Midge Ure / Soundtrack 1978-2019 / 2CD+DVD anthology

Generous 2CD+DVD package • Vinyl limited to just 750 units

Chrysalis Records will in September issue Soundtrack: 1978-2019 a new Midge Ure anthology that includes solo singles, select Ultravox recordings and previously unreleased material.

The 2CD+DVD set offers 32 tracks across two CDs including original seven-inch versions, alternative edits, unreleased remixes and more. Amongst the tracks are collaborations with artists as diverse as Kate Bush, Moby, Glenn Gregory and Mick Karn.

Even better, this set offers great value as the  two CDs come with a DVD of promo videos and loads of great bonus features, including a Midge Ure audio commentary and various documentaries and ‘EPKs’ (electronic press kit). The DVD is region free and NTSC.

The CDs and DVD are packaged separately but are contained within a clamshell box that also features a 20-page booklet.

In addition to the 2CD+DVD set, a special clear vinyl edition has been produced in limited numbers (just 750 units) which concentrates on Midge’s Chrysalis solo singles, including UK number one ‘If I Was’ and ‘Sister and Brother’ (the track that features Kate Bush). This vinyl – which is called Soundtrack: The Singles 1980-1988 – will be available ONLY via the SDE shop and ‘The Soundtrack Store’.

Soundtrack 1978-2019 (the 2CD+DVD set) and Soundtrack The Singles 1980-1988 (the limited clear vinyl) are both released on 27 September 2019 via Chrysalis (was 20 September). Order either (or both!) at the SDE shop via this link or the buttons below.

]]>SOUNDTRACK: 1978-2019 2CD+DVD

All tracks are Midge Ure solo unless stated.


01   Call of The Wild (7” Version) [1986]
02   Answers To Nothing (7” Version) [1988]
03   Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (7” Version) [1984] – Ultravox
04   The Gift [1985]
05   Wastelands (7” Version) [1985]
06   After A Fashion (7” Version) [1983] – Midge Ure & Mick Karn
07   Remembrance Day [1988]
08   No Regrets (7” Version) [1982]
09   Marching Men (7” Version) [1978] – Rich Kids
10   If I Was (7” Version) [1985]
11   Fade To Grey (2017 Version) [Originally 1980] – Midge Ure’s Band Electronica
12   Dear God (7” Version) [1988]
13   The Man Who Sold The World [1982]
14   That Certain Smile (7” Version) [1985]
15   Sister And Brother (Alt. 7” Edit) [1988] – Midge Ure feat. Kate Bush
16    All In One Day (7” Version) [1986] – Ultravox


01   Become [2014]
02   Touching Hearts And Skies
03   Glorious [2017] – Midge Ure & Rusty Egan
04   Star Crossed [2014]
05   You Move Me (Radio Edit) [2000]
06   I Survived (Single Edit) [2014] previously unreleased version
07   Personal Heaven [2001] – Midge Ure & Glenn Gregory
08   Beneath A Spielberg Sky (7” Version) [2000]
09   Breathe (7” Version) [1996]
10   Nevermore [2008]
11   Cold Cold Heart (7” Version) [1991]
12   Let Me Go [2014]
13   I See Hope (In The Morning Light) (7” Version) [1991]
14   Let It Rise [2010] – Schiller feat. Midge Ure
15   Dark Dark Night (2019 Remix) [2014] previously unreleased version. – Midge Ure feat. Moby
16   Vienna (Orchestrated Version) [2017]


01  Marching Men [1978] – The Rich Kids
02  No Regrets [1982]
03  After A Fashion [1983] – Midge Ure & Mick Karn
04  If I Was [1985]
05  That Certain Smile [1985]
06  Call of The Wild [1986]
07  Answers To Nothing [1988]
08  Dear God [1988]
09  Cold Cold Heart [1991]
10  I see Hope (In The Morning Light) [1991]
11  Breathe [1996]
12  You Move Me [2000]
13  Beneath A Spielberg Sky [2000]
14  Become [2014]
15  Let It Rise (Live) [2010] – Schiller feat. Midge Ure
16  Breathe (Orchestrated Version) [2017]

Bonus Videos:

