

The album features the international hit Toy Soldiers and is re-released (by Cherry Pop) as an expanded single disc edition with club mixes, B-sides and Spanish language versions appended to the album proper (see full track listing below).

Martika is reissued on 27 October and the booklet will include an essay about the album.

Track listing

1. If You’re Tarzan, I’m Jane
2. Cross My Heart
3. More Than You Know
4. Toy Soldier
5. You Got Me Into This
6. I Feel The Earth Move
7. Water
8. It’s Not What You’re Doing
9. See If I Care
10. Alibis
11. Exchange Of Hearts
12. I Feel The Earth Move (12″ Club Mix)
13. More Than You Know (Dance Mix Pt 1)
14. I Feel The Earth Move (Seismic Rhythm Mix)
15. Quiero Entregarte Mi Amor (More Than You Know – Spanish Version)
16. Siento La Tierra Temblar (I Feel The Earth Move – Spanish Version)

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stevie g

I’d like to get hold of the instrumental. Can anyone help please ?


@Thomas Williams, thank you for the backing up & the explaining/describing the differences. It’s always hard to put the “music” in words! I now also have the “Rhino billboard 1989” CD in my possession! It is the same as the Special Mix/Single Mix but without the Intro!

Thomas Williams

@Ally: That is not correct. The single version of “Toy Soldiers” is quite different from the album version. Other than being it shorter it also has a different sound to it all the way through, you can hear it in the drumbeats and echo in the vocals.

steven proom

Sometimes though,cherry red just swap the album version for the single mix anyway,nine times out of ten the 7inch mix is usually always better.On the Mel and Kim reissue,The f.l.m single mix was used and the original ditched.

The single mixes of Water and More than you know made the songs come alive.


My comment is awaiting moderation :( I hope it’s okay now!

@Ally, was that a question or a statement? I hope it was a question! Of course I don’t have to explain it. Only I know they are different, is enough!

The version there Sony called it a single version. Which is not a early fade out of the album version as you suggested!

The special version is exactly the same as the version Sony called single version on that compilation CD.

The tracks I’ve listed were from the 2 compilation CD’s I made of Martika many years ago. So not just assumptions of tracks listed on discogs nor wikipedia. I’ve ripped all the CD’s I’ve had of Martika! I’ve listened to all the tracks back to back to eliminate duplicates. Spent hours/days/weeks. Then I drew my final conclusion! I guess Record Labels should do it this way to eliminate those duplicates they always turn up on reissues (different names/labels for the same mix)!

If you have those 2 CD’s you can listen to them back to back. And if you do still have the album. You can hear that the album version is indeed slightly different than those 2 & those 2 are exactly the same.

I also found this, just right now, just to clear things up:
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OK, I just got the scoop from my friend who produced and co-wrote this song. Humberto G. did the single mix, which DOES include the acapella intro. It has the same instruments as the album version (no new sounds were added), but just mixed better and more clearly. This mix was available on the 45, cassette single, and the promo CD single. It is the same length as the album version.

Radio stations were shortening the song because it was rather long, so apparently, there was an edit provided to radio, but my friend knew nothing about it until I showed him the Rhino CD a few years ago. It was not even on the promo CD single, which only had one mix, which was full-length. My friend was at the studio with Humberto and he knows there was no other edits/mixes done. So my guess is the record company just did some quick edit to supply to radio stations requesting a shorter version, and for some reason, that is the version that ended up on the Rhino “Billboard 1989″ CD. Like I said earlier, I wouldn’t really call it the radio version, because it was not the version played on most radio stations and was not used in the video. It’s almost like an alternate version, and it just happened to show up on the Rhino CD.


The single version of Toy Soldiers was just a fade of the album version.


*sigh* What a wasted opportunity! I do hope that Cherry Pop takes bite of the mass disappointment expressed here and revise the track listing to properly expand this release. Won’t be purchasing until this happens.


Again, this is a massive let- down – a real shocker given general standards at Cherry Red. So many promos / TV out there. Purchase that won’t be made. A real lost opportunity.


I wrote them/Cherry Red a while back when I found out about this release! They passed my mail to the project manager! That’s it. Never got a further reply ;(

I have all these already so I won’t be needing this release unless as I requested many other unreleased remixes will be included especially if there were some of “Cross My Heart”!

