Moloko / I Am Not A Doctor / limited edition 2LP coloured vinyl

Moloko‘s 1998 album I Am Not A Doctor will be reissued as a limited 2LP coloured vinyl pressing in September.

The album features the song ‘Sing It Back’ which went on to be an enormous hit in remixed form.

This new 2LP white vinyl is limited to 3,000 units worldwide and is packaged in a tri-fold sleeve. It is the second in a series of Moloko coloured vinyl reissues from Music On Vinyl, who will work through the group’s catalogue in similar fashion during 2019.

I Am Not A Doctor will be released at the end of September and can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

Side A
1. The Flipside
2. Knee Deepen
3. Blink
4. Stylophone Pet

Side B

1. Downsized
2. Sorry
3. Sing It Back
4. Pretty Bridges

Side C

1. Be Like You
2. Caught In A Whisper
3. Dr. Zee

Side D

1. The Id
2. Tatty Narja
3. Over My Head
4. Should’ve Been Could’ve Been

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Peter Grand

I wonder if ‘Thing to Make and Do’ & ‘Statues’ will be released on vinyl as well. I really hope so….


They’re next in the complete catalog series. I’m just hoping they bothered to spread Statues across two discs instead of the original single disc – it’s nearly an hour long after all.


Yay and Yipppee! At last!


fantastic album, not sure I need it on vinyl but definitely worthy of picking it up if youve never heard it before


The original Echo vinyl was cut by NiLZ at The Exchange. Is this a repress?

Larry David

Ok but how about a deluxe CD reissue?


This is a licensed reissue via a vinyl-only label so a CD reissue would be completely separate project from Echo/BMG. Moloko don’t really have enough extra material to fill bonus discs other than remixes. They’re readily available digitally, and multi-disc boxes containing 10+ mixes each of some of the big singles aren’t something I’m craving.