McCartney coloured vinyl on HMV

The twists and turns with the Paul McCartney limited coloured vinyl continues with the news that UK retailer HMV are now selling some of them.

Listed on their website are RAM (yellow), Band on the Run (white), Venus and Mars (red/yellow – and £41 for some reason) and Wings at the Speed of Sound (orange). HMV only ship to the UK, but it will be free shipping for those who do order, which is appealing. Also some of the records are £23.99 which is the cheapest I’ve seen them.

One word of caution is that HMV have already cancelled orders for the red vinyl McCartney album which they had up yesterday (now removed). HMV said in an email it “has been removed from the release schedule and is no longer due to be released by our suppliers”. At least they’re telling customers now, not in a month’s time when these may have sold out. Tug Of War, Pipes of Peace and McCartney II are also not listed in their coloured variants. These are all released on 17 November 2017.

Paul and Linda McCartney / RAM – limited yellow vinyl LP

Paul McCartney and Wings / Band on the Run – limited white vinyl LP

Wings / Venus and Mars – limited red and yellow vinyl LP

Wings at the Speed Of Sound – limited orange vinyl LP

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Shipping Delayed – Had an email from my retailer! Thank you for ordering from the Limited Edition Paul McCartney Colour Vinyl range. Due to a delay during the manufacturing process your items will not ship until week commencing 20th November 2017.

Peter stergakos

Two record stores near me got them on Friday, November 17th. they were all gone by mid-day, Saturday. Ridiculous. BUT I STILL WANT THEM!!.


No way i’m cancelling the order but will have to make a trip into town to return the black vinyl LP I don’t want. I’ve had so many items purchased this year where the sale has not gone smoothly. At least 6 times it’s happened now. I do usually end up better of but this time it’s a bit inconvenient and DISAPPOINTING to say the least.


If anyone is in the same position as I am, you can only cancel your order if the item you don;t want is the only item in the order. If there are more than 1 item in the order the whole order has to be cancelled. Not good if any of the other items are now Sold Out! Been advised to let the item be delivered and then return it to a store for refund or exchange so the other item in the order (the now sold out item) does not get cancelled as well! Hope others find this info helpful too!


HMV have now reduced the price of the ‘Black’ Vinyl releases by £2 to £21.99 – Even if I wanted the black vinyl release and not the coloured vinyl to get the best price I would have to cancel my order for the coloured vinyl and re-order it in it’s black vinyl form. I don’t want the black vinyl version, but if I cancel my coloured vinyl order, what are the chances HMV WILL stock the cooured vinyls at a later date. Their solution (if i don’t want the black vinyl version) is to cancel that part of my order. Probably best i do cancel it but I have a niggling feeling the Coloured Vinyls WILL eventually turn up either online or in store with HMV !! What would/will you SDE readers do? Thanks.


As I have a now SOLD OUT vinyl attached to this order my feeling is I am best to let it arrive, then return it afterwards. I don’t want them to cancel my whole order and lose the other vinyl in the order that I really want!


HMV are not responding to my emails to customer services requesting to cancel my order. This whole affair is beyond ridiculous!


HMV have just sent me an email informing me that my order of the coloured Venus and Mars was due to a ‘listing error’ and that I will be sent the black vinyl instead. They have kindly informed me that I may cancel my order if I want… Erm, what do you think HMV?!


Yes folks, ‘Beware My Love’ – The Note You never wrote was certainly written by HMV as I questioned the fact the Coloured Vinyl symbols on each listing had disappeared?? They have replied and confirmed there were errors on their site and they (at the moment) only have the black vinyl versions !!! GRRRRRRR


HMV did not email me until afrer I had brought up the subject in an email to them. I openly admit I can be fussy for want of a better word when it comes to my vinyl buying but this is just plain wrong. I asked if they were ‘going to stock’ any McCartney colored vinyls at all so my order could be honoured, but as yet i have not had a reply on that one! So glad I ordered the V&M elsewhere as the extra few quid with another retailer seems like money well spent to me. I really don’t think any Macca coloured vinyls are going to come from HMV. It seems they pre empted that they would get some stock from the label and have now been told, sorry we’re not giving you any! Just my assumption of course on that score! Wants; Broad Street picture disc please!!!


I thought it was odd that HMV had the coloured vinyl (at erratic prices) when the only other place to sell it was Universal Music affiliated websites.
Perhaps it will be more limited than we think.
Would be nicer if the bundle came in a slipcase or box though. How hard can that be?


Looks like there has been a major change of plans in regards to the colored ones that’s not being communicated. The bundle pre-order link has also been removed from McCartney’s website.:

“Indie record stores are the ONLY physical retailers in the US to have the limited edition colored vinyl versions:” (source: Record Store Day official website)

I suspect it’s the same in Europe when looking at the price drops = black vinyl only.

Martin Howlett

This seem to have “disappeared” from HMV!

Mar Wolfgang

Correct Martin, I had them in my basket but now it is full of the ‘black’ versions, seemingly being automatic substitutes for the colored ones. The plot thickens….


