Mike Oldfield / The Studio Albums: 1992-2003 / 8CD box set


A Mike Oldfield box set of the Warner era will be issued in October this year.

The Studio Albums 1992-2003 gathers together the eight albums released on the label, starting with 1992’s follow-up to the seminal Tubular Bells and ending again with that same album but this time the 2003 re-recording. In between are two further TB-related albums – Tubular Bells III (1998) and The Millennium Bell (1999).

The other four albums are 1994’s The Songs Of Distant Earth, Voyager from 1996, Guitars (1999) and Tr3s Lunas which was issued in 2002.

The albums will be packaged in card sleeves and housed in a clamshell box. This set will be released on 20 October 2014. Warner Music will also be issuing these albums separately on 180g vinyl.


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How did I miss that on Discogs? ;-)

…Speaking of vinyl, a 8xLP box set, that would be really nice!


The interesting news is not the rather pointless 8xCD box set…
…but the separate vinyl releases.

With the exception of TB2, none of these albums have been previously released on vinyl!


Not quite dear Bertie, “The Songs Of Distant Earth” was also released on vinyl. ;)
… But beside that I agree, the separate vinyl releases are by far the most interesting bit.

Paul Kent

I don’t think any Oldfield fan can claim this was a classic period. – you’re wrong as, if you look closely, you’ll see TB is not being sold to us again… II, III and Millennium are all markedly different albums. However, Oldfield’s over-reliance on the TB brand did start to become a bit tiresome. The 2003 re-recording was pointless (as was Jean Michel Jarre’s of Oxygene around the same time). The remainder are all just so-so, really, with Guitars the only one to stick out as an interesting experiment. However, having said all that, TBII does definitely deserve the deluxe treatment and a 5.1 mix. If only he has gifted it to Virgin as his swan song for the label rather than taking it to Warners, then we would be getting it as part of the Universal reissues. As far as they go, it’s all diminishing returns now – after Discovery and TKF, the only one left I’m looking forward to is Amarok.

Mike the Fish


Mike the Fish

Ag! My reply about Paul Kent’s was suppose to be below.


Hey Rob! Mike Oldfield is working on the 5.1 mixes for both these albums.


No release date tho, so it may or may not be this year.

Mike the Fish

My ISP appears to have blocked quadraphonicquad. :-( Maybe a blanket ban on the server they are hosted on?

Mike the Fish

Yeah, TBII is crying out for a good surround mix. The good thing about the Oxygene re-record is that JMJ had the control to mix it into surround. (Twice when you include the live-in-the-studio-but-could-it-be-edited-from-more-than-one-performance-if-you-look-at-the-footage version.)


5.1 mixes of TKF and Discovery?
That’s great news!
Can’t wait for these reissues…


Aimed at anyone who has come across Oldfields Man on the Rocks LP. Diehards already have the majority if not all


I hope this doesn’t mean that Universal will hold off on releasing the next titles in their reissue series. I was hoping we’d be seeing 5.1 mixes for Discovery and The Killing Fields before the end of the year.

Neil Forker

Isn’t this the first issue of Tubular Bells III in the US?

adam shaw

Has this got any relation to the reissue program that we have seen in the last few years from Universal ? I thought Mike owned all his back catalouge now .

Aaron Read

As far as I understand it Mike Oldfield at the moment doesn’t own the copyright in the audio portions of the releases as Warners took the rights with them, even though the P & C does state Oldfield Music Ltd or something like that.

It is a similar state for Salvo Music with the majority of the 90s ZTT releases.


Sounds like they have come up with another way to sell us Tubular Bells again !

Has there ever been an album that has been reissued (in its various guises) as many times as TB ?

Mike the Fish

I hope this doesn’t mean no 5.1 for TB II!


No extras?