Toy Soldiers [Album Version] 4:47
Toy Soldiers [Album Version-Instrumental With Backing] 4:49
Toy Soldiers [Spanish Version-Como Un Juguete] 4:45
Toy Soldiers [Japanese Version] 4:44
Toy Soldiers [Humberto Gatica-Single Mix] 4:19
Toy Soldiers [Humberto Gatica-Special Mix] 4:51

I Feel The Earth Move [Album Version] 4:13
I Feel The Earth Move [Single Version] 4:05
I Feel The Earth Move [Spanish Version-Siento Tembla La Terra] 4:04
I Feel The Earth Move [Richie Jones-Extended Single Version] 5:08
I Feel The Earth Move [Richie Jones-12” Club Mix] 6:35
I Feel The Earth Move [Richie Jones-12” Dub Mix] 6:23
I Feel The Earth Move [Richie Jones-Seismic Rhythm Mix] 7:10

More Than You Know [Album Version] 4:05
More Than You Know [Single Remix] 4:03
More Than You Know [Spanish Version-Quiero Entregarte Mi Amor] 4:12
More Than You Know [Jellybean-Dance Mix Part I] 6:11
More Than You Know [Jellybean-Dance Mix Part II=Dub Mix] 2:08
More Than You Know [Jellybean-House Mix Part I] 6:07
More Than You Know [Jellybean-House Mix Part II=Dub Mix] 5:00

Water (Agua) [Spanglish-Album Version] 4:32
Water (Agua) [Spanglish-Humberto Gatica Single Remix] 4:29


This could have been so much more – It’s a shame … Cherry Red don’t appear to have done their research with this one – the fans were all hoping for the rare tracks and remixes to be included (There’s enough content for a 2CD set) – It’s great to see some of the labels listening and responding to the fans, as twith Donna Summer’s Another Place & Time where the additional remix of ‘I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt’ will now be added to the 3 CD set – Sorry Martika, I won’t be buying this.


Sloppy, boring, uninventive reissue. Why bother when you only have these few extra tracks?


Poor and pointless, the generalist wants the 12s and 7s, not spanish versions, as they are on cd singles anyway. Shoulda been 2cd’s and would have been a must have, the 1989 cd is 19p on amazon, hardly essential reissue!


There is also a Japanese-language version of Toy Soldiers that is not included here. This is what’s so frustrating for collectors like us – do the compilers that work at these labels know these tracks exist and they don’t care? Or do they not know at all – which are the types of oversights that drive us nuts – which is worse? What do you guys think?

Stephen K

Boring. The house mix of More Than You Know (not featured here) is one of the better remixes of the 80’s. She had some other decent mixes. I might buy a nice 2CD edition of this album. However, the non-singles weren’t that great, and (I don’t say this often), you’re probably better off buying one of the greatest hits collections… you get the other hits from her second album, and about the same number of remixes! This release serves only one purpose: remastering the original album.


I agree that the promo videos should have been included. A second disc of additional remixes would have been great, too. I’m buying it, but mainly just to get “Exchange of Hearts” on CD so I can ditch my old cassette single.

While I am disappointed that it is not on par with the many other recent late-80s dance pop reissue projects for other artists, I’m quite frankly surprised that it is getting reissued at all. It is a favorite of mine from that period.

Saar Freedman

I can only echo what has already been said. While all Martika’s Singles were released on Cd single There were many remixes for these singles, especially ‘More than You Know’ that were never released on cd, in the least I would have liked to see those being chosen, rather than versions already easily available on the Cd singles from that time, so buying for the sake of remaster only? me think not.

Thomas Williams

I was also very disappointed with this tracklisting. I am not that interested in the Spanish versions and would much rather have the single versions of “More Than You Know”, “Toy Soldiers”, “I Feel The Earth Move” and “Water” included (that should be the bare minimum in an expanded reissue in my opinion). Considering how many remixes from this album was released this should definitely have been a 2-CD release.


Very disappointing tracklisting when you compare this to other upcoming reissues such as Kylie, Donna Summer, Cathy Dennis and more. I doubt I will bother with this.


Whilst I really appreciate this great album being given the ‘expanded’ treatment, it really isn’t being expanded enough and is a wasted opportunity. At the very least, a DVD with the promo clips could’ve been included with this release. I feel that this is a very lacklustre effort and for that reason, I will not be purchasing it (unless the release is revised and expanded properly).


Probably won’t purchase this deluxe edition, but for its time it was a cool album. Just my opinion but i don’t think it stood the test of time, sounds very (bad) 80’s.
Toy Soldiers and Love Thy Will Be Done from the Martika’s Kitchen album are classics.