Mr. Mister expanded reissues


The second and third albums from 1980s American pop-rockers Mr. Mister are being reissued, with bonus tracks, by Rock Candy Records later this month.

The hit-packed Welcome to the Real World (which contained two US numbers ones in Broken Wings and Kyrie) and commercially disappointing follow up Go On... will both be issued as expanded single disc editions, with extra tracks that include various remixes of the singles.

Go On… (released in 1987) reverts to the original vinyl track listing with Bare My Soul – which was on the original CD – relegated to the bonus tracks. Best of all, both of these reissues have new essays, enhanced artwork and new interviews with the band.

Welcome to the Real World and Go On… expanded editions are released on 22 June 2015.

Welcome to the Real World

Go On…

Track listings


Mr. Mister

  • Black/White
  • Uniform Of Youth
  • Don’t Slow Down
  • Run To Her
  • Into My Own Hands
  • Is It Love
  • Kyrie
  • Broken Wings
  • Tangent Tears
  • Welcome To The Real World

Bonus Tracks

  • Kyrie (Extended Version)
  • Broken Wings (Live)
  • Uniform Of Youth (Live)
  • Is It Love’ (Dance Mix)
  • Is It Love (Dub Mix)
  • Broken Wings (Extended Version)


Go On…

  • Stand And Deliver
  • Healing Waters
  • Dust
  • Something Real (Inside Me / Inside You)
  • The Tube
  • Control
  • Watching The World
  • Power Over Me
  • Man Of A Thousand Dances
  • The Border

Bonus Tracks

  • Healing Waters (Remix)
  • Bare My Soul (B-Side)
  • Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You) (Rock Dance Mix)
  • Stand And Deliver (Remix)

Welcome to the Real World

Go On…

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ALTHOUGH sometimes the snare sounds like snapping twigs and the album’s always sounded distantly mic’d but I think that’s due to being victim of early all digital recordings
oh dear ;-( track 11 healing waters remix is badly compressed vinyl rip. Stand And Deliver remix abitofamess as if record company said ‘make it sound like previous album. Has anyone tried the vinyl that came out recently that has the amusing sticker stating ‘analog recording’?


Hi Paul
No lyrics in the booklet and the the liner notes are a bit of a downer. Design not so hot (earlier photos used!?) But great full sound though for a great album (main thing) Big dynamic range.

Paul Suarez

Can someone with the . . . GO ON reissue please comment on the liner notes. Specifically, I’d like to know if the lyrics have been included. I was a little disappointed to note in the WTtRW reissue that the graffiti-style lyrics presentation from the original CD’s liners had been dropped entirely.


The bonus 12″ remixes of “Is it Love?” sound very crappy as if they came from a cassette tape. And I still can’t find the difference in the “extended” versión of “Broken Wings”


Jon Astley rightly got a lot of stick for some truly awful mastering years ago (Abba, Level 42, Judas Priest, Boomtown Rats) but in the last couple of years his work has turned a corner. The Rock Candy issues I have from Survivor, Dokken and Lou Gramm are excellent and the recent Tori Amos and Bad Company reissues sound great too. Seems he may have taken the criticism on board. I have no hesitation in buying Rock Candy reissues.


Bit like the 12″ version of Intuition on the Linx reissue from a couple of years back…


Kyrie is the single version with the acapella ending. Broken Wings is identical to the album version so a bit of false advertising there methinks.


My copy of Go On has just been dispatched by HMV not fussed by WTTRW as i feel those bonus tracks apart from Is It Love will be the repeated album tracks.


Got my copy of Go On today thankfully the sound isn’t brickwalled.

James Auman

Richard Page is a musical treasure. Everything from Pages to Mr. Mister to Third Matinee and his solo stuff. And then all his wonderful collaborations. And Pull is a great great album. Might be their best ironically.


It’s more of a 1986 album to me, being in the UK – one of a few brilliant albums that belong in both years..Listen Like Thieves, Rock A Little and the first Mike + The Mechanics LP. Martin Page was such a terrific vocalist.


It was Richard Page not Martin. I’m waiting till i hear feedback about these about the sound quality and about the bonus tracks as to whether i will buy them or not.


Oops, thanks Neil…I was trying not to mix them up, but it was late and guess what, I mixed them up!

Stephen E Cohen

The critics absolutely hated this album! However, I thought it was one of the best albums of 1985 after The Style Council “Internationalists/Our Favourite Shop”, Sting “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles” and Tears For Fears “Songs From The Big Chair”, and a few others. I remember Rolling Stone magazine practically making feel embarrassed making some comment along the lines of “if this is the world you would like, then welcome to it” Ouch! Seriously, though, the 2010 Sony Music addition is not a bad sound, but a full-out remastering with remixes, would really open my eyes (or ears)!


If I took notice of critics (especially Rolling Stone), I’d have no music collection, and would have missed out on hours of listening pleasure. Aging arrogant hipsters in these magazines still haven’t gotten over Kurt Cobain’s death, or the Sex Pistols breaking up for that matter. When it comes to Mr Mister… no embarrassment, I’m out and proud hahaha.


I love WTTRW. Go On… is very good, I think the sound as a whole matured a little, ”Dust” beautiful.


No mention that these have been remastered. Anyone know if the sound quality will be better?


Of course they will be remastered but the big question is will they be brickwalled ?

peter crisp

Gentlemen listen up you can now check up an ultrasound 12 inch mix of
Broken Wings on you tube just type in the above comments and you now can hear for yourself the extended version 9:13!! Will it be included in the above new remaster check it out!


