More hints at new Macca ‘best of’


Following the post earlier today about Paul McCartney‘s Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five white label, we speculated whether a remix album or perhaps some kind of retrospective/hits set was imminent. The latest tweet by McCartney seems to confirm the latter is what is most likely to happen…

The tweet itself is simply an animated gif which flashes through a list of McCartney singles along with a few choice album cuts. SDE counted 67 in total and to save you the hassle of trying to work it out from the tweet, check out the list below (album titles in brackets).

Is this the track listing for perhaps a four-CD box set? All the ‘proper’ solo and Wings studio albums are represented with the exception of 2001’s Driving Rain and 1989’s Flowers in the Dirt. The former wasn’t exactly a classic, but no My Brave Face or This One from the latter is bizarre. Yes, we are expecting a Flowers in the Dirt Archive Collection deluxe later this year, but so what?

There are a couple of what you might call ‘deep cuts’ here. Winedark Open Sea from Off The Ground and Don’t Let It Bring You Down from London Town being two of them. The latter is great, but not sure about the former! Sing The Changes from the 2008 Fireman album Electric Arguments, also features.

  1. Maybe I’m Amazed (McCartney)
  2. Heart of the Country (RAM)
  3. Jet (Band on the Run)
  4. Warm and Beautiful (Wings at the Speed of Sound)
  5. Silly Love Songs (Wings at the Speed of Sound)
  6. Listen to What The Man Said (Venus and Mars)
  7. Dear Boy (RAM)
  8. The Song We Were Singing (Flaming Pie)
  9. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (RAM)
  10. Early Days (New)
  11. Big Barn Red (Red Rose Speedway)
  12. Another Day (non-album single)
  13. Flaming Pie (Flaming Pie)
  14. Jenny Wren (Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard)
  15. Too Many People (RAM)
  16. Let Me Roll It (Band on the Run)
  17. New (New)
  18. Live and Let Die (non-album single)
  19. English Tea (Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard)
  20. Mull of Kintyre (non album single)
  21. Save Us (New)
  22. My Love (Red Rose Speedway)
  23. Bip Bop (Wild Life)
  24. Let ‘Em In (Wings at the Speed of Sound)
  25. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five (Band on the Run)
  26. Calico Skies (Flaming Pie)
  27. Hi Hi Hi (non-album single)
  28. Waterfalls (McCartney II)
  29. Band on the Run (Band on the Run)
  30. Appreciate (New)
  31. Sing The Changes (The Fireman – Electric Arguments)
  32. Arrow Through Me (Back To The Egg)
  33. Every Night (McCartney)
  34. Junior’s Farm (non-album single)
  35. Mrs Vandebilt (Band on the Run)
  36. Say Say Say (2015 remix) (Pipes of Peace)
  37. My Valentine (Kisses on the Bottom)
  38. Pipes of Peace (Pipes of Peace)
  39. The World Tonight (Flaming Pie)
  40. Dance Tonight (Memory Almost Full)
  41. Souvenir (Flaming Pie)
  42. Ebony and Ivory (Tug of War)
  43. Fine Line (Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard)
  44. Here Today (Tug of War)
  45. Press (Press to Play)
  46. Wanderlust (Tug of War)
  47. Winedark Open Sea (Off The Ground)
  48. Beautiful Night (Flaming Pie)
  49. Girlfriend (London Town)
  50. Queenie Eye (New)
  51. We All Stand Together (non-album single)
  52. Coming Up (McCartney II)
  53. Too Much Rain (Chaos and Creation in the Back Yard)
  54. Good Times Coming / Feel The Sun (Press to Play)
  55. Goodnight Tonight (non-album single)
  56. Baby’s Request (Back to the Egg or Kisses on the Bottom)
  57. With A Little Luck (London Town)
  58. Little Willow (Flaming Pie)
  59. Only Mama Knows (Memory Almost Full)
  60. Don’t Let It Bring You Down (London Town)
  61. The Back Seat of My Car (RAM)
  62. No More Lonely Nights (Give My Regards to Broad Street)
  63. Temporary Secretary (McCartney II)
  64. Great Day (Flaming Pie)
  65. Venus and Mars/Rock Show (Venus and Mars)
  66. Hope For The Future (non-album single)
  67. Junk (McCartney)

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