Morrissey / Autobiography


It wouldn’t be a Morrissey project without some drama. For a time his autobiography was looking like it might not be released, when last month it emerged last month that the singer had had “a last minute content disagreement” with publishers Penguin.

Thankfully, the disagreement has now been resolved and Autobiography, as it is called, will be released on 17 October 2013.

Refreshingly, it’s straight out on paperback, at a reasonable price and utilises the classic Penguin book design (as well as the photo used for Morrissey’s 2008 Greatest Hits).

Autobiography covers Steven Patrick Morrissey’s life from his birth until the present day.

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Mark Armstrong

Why no hardback version?…and isn’t that cover a wretched effort?

But I’ll be handing over my cash on day one for it. That’s the trouble with Morrissey, he’s a hard habit to break….


My god what is wrong with this man? He makes a drama out of everything. Is there any wonder he cannot get a new record contract, who would knowingly put themselves up for that much trouble?
He clearly hates the recording industry (as well as pretty much everything else) I wish he would just go away, he must have enough money.
I am not expecting anything great from this book. I prefer to remember him in the 80’s early 90’s, before he became a bitter rich fat ex pat, slagging off anything to do with the UK from his LA pool.
Lets just hope that this is his final hurah and he retires with what little dignity he has left. Such a genuine shame.


I think the world needs another autobiography from a self indulgent ego-maniac.

Stan Butler

John, there’s never been a Morrissey autobiography before, so this can’t be another one. Would you care to elaborate on why you think the world needs another one?

Like Bob I’m not expecting a lot from this, but I’ll probably buy it anyway. His career has been on the slide for years now and yes it may well be the final hurrah.


Stan, I said, “I think the world needs another autobiography from a self indulgent ego-maniac.” If Morrissey was the only self indulgent ego-maniac in the world, your point would be valid.

Killian Scott

Remember when the NME or Melody Maker [cannae remember which] referred to him as Mauricey?

Stan Butler

No, I don’t.