  • Feature length Commentary on Promo videos by Midge Ure
  • Yellow Pearl/Passing Strangers (Live) [2017] – Midge Ure’s Band Electronica
  • Fade To Grey (Live) [2017] – Midge Ure’s Band Electronica
  • Vienna (Orchestrated Version) [2017]
  • Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Orchestrated Version) [2017]

Bonus Documentaries:

  • A Portrait [‘The Gift’ EPK 1985]
  • Answers: A Musical Journey [Longform Documentary 1990]
  • Orchestrated [The Making of EPK] [2017]

Soundtrack: The Singles 1980-1988

Side 1

Call of The wild [1986]
Answers To Nothing [1988]
Wastelands [1985]
After A Fashion [1983] – Midge Ure & Mick Karn
No Regrets [1982]

Side 2

If I Was [1985]
Fade To Grey [2017 Version] [Originally 1980] – Band Electronica
Dear God [1988]
That Certain Smile [1985]
Sister & Brother [1988] – Midge Ure feat. Kate Bush

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Probably no-one is reading this thread anymore but I have to say that this release is fantastic especially the 2CD+DVD release.
Finally got around to watching the videos and realised that despite knowing most of the songs pretty well I had not seen most of the videos before (definitely not in their entirety). Even better though is the hearing Midge’s commentaries on each video where he talks about where the videos were made, what the circumstances were and how he feels about them (he comes across as very modest and self-deprecating). There are also a number of great bonuses too.

Great value for money!


I was previewing this set both on Deezer and Tidal. Both platforms seem to use exsting files from the studio albums – not the proper ones which actually appear on the new compilation.
Example: The Gift starts with the fade out of That Certain Smile.
The same with That Certain Smile: It ends apruptly like on the Gift album and should fade into The Gift.
Odd steaming world. That´s why I love physical discs!


Tidal now corrected the tracklisting and the audio content… Why not right from the start?

M Laake

Has anyone else noticed an error on disc 2 which would appear to be a mastering problem? Track 12 is meant to be “Let Me Go” from the Move Me album according to the CD sleeve and the booklet. However on my CD track 12 is a completely different song: “Let it go?” which was on a much earlier album “Pure”!!

James Hartman

I noticed the same thing. Plus “Let It Go?” is a couple of minutes longer than “Let Me Go”.

Replacement CD2, anyone?


Great Box, the Sound quality is superb and I enjoy every Minute of this great musician.
The liner notes are very short and not complete, because, there are only ten notes for CD 1 with 16 Tracks included on each CD. The Notes for CD1 are exactly the tracklist for the vinyl! 6 Notes are missing…
The booklet could have more „personal“ information about the recordings or something like this, in the box is plenty of space.

The clear vinyl looks great, I will listen to it, when I finished listen to the box.

Craig Hedges

Hi Olaf
How does your dvd look, The picture quality looks terrible on mine, don’t know where they got the source material. It’s also look like it drops frames like it hasn’t been rendered properly. I was going to contact Chrysalis to complain but I thought I check on here first to see if anyone has noticed. The glitching is worst on the video for Answers to nothing, I got the set mainly to get this video. Thanks


We saw him at the manchester arena a few years back, supporting simple minds. I knew he was short but didn’t actually realise how short he was until that night!
Getting back onto the subject, i agree with others on here saying that more dvds containing promo video compilations Should be released (is Kate Bush reading this thread??!)


Would have liked all the 12 inch mixes over the edits, so i will swerve this one .


Which version of “Breathe” video will it be? There are two…


There are actually three different promotional videos of BREATHE. 1st where the camera turns 360 degrees all the time, 2nd for the swatch commercial and 3rd the one in a church.


I am a huge fan. So I was hoping for even more unreleased and rare soundtrack songs. Such as “Come the Day” https://youtu.be/i7a8Od1Jlrg
“My Wonderful Friends” from “The Adventures of Mole” https://youtu.be/COEFTruHDss
“Turnaround” https://youtu.be/sKGt1WROx7A


I was going to say that 750 units of the limited clear vinyl was such a small quantity, bound to sell out within minutes, especially priced at £22, but it’s still available a day later. I guess the label didn’t underestimate their public. Guess there won’t be a cassette!
Thanks for the heads-up Paul!

No Parlez

Dan, I think the acoustic tour you are on about was released as Breathe Again Live and Extended. If you enjoyed the show you will enjoy the disc.

