Moloko / Statues limited edition 2LP blue ‘marbled’ vinyl

Moloko / Statues 2LP blue marbled vinyl

Moloko‘s final album, Statues, will be issued as a limited 2LP coloured vinyl pressing in November.

The 2003 album features the top 20 singles singles ‘Familiar Feeling’ and ‘Forever More’ and is the final 2LP coloured vinyl reissue from Music On Vinyl.

This comes pressed on blue ‘marbled’ vinyl, which is actually a mix of blue and white. Each record will have a unique marbled pattern. Statues will be released on 22 November 2019 and can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop using this link or the button below. Some of the other titles are still available (Things To Make And Do is still a pre-order – it is released in a couple of weeks).

Side A
1. Familiar Feeling
2. Come On
3. Cannot Contain This

Side B

1. Statues
2. Forever More

Side C

1. Blow X Blow
2. 100%
3. The Only Ones

Side D

1. I Want You
2. Over & Over

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Received Statues reissue on vinyl : printing is blurry and colors tends to be orange compared with original CD that had better printing quality.

Disappointed :(


I have the first 2 of these re-issues (others on order) and have to say they sound pretty damn good. Probably the originals are better but I may never know.. any way the MOV concerns are understandable. The ELO face the music ‘audiophile clear vinyl’ for example is terrible. This whole ‘audiophile vinyl’, ‘heavyweight vinyl’ ‘audiophile 180g vinyl’ nonsense also really annoys me. The sound quality in the grooves has very little to do with those marketing gimmicks!


Haven’t heard any outright poor Music on Vinyl pressings unless they were from more than a few years back. Their Sade “Love Deluxe” sounded excellent to me. That being said, there are some companies doing pretty iffy transfers out there, like the recent Lightning Seeds “Jollification” reissue, which sounded good BUT the bonus 7″ had the labels pressed on the reverse sides and worse, the duet “My Best Day” with Alison Moyet (my personal favorite song on the album) was actually MISSING portions of her vocals. Apparently this is also the version streaming on Spotify now if you want to check (I do not use so I cannot confirm). Sony UK was in charge of this program and has said there will be some kind of replacement done in the future, but at the moment I really know nothing other than this was a $42 record I had to import to the US. Where is the quality control at Sony UK? I’ve not heard of Music on Vinyl doing things like this (although US Mobile Fidelity had problems a few years ago with the sourcing of their Weezer “direct from the original master tapes” reissues of the Green Album and Make Believe as well).


I rarely buy releases from Music on Vinyl. Sourced from digital files by anonymous engineers they rarely offer superior sonics when compared to the original compact discs.


Richard, same here.

Mike L

Anyone else have issues with ‘Music on Vinyl’ releases? In my opinion their mastering and\or overall fidelity of their releases is very sub par. Their YMO\Japan releases sound far inferior to the original vinyl releases from the 80s AND the even newer re-releases done by Alpha\BMG (and yes I have A\B them). Also, their cover art looks to be 2nd or 3rd generation copies. I just received Moloko’s ‘I am not a Doctor’ and the cover looks like horrible photo copy. I’ll pretty much pass on anything they release in the future.

The ONLY good releases from ‘Music on Vinyl’ I’ve purchased were the 808 State releases from 2016\2017.


I have found Music on Vinyl to put out decent, but not spectacular product, much of the time… but some of their records I have purchased I really have liked. I have found their quality to range from “okay” to “pretty good.” I have not had any “bad” releases from them yet, nor any “great” ones.

Peter Yarrow

I wonder if Catalogue will be part of this series?


I don’t think so… Catalogue have never been released on LP. But it would be a great surprise ! But… to be fair, the real great surprise would be a 11000 Clicks CD and LP.


Fantastic, been waiting for this one most of all!