I cancelled my order with uDiscover US. I question just how “limited” these are being that they are not numbered.


Be Warned Udiscover – Sound Of Vinyl – Recordstore.co.uk are the same company and are absolutely Usless! You will either be sent the wrong item or Black Vinyl instead of Coloured or sent Nothing at all!

They cocked up my last 5 orders in the space of 10 days, either sending the wrong item or sending nothing at all.

I’ll never buy from them again…. maybe their customer service has improved since my cock ups 2 months ago…. But i doubt it!

Mr. Ska '57

The 3-LP reissue of All Things Must Pass is only US $60 here. Just sayin’.

Paul Macca

Does anyone know how many copies the coloureds are limited to?

Chris Squires

Seemingly not and that is a massive point. Could be 2,000 could be 20,000.
They are keeping Schtum!

Steve Rickard

Venus and Mars now the same price as the others on HMV at £23:99.


Venus and Mars split colour vinyl on HMV UK at £23.99.
Same price for Band On The Run now as well.


Its just like when they bring out an issue of a music magazine, with 4 or 5 different “limited edition” covers for the same issue. Total valueless crap designed only to empty the wallet of collectors.

Larry Davis

What’s worse?? 4 or 5 different covers but the same content or, like what Target US is doing with the upcoming Taylor Swift deluxe “Reputation”?? TWO totally different magazines with different covers and content but with the same disc, $19.99 each…do you buy both magazines or just one or none?? But this Macca coloured vinyl mess is like an adventure gone awry…curious if the prior vinyls on Hear Music, like ” Flowers In The Dirt” will be more collectible, being he went back to Capitol??

Marshall Gooch

I can’t believe that McCartney’s record company, his marketing team, and anyone else with a say in things, continue to screw things up so bad. This reeks of a marketing exercise without a plan, or at the very least, the age old “the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.” Guys, I’m not the greatest marketer in the world (if I was I’d be employed in that capacity right now!), but I’m good enough to sort out this kinda thing. Seriously, send me an email: marshallgooch@gmail.com

Albert Tatlock

HMV has become a joke.
£34.99 for ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ on vinyl is bad enough, but now this?
A total joke….


It’s incredible that regular charity shop favourites like Venus And Mars / Speed Of Sound are asking £30 plus for the pretty colours.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto ….. or Africa


When did HMV actually stop shipping outside the UK? I seem to remember that I ordered stuff from them (shipped to Germany) ages ago.

I really like that double coloured Venus And Mars LP, but I’m not going to buy it for that price (and just for the look of it, as I have no idea what the music on it sounds like *lol*). :-)

On one hand I’m very happy that vinyl is making a comeback, but on the other hand there seems to be really a lot of cash grabbing involved. So many absurd re-issues on (coloured or black) vinyl for ridiculous prices. :-(

Kevin Barrett

The debacle continues …. sigh ..

John Higney

In the McCartney Coloured vinyl bundle does it come with a box?

andrew R

Iam not interested personally but for those that are
recordstore uk has the full range of coloured for £26 each


The mini lp’s are on presage at cdjapan for those who are interested. I like these better since I don’t play vinyl.

Chris Squires

I have cancelled my SOV order and will have nothing more to do with this debacle…always a risk that it will be a “Gold Mine” filled with regret but I feel they have been so disingenuous about numbers, prices and availability that it reeks of con.

As the Dragons say “I’m out”.

Paul Spurgeon

I fear for my bundle order of all 8 with sound of vinyl…this all sounds like a royal cock up

David M

What a saga about these coloured vinyl cash grabs. That’s all they are,


Its all about $$$$$

Carl Homes

Maybe HMV are two weeks behind uDiscover when it comes to messing people around.
A little deja vu happening with the now you see it, now you don’t approach.


When you are in a hole stop digging so they say – Timely advice for this labels releases as surely no one will now fall for this pricing strategy. Really like PM but this just comes across as a money grabbing exercise regardless of which outlet it is


I thought that the vinyl colour reflects a colour from the cover artwork. Thus Band on the Run should be black and not white. (=limited black vinyl edition but not the regular black, also available on black BluRay)
Drink to me, drink to my health, you know why…


The extra £17 for Venus and Mars must be due to the included posters and sticker. Bargain.

Ben Williams

This has really become quite depressing now. Great if HMV actually do actually sell a yellow RAM vinyl in the end for £23.99 but with all the mess, item disappearances, cancellations and pricing issues it really beggars belief at who set this reissue thing up and why they are doing it.

A real shame for both label and fans.

adam shaw

How do they justify £41 for Venus and Mars !
Maybe they are buying them from the Udiscover website and selling them on .
HMV the new Ebay .


@Adam – They’re probably charging £41 for Venus and Mars with this logic – £20.50 for the half that’s red and £20.50 for the other half that’s yellow.

douglas Plumb

bought mine for £26.00 at u discover store all the 8 LPs are all £26.00


He needs a new’ head of marketing’