Jim Ellison

Is yellow Pearl a cover of the Phil lynott song?


Yes, same song. Midge co-wrote the song with Phil.


Stupid question I imagine, but are all the tracks remastered?


No idea, but I hope Personal Heaven is the stereo version (and not the mono version as appeared on Little Orphans)!

Simon Musselle

It is the Little Orphans version but stereo.


Will there ever be a release by whatever Artist that will not cause a hundred complaints about missing tracks, wrong mixes, NTSC instead of PAL, DVD instead of BluRay, “Why only a DVD?”, “Why no DVD?”, why not this, why not that? If there are only two remixes People complain, that at least eight other mixes missing. If there are all fifteen mixes on a CD People complain: “Who can listen to ‘You spin me around’ 15 times?”
Would you prefer no Releases at all over Releases that are not perfect? Stop whining! Grow up!

Alan Mitchell

I know what you’re saying brother. You can please none of the people all the time but you can’t please some of the people any time. Or something like that.

Anyway Midgure liked midgure cheddar as Smithy would say?


Thanks, Alan! :)


There’s only one thing worse than the whingers. People who whinge about the whingers.

Now look what you made me do!

Liam Bastick

Aren’t you whingeing about someone who is whingeing about whingers? Where does that place you..? :-)


Did he ever release recordings of the Ultravox songs he played acoustically on that tour a few years back? To my mind, those versions sounded much more powerful than the originals.


An absolute fantastic compilation worth getting in any case!
It’s been too long…
Labels should start releasing CD compilations with DVDs of promo videos more often again.
Music video DVDs or Blu-rays should be relieved again as well!

andrew lake

A shamefully underrated artist that has such a fabulous output of brilliant work.
Sure there will be pieces missing but what value! this will be ordered from the SDE store of course!
Great work as always Paul- don’t suppose there’s any chance of Midge adding his moniker to them is there?

Tony O

ordered, thanks Paul

Marcin Lipnicki

I really miss disc four – with all his fantastic intrumentals …

Stephen dC

Midge Ure is the architect of my 80’s. From Visage to Band Aid to Solo stuff and Ultravox.

They should exchange his OBE for a Knighhood.

I like how this artwork is compatible with the Extended Ultravox set.

Aparty from that, this means nothing to meeeeeeee!

Stewart Ord

the artwork for Extended Ultravox was so disappointing. where was all the information regarding each of the releases. not even any copies of the original sleeves probably because they would put Extended to shame. Ultravox and Midge always had a high standard of style that seems to be going by the wayside at the moment with substandard packaging, the slipcase for the cd version of Extended was just one thickness away from toilet paper, the vinyl set was better until i got to the inner sleeves. The artwork hasn’t had much thought put into it, look at the sleeves for Systems Of Romance, Vienna, Rage In Eden, Quartet, Lament and their associated singles , even the Moments From Eden 10″ single has fantastic artwork and packaging. This is more like something that has been knocked up as a last thought.
i hope the rest of the packaging improves and there is at least a decent booklet with it. let us have style along with the substance, do we not deserve that?

John Barleycorn

This means nothing to me.

A good value package for those to whom it does…

Andrew Long

This has clearly been nicely assembled but, with any best of album, there are always tracks missing that one would like to see: I’m thinking of Guns and Arrows, Strong, Homeland, Edo, Hell to Heaven… Also, I suspect most committed fans will already have the audio tracks offered here, so it’s the DVD that will be attractive to those of us who have been there from the beginning.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this release is that clearly Midge’s various record companies down the years have cooperated on it, so perhaps we can hope for a full career-spanning box set along the lines of the recent Soft Cell one (without the glitches), including a full package of previously unheard material. This would be a fitting tribute to one of the most interesting and underrated artists of our time.


let’s see if female readers will post a comment saying that they are ready to buy the package just for the cover (only a joke following Belinda Carlisle release )

Glen Pagliaccio

In this age of 1080p and 4K, record companies are DOWNCONVERTING Pal to NTSC for DVD releases. I’m not expecting remastering or upconverting, but I’d really just like the stuff to at least be left alone, not made worse. This makes for a lower quality product than it was originally. Honestly, I’m over it.

