More David Bowie picture discs


Diamond Dogs, the title track of David Bowie‘s 1974 album, is the next single to receive the 40th Anniversary seven-inch picture disc treatment. The new vinyl features the studio version backed with the David Live (2005 mix) performance of the song.

knock2The single is out on Monday, but even before you’ve got your hands on this one, Parlophone Label Group have announced the next in the series which will be Knock On Wood from the David Live album. This was a successful UK single at the time, but the US went with the David Live version of 1984, so that is the B-side to this release.

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Grace Ramsay

If anyone could direct me towards ”1984” for less than $150 I would be eternally grateful as it’s the last one I need to my collection and I am trying to buy the whole series for my father as he is a huge Bowie fan like myself. If anyone is up for a trade I’ll throw in a ‘Young Americans’ alomg with cash to sweeten the deal? :’)

[…] More David Bowie picture discs […]

Mic Smith

When the first in the series appeared as an RSD release I wasn’t that interested in getting it – and now it’s over £100 second hand I doubt I will. I felt even less inclined to get the follow up John I’m Only Dancing. But when The Jean Genie came out I was just beginning to seriously collect Bowie rarities, lost tracks etc and bought that one for the Top of the Pops version. Luckily Starman is available on The Best of Bowie DVD hence not really needing the pic disc. As each release has appeared I’ve found myself putting them in my basket, queuing up on RSD, or getting from eBay to the point where I have all of them bar the first two. But this release and the follow up are not that interesting from an audio point of view. So I’m in two minds about ordering. I have to say though I like the idea of continuing to collect these I’m just not sure if at £12 they are worth it unless they have something unusual on them. It’s also a pity the sequence started at Starman – I wonder if Space Oddity will be honoured for the 40th anniversary of the 1975 reissue? Include the Ivor Novello Awards performance of it perhaps?


These things are an absolute licence to print money for the record companies. I’m assuming the Morrissey picture discs are the same. I’m glad that, much as I like Bowie/Mozzer, they’re not artists that I religiously collect all of their releases. I’d be torn if they started releasing similar 7″ picture discs for one of my ‘must-have’ artists. So much money for so little, and yet…..must have them.


I buy them because they look so good and I’m a big Bowie fan…if someone can point me toward “1984” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide” I’ll be eternally greatfull!!!


I bought them as I thought they made a nice collection.
Got them all starman find set me back £130 but the rest including 1984 have been pretty reasonable.


Last RSD I made a deal with a collector in the UK where he bought the European version and I bought the NA version and we swapped. Geographic-specific releases can be very annoying.


I purchased them because some of them have some previously unreleased live tracks on the b-side. (Although this tendency seems to be less true with the last few releases).
I also missed ‘Starman’, which is too expensive now. And being in Europe I missed ‘1984’ also. But I got all the rest of them so far.


I’ve collected all of these so far (except “Starman” which I missed on RSD and cannot afford on the secondary market). I assume since they keep putting them out that they must be selling. I am curious why others are purchasing them? Personally, I do not have a record player so I purchase them because I love Bowie and the picture discs look good on my wall.