Matthew Sweet / Girlfriend pink vinyl

Matthew Sweet‘s 1991 album Girlfriend is being reissued as a limited pink vinyl pressing via Music On Vinyl.

The album is widely regarded as a career highlight and features the talents of a fine set of musicians including Lloyd Cole, Robert Quine and Fred Maher, amongst others.

Recorded in 1990 following his divorce, Girlfriend was Sweet’s third long-player and singles Divine Intervention and the title track are fairly representative of what’s on offer.

Intervention Records have recently brought out a 2LP expanded edition of this album, although it’s not particularly easy to get hold of in the UK (Pledge did list these for a while, but given the recent issues, best to steer clear of them).

This pink vinyl edition is limited to 1000 numbered units and comes with a six-page insert. It’s released on 5 April 2019 and you can pre-order from the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

Side 1

  1. Divine Intervention
  2. I’ve Been Waiting
  3. Girlfriend
  4. Looking At The Sun
  5. Winona
  6. Evangeline

Side 2

  1. Day For Night
  2. Thought I Knew You
  3. You Don’t Love Me
  4. I Wanted To Tell You
  5. Don’t Go
  6. Your Sweet Voice

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‘Altered Beast’ is his masterpiece. I’ll have it in green thanks :-)


Excellent album. I have the original LP and the 2006 Legacy Deluxe Edition with 33 tracks. The double LP released last year is just the 18 tracks of the first CD of the Deluxe Edition.

It’s out of print but I recommend the 2006 Deluxe Edition, it’s full of demos, acoustic and live versions. You can find it on the second hand market (Discogs, eBay, etc.) for cheap.

Under the covers LPs (cover albums Matthew Sweet did with Susannah Hoffs) have been reissued on vinyl by Demon Records 3 years ago.


Goodfriend (the extra track from the deluxe) were issued on vinyl a couple of years ago for RSD. It was MOV that issued it.

Rich G

Hi Paul, Are all the MOV ones pink , i.e. a pink vinyl only release or will some be black and is there any way to tell from catalogue number? Thanks

Jeff G.

I’ve gotten the other Intervention MS releases that are currently available. i.e. 100% Fun and Altered Beast, and the sound quality is absolutely spectacular. I’m in the States, so availability is not an issue, but man, are they expensive. I only pulled the trigger because the label had a 40% off Black Friday sale back in November.

Patrick Cleasby

What is likely to prevent an intervention of Starfish is he’s basically putting the label on ice and it may not return. See the thread onHoffman which he contributes to.


Please get the story straight. The issue with Starfish goes back several months and has to do with what would have been a largely concurrent Starfish (white?) vinyl reissue in another territory. The problems IR is facing now have to do with Pledge Music among other factors which have been extensively discussed in said SHF threads.

Intervention Records has put many potential releases on ice of late. I sincerely hope this is only a temporary setback and not the end of a label which has produced reissues of the highest quality.

Patrick Cleasby

Shawn, do tell me what is not straight about what I said. I wasn’t talking about Starfish specifically, I don’t know about the several months history – the new info on the flood and the Pledge etc. supersedes all that and has stopped many releases not just Starfish.

Your second para basically says the same as me. I am not as optimistic as you.


Sorry for the late reply. You most certainly talked about Starfish specifically (“What is likely to prevent an intervention of Starfish is…”) and in turn, my response addressed the real issue which prevented an Intervention Records Starfish release. See New Record Label: Intervention Records, post #2714 dated July 20, 2018 which speaks to the issue, as does many posts both before and after.

Had this not been a factor, I think it would have been reasonable to conclude that an IR Starfish would have saw the light of day before the Pledge debacle given how far along he was in the process.

As for optimism for IR, I had little on Feb. 27 and even less now.

Rick Goffey

What is it with labels licensing a release to one label and then licensing to another label almost immediately?

Any label licensing a release of an album should insist on an exclusive sales period, otherwise they’re gonna get multiple editions in the market, confusing and cynical?

It should also be noted that Intervention went to great lengths to locate the master tapes and do a new 100% analogue mastering.

MOV will be using digital (they’ve used CD audio in the past) “masters” for their version.

Not really comparable if you want the best version of this release.


Couldn’t agree more. This makes no sense at all. Intervention Records has issued the definitive version of this album.

Such label shenanigans are likely to ultimately prevent Intervention from issuing what would be a stunning vinyl issue of Starfish by The Church.

And while I understand the difficulty of obtaining IR’s Girlfriend outside of the UK, I cannot see that being a factor in this release. IR’s has barely come out. This pink vinyl certainly wasn’t conceived yesterday.


It’s a Sony thing, Warner and Universal are a bit more diligent to not have near-simultaneous releases. When I was first starting my label, I received approval from Sony to do the Altered Images and Bow Wow Wow catalogs, then while they left me in limbo for over half a year, the Cherry Red box sets were announced so I chose to cancel my releases. Sony were very disorganized, which is why I only released one of their titles. But it’s been reported that Sony have recently sent messages to all (U.S.) third party clients stating they are cutting off third party reissue requests for any format, so I guess that’s one way of preventing simultaneous releases.

Wayne Klein

It’s also a way to eliminate physical product. A sad sign of our times.

Mary Huff

Any idea if the pink vinyl is opaque or translucent?