Glen Pagliaccio

I do understand the USA issue. Unlike the rest of the world, they mostly had exclusive NTSC stuff (not multi system or even multi voltage like the rest of us….look at some amps on sale in the USA today!). But seriously, how many people who would buy a “Deluxe” edition anything would still be running an analogue TV running only PAL or NTSC? Pretty much everyone has at least a 1080p digital TV now, even in places like Asia & Africa. I suspect most these days would display a PAL 576p picture, but if not, why not do 720p on a no frills Blu-Ray instead of DVD? The record companies are transcoding quality down. Why not a quick and dirty transcode UP? It’s going to cost the same. A cheap Blu-Ray player can be had for USD$50 these days. Digital TV has been around for 10-20 years in most places. It’s time to move on.


Surely it is legitimate, but I am quite sure Midge has more fans in PAL using countries than in NTSC. But the usual US compromise is sadly used here again.

Still a great set + I am extremely happy labels still know they can add a DVD to such a set. Something which sadly has gone missing over the years. Wish recent collections by King or A Flock Of Segulls would have been released with a DVD.
That is why I personally don’t see the DVD as a bonus item but for me it is really a massive argument to buy such a compilation.


Most of these eighties music videos were recorded onto video tape in the first place and would be next to impossible to be made into anything resembling HD. Most of the DVDs in these type of packages have awful picture quality so it would be a waste of money to transfer them to a BD when a humble DVD is too good already…

Paul King

I wish he had rare tracks like “Something To Remind Me” by Blank & Jones featuring Midge on it.

Otherwise, to me, there is too much overlap to stuff I already have.

Still looks like a nice set. I am not ruling it out.


Where is that track from. Never seen it mentioned, and not on discogs, etc.


an utterly stunning collection by a fantastic artist

Paul jones

I kind of expect beautiful 80s extended mixes on these things now… So disappointing but only as that’s my favourite thing… All those commenting on the Rusty Egan track… Go get the album it is truly outstanding…


Looks like a sort of a missed opportunity to me – a lot of great rare tracks are missing: “Come The Day”, “Smile” etc. Instead of it there’ a lot tracks we’ve already had on various compilations and the remasters… :/


Would of loved to see come the day on this

Gareth Jones

I can’t believe the price. Amazing value. I’ve bought overpriced box sets that contain far less on the DVD than you get here! I don’t know much Midge material beyond the massive hits, but at this price it’s worth the gamble

Jeffrey fitzsimons

Ordered both

Arnold Toye

Did he ever release anything from the max headroom soundtrack?.

Rob Kirby

Yes, although it was never labelled as such, as legal problems seem to be preventing any access to that gloriously rich soundtrack by Midge and Chris Cross, with a legal dispute over ownership of the character (hence no DVD release of either the original film or the later US TV series). The track in question is Edo on the Gift, a slightly reworked version of one of the instrumental cues from the original Channel 4 Max Headroom film.

Paul Taylor

I presume you mean UK release of the US series Rob? I got it in Canada a few years ago and it’s pretty awful. The UK output was far better with the film and subsequent music video show. His sound bites were hilarious

Rob Kirby

Indeed, Paul, although I have to say I actually liked quite a bit of what they tried to do with the US series – especially the final one about suppressing literature. It was a nice surprise to see Matt Frewer again on the excellent Orphan Black series.

Paul Taylor

I wish they would release 20 Minutes Into The Future on DVD. I have only ever seen it on the original VHS release and it’s expensive if you find one.
That soundtrack was credited to Midge & Chris Cross so not sure what the licensing would be?

Antony Heron

Can’t see it anywhere but does the vinyl include a digital download?

Stevo Music Man

Good value, good selection and generally good comments from people reading this article.
Seems Paul, things are looking up with the re-issue world these days.
As ever thanks for your work in putting this out there for us all.

Gary Hunter

Really pleased to see “Glorious ” included, he recorded with Rusty Egan, a track that might just surprise people and is without the jewell in the crown on this release. An outstanding track :)


Another stellar Midge collection complete with lots of tracks and especially videos I don’t own!

Cosmo Castanza

Some career , Slik , Rich Kids , Thin Lizzy , Visage , Ultravox , Band Aid , solo career …..

