McCartney / “Wings Over America” reissue confirmed for 2013

Paul McCartney / Wings Over America

The Wings live triple album from 1976, Wings Over America, will be the next release in Paul McCartney‘s Archive Collection reissue campaign, but fans hoping for a late appearance on the schedules before Christmas 2012, will be disappointed to learn that McCartney’s representatives have confirmed that it will not be released until next year.

The Rock Show concert film will also be issued on DVD for the first time, either as part of the deluxe reissue or as a standalone release (or both).

Paul McCartney’s extensive reissue programme started in late 2010 with Band On The Run. In 2011 McCartney and McCartney II were reissued and last year saw 1971’s RAM re-released in the most lavish deluxe box to date.

This will be the second year in a row that McCartney has failed to take advantage of the lucrative Christmas boom period with his archival deluxe reissues. Last year RAM got ‘bumped’ to early 2012 only to have to wait in the wings (no pun intended) for Macca’s new album Kisses On The Bottom to hit its non-negotiable Valentine’s Day release date (RAM eventually came out in late May).

This year significant Beatles product in September and November (Magical Mystery Tour and Stereo Vinyl box set) has likely influenced the decision to hold fire on Wings Over America until 2013.

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Gary Dobbs

I think it’s insane that these Archive editions are being released so slowly – I’m gutted that Venus and Mars seems to have been overlooked for now, in my opinion one of Wings best LP’s. Come on Paul pull your thumb out mate and get these new editions out there.


really pleased to hear that wings over america is rereleased in may as it is undoubtedly one of the best live concert albums of all time . bit disappointed that the deluxe edition is costing the best part of 120 quid though will have to make do with the bog standard release but i do wish the archive release programme would speed up a bit i am in my 58th year now and i may well have passed away before the catalogue is completely released !

dutch fan

agree with the comments that the release of the archive collection is going much to slow. die hard fan of 55 years . but when the complete collection has been issued at this rate i won’t be around to tell.


I have the first issues in deluxe editions. Are they worth the extra $$$? No. But I’ve already got the music several times over. Imports. Domestic releases. Gold CDs from DCC. Remasters in 1993 for one or two extra tracks. Columbia issues. EMI-Capitol issues. So, I can’t now complain he charges too much for a book, bonus CDs, DVDs and any other extras they throw in.

My druthers would be to see Red Rose Speedway next because then we might see the James Paul McCartney TV special finally released. Much more unique than another concert, even though that was a great concert film. But, i’ll take them in whatever order they come out. Two per year, three per year, but that’s about as fast as my cash will allow. I’ll also need bookshelves up since they don’t fit into CD cases. lol


Wings over america is the “holy grale of 70´s stadium rock shows” and a “must” in any rockfans collection. Anad in any Macca fans collection.
personally i have worn out severel lp´s and cd´s while listening to it over and over again. Wings Rocked, never mind the Beatles

Martin Maxman

No matter how one feels about “Wings Over America” itself, it really needs proper mastering, also can Hear Music/MPL include the Rockshow concert film on DVD AND BLU-RAY with the “Lady Madonna” performance in it’s proper aspect ratio. I hope they give this album the Super Deluxe treatment by including a book and release Rockshow as a separate Blu Ray / DVD.


Hi, I have all the deluxe editions so far and really happy with the contents and the care taken in presenting the McCartney back catalogue. Its long overdue and great that Paul is revisiting these albums. I’m really looking forward to Wings Over America, in my opinion his best live album, but I do agree with David above that Venus and Mars should be the next due for deluxe works. It was a great package when it came out with nice graphics, pics, the posters and stickers etc, definitely worthy of deluxe treatment. I will also add my personal opinion in that its my favouraite album of all his solo work, better than Band On The Run which seems to be the one that is always rated by critics as his best. I hope Venus and Mars is scheduled for release straight after Wings Over America !!


My family is generous to make a habit of gift certificates for a local independent CD shop. I hold onto them until a McCartney archives release is available. Thank God they don’t hold me to the expiration date stamped on the gift certificate! I have all of the deluxe editions. Lived in New Orleans while Venus and Mars was being recorded, so that’s the one on my wishlist. I just say “make them right and keep them coming, Macca”


I think Macca is being very generous, with one reissue per year. Wings Over America was an extremely successful album in the 70’s, and records the only time Wings toured America. All of Wings albums should be released before the solo albums of the 80’s to the present. I will be there the first day this LIVE album is released…besides, we are also getting the long awaited “Rock Show” on DVD…FINALLY! I can hardly wait to see Venus and Mars and Back to the Egg, released, along with the Back to the Egg TV special….but in the meantime, I am grateful for these treasures, Macca is re-releasing for us. Keep them coming Paul, we love them!


I think I will be dead when the last of the reissue Macca boxset will be released. Or maybe the CD format will be dead.

Michael K

Man you people must have good salaries if the McCartney/Beatles reissue campaigns are too slow for yaz.

pablo scouse

This Was a fantastic Tour and The first for McCartney on the scale ( Or maybe even Bigger !) Breaking attendance Records in New Orleans Super dome etc- Since his Beatles days — Really Like the Acoustic Section – of The set , and the ” Venus + Mars ” tracks Live ,With an introduction of Beatle Songs also .Wings Where Really flying here .

R. Michael Cox

Like most reading this I’m a big Macca fan but the price for the product has not been there for me. I would love to have the books, etc. but when it comes down to it I want the music. I simply can’t justify the price.


I agree, I have way too much “expensive” stuff between now and Christmas, my pocketbook could use the break. I also really enjoy the irony of him delaying a personal release so as not to compete with a Beatles release.


Don’t forget he’s about to release his ‘Live Kisses’ DVD for the Christmas market.


Perhaps they should’ve added a reissue of WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND to the mix, being that it came out around the same year as WINGS OVER AMERICA. Those two albums could work as a nice reissue bundle like 1970’s McCARTNEY and 1980’s McCARTNEY II did.

From my standpoint of view, the Paul McCartney Archive Collection program has been moving at a really slow progress. I, like any Macca fan, am hoping it will pick up full steam somehow… soon……


Why in the world would they choose this album to redo? It has to be McCartney’s most inconsequential album. Why not pick any of the other Wings albums or — what I’m waiting for most — Tug of War?


Yes…YES…a million times YES!!! “Tug Of War” is a must do, but I’d wager they’ll never get to it. At least not in my lifetime at this rate. And I’m 38.


No one can argue that Tug of War will be one of the best in this series, but Wings Over America was a fine organic live album from Paul in 1976. I played it dozens of times, and I came to regard it as an essential part of his catalog. Future live albums had too much post production and too many synths for my liking. And besides…this album produced a major hit which non of the other live albums did, “Maybe I’m Amazed”. It was also significant for the first appearance of Beatles material and it was issued with the best Wings linup. Listen to what the man said, ok?


The albums is super and showcases Wings at their best.
And Paul has never sounded so good.


Why reissue Wings Over America, you’ve got to be joking!

You mean besides the fact that it’s one of the absolute greatest live rock albums ever!

Michel Drolet

I agree with Robert, this will give us a bit of relief from all the box sets and special editions coming out soon!!

Robert P

I am glad it isn’t coming out for Christmas. I think too many people try to cram for the Christmas rush. It may work out for the artist but some fans are left having to prioritize which “Immersion” set to buy.


I will be most disappointed if the strap line on Rockshow isn’t
“In concert. On DVD. At last.”


You should have said..
In Concert on Blu_Ray at Last!
DVD is 1990 tech time to let it die