Rusty Egan

That’s Glorious!

John 79

Hey Rusty,
Any chance of a physical release of your remix album of “Welcome To The Dancefloor”?that’s currently only available as a download
That was and is a classic album !
And that physical release would be Glorious

Rusty egan

Its available on all formats on the Merchandise stand on The 1980 Tour pre order for collection sb@blackmosaic.com.

Post-Punk Monk

Interesting and unexpected. If we have to have another Ure compilation this one will do fine. I wish that it had the hit version of “Yellow Pearl” though. I have the other three mixes on various and sundry but not the one on the video. The CDs might have some things of interest on disc 2. I’m keen to hear the track with Glenn Gregory. But it’s the DVD that will guide my purchase here. I’m excited that sources for “No Regrets” and “After A Fashion” have been found. I would have been over the moon with the “Yellow Pearl” video as well, but I guess the Lynott vocal was too far out of the Ure wheelhouse. I had the 1993 PAL VHS of “If I Was: The Best of Midge Ure + Ultravox” and word was at the time that they could not find a master for those tracks. The price is appreciated!


Personal Heaven is just Midge Ure singing, Glenn Gregory helped
write it.

Theres 2 german cd singles.
1 is a 2 track with a single edit. Another is the remix single with 4 mixes.

It’s an upbeat techno track.


Simon Musselle

It is the Little Orphans version of ‘Personal Heaven’ on this, not the German band version.


loved Midge in the final series of Still Game. Should be on the DVD…a career highlight!


Is ‘Dear God’ a cover of the XTC single ?

Robert Laversuch

No, written by Midge Ure.

Francisco Roldán

I guess the promo videos are stereo… :(

John 79

Hi Paul,
Ordered both the Midge Ure vinyl / CD/DVD set as well as the Fad Gadget vinyl from your store ,now I’m broke for another month, gutted I missed out on the signed Blondie book though

John 79

Thanks Paul,
I will keep checking the site.


I just had this thought in my mind, for no apparent reason;

“Thank god, it’s not called ureology”

Michael Fowler

Thanks Paul and ordered

Ian Harris

Nice collection, when I saw ‘previously unreleased’ I was hoping for more from the sessions with Mick Karn that gave us the superb After A Fashion single. Although I’m not sure how much else they recorded, I’m sure reports at the time said there was enough for an album but how true that was, or where the tapes are…your guess is a good as mine.

I last saw Midge live supporting the Human League at the end of last year. I’m really excited for his 1980 live shows in October, playing Vienna and highlight from the first Visage album. Glorious from Rusty Egan’s album, is another career highlight, glad to see it might get some more exposure here, if you liked Visage and Ultravox this is a great update to their classic early 80s sound.

Any chance of an SDE interview with Midge, Paul?


Unreleased Karn stuff would be great if it exists. I’ve often wondered if it were he playing on When the Time Comes on Lament and even resorted to asking Midge or his team by email but no one answered. The bassline on that track sticks out like a sore thumb against the rest of the album.

BTW, does anyone know if the 12″ version of After a Fashion has ever been released on CD anywhere? It can be streamed/downloaded now.


The 12″ version was released on the compilation-double disc Echoes Of Darkness Volume 2


Was just hovering over tickets for his 1980 tour later this year (I guess these releases will help piggy back on the tour although they represent different eras of his career) – I see that he’s added more dates for spring 2020 I’m addition to the autumn ones.


Why nothing from Slik? Is that why we start in 1978?

Noel Fitzsimons

Don’t forget Salvation


“As it was in the beginning / Then so should it end…”

Dave Pattison

Thanks Paul, preordered

alan hansen

another compilation? i’d actually much appreciate a new comprehensive compilation of all things Midge Ure, but with so many 7″ edits here, i’ll likely pass.

Paul English

The 7” edits are why I am buying it! Keep the album versions for the albums.

alan hansen

@Paul English – yes, and I completely understand and respect that approach. I would do (and have done) the same with other artists in my collection for whom I have a complete catalog. my point wasn’t to complain, rather to simply explain my reason for not purchasing.


If “breath” was on the vinyl I wouldn’t have hesitated

Alone With Strangers

Looks like an excellent selection. Good to see the Mick Karn tracks on there as well as Personal Heaven.