Listening to Rock Candy’s DAMN YANKEES now.Remastered by Jon Astley.I think it sounds freaking great!Wonder why every soul here hates Rock Candy.I love their stuff.

Mark Franklin

Definitely no extended version of Kyrie (unless this is a new mix, which I highly doubt) Quite misleading really. Kyrie ended on an acapella for the 7″ version (Radio version) but the only other version is the album one. Whoever decided to relabel this ‘extended’ should be ashamed, it’s by a few seconds only…..hardly keeping in the spirit of 12″ mixes of the 80s.

Mike the Fish

The seven inch version with the accapella ending is shorter than the LP version (AKA extended version).

Mike the Fish

Oops – I think you already knew that – sorry!


What happened to my second post about Rock Candy mastering from vinyl?


There is also Andy pearce who did some rock candy remasters in the past?


I wonder why ‘Pull’ isn’t included? Pat Mastellotto’s involvement with Mr Mister, King Crimson and XTC (three of my favourite bands) means that I’ve been a fan for years.


Like the idea. I just hope the quality is good on the final products. As many of you already said the brickwall mastering of Rock Candy Records. I checked on discogs I did see Extended Version of Broken Wings & Kyrie on the cover sleeves of the 12″! But I also think those are indeed the full length album versions. And the 7″ were fade outs or edits.

Maybe Rock Candy Records believes they can sell more of these 2 albums if they call thoses album versions Extended Versions instead of leaving the album versions as they are & the bonus 7″/Radio Versions/Edits! Just some marketing tricks.


Isn’t it likely that the extended versions in question are the album versions and the single edits have been incorporated into the main album track-list. I have quite a few reissues that have taken a similar approach.


Neil – BMG Japan released a limited pressing mini-LP of Welcome To The Real World in 2009. They’d released a remastered CD a few years earlier, but the mini-LP added the single mixes as bonus tracks. Info and pictures here:


Quite rare now, but I was lucky enough to snag one a few years ago. The sound is good, though mastered a bit louder than the barebones Friday Music remaster that came out in 2010.


If I am not mistaken the single/radio/video mixes/edits of Kyrie, Broken Wings and Is it love (which had the same length as the LP version but was remixed by Mike Shipley) which are UNFORTUNATELY not added as bonus tracks on this new RC reissue of WTTRW are indeed available all together on Buddha’s “The Best of…Mr. Mister” released in US in 2001. The back sleeve notes on that CD says so and songs length of BW and K on Amazon.com seems to confirm so.

Even if “The best of…” is OOP but available from many marketplace sellers, it is a cheaper way to get those rare version other than the hyper rare and super expensive 2009 japanese mini LP sleeve of WTTRW, way oop and rare as hell.

peter crisp

F.o.b have to totally agree with you on the first one there is no chance, but on a personal level i am very very happy with what he has done, i agree in some certain terms but in the end i am delighted with the way he has gone about all the new remaster reissues with surround sound featuring Yes & Jethro Tull, great stuff.


Interesting! I will definitely get the “Welcome” re-release. I remember trying to get my hands on the Japanese 2009 Mini LP when it was already out of print, and it was way too expensive. So I bought that slim fold-open remaster from 2010, which sounded a bit superior to the original CD I had before. But no bonus tracks.

I’m really happy that the “Is it Love” mixes finally make it to CD! Don’t care much about the live versions, and seeing that the “Extended” Kyrie will most likely be the single version with that a-capella cold end, well I’ll be happy to have that.

No freaking idea what that “Extended Version” of Broken Wings could be, either. Very weird. I’ll be laughing my head off if it’s really the actual album version again.

Then again, I’m listening to the unofficial “Ultrasound” 12″ on Youtube as I’m typing this, and I must say I quite like that! Who knows…?

Fat Old Bloke

I’m sure Steven Wilson won’t touch Mr Mister. Not my cup of tea either.

Mike the Fisher

There was a promo interview album for Welcome… too.

peter crisp

Rock Candy i visit quite often for remastered classic records but judging
by some of the reviews on some of their remastered & remixed albums most of them are rubbish, well that has put me off already, quick get Steve
Wilson to complete the task in surround sound, bluray similar to his recent remarkable input, chances of that hmm, saw them when they came out when the album was released all those years ago great concert too


I can only imagine those so called extended versions of ‘Kyrie’ and ‘Broken Wings’ will be the single versions or the repeated album versions as no extended version of either song exists unless they have dug up some unreleased mixes.


I’m pleased to see the unloved Go On.. back in print, and some overdue praise for the excellent WTTRW (when you’re 14, it sounds like the greatest music in the world).

However….the Rock Candy connection is a possible downside, re: the mastering/sound quality, and the (lack of) bonus material on either is predictably sparse (because by and large there wasn’t much officially released).

It’s interesting/telling that a 2CD release of Welcome.. and I Wear The Face was issued a few years back, as that highlights the change in approach to back catalogue, good and bad. Years ago, you’d be more likely to get 2 albums bunged together (maybe with a few bonus tracks on each), and find it for around £12. Now, they’ll string out the individual albums, and whack a premium price on them both. While the sound will not necessarily an improvement, and often quite the opposite!


There aren’t extended versions of ‘Kyrie’ and ‘Broken Wings’ so how can they be included??? I am puzzled! The UK 12inch versions are just the album versions.

Norman Reid

Great news! I have the original CD’s but will probably get these depending on the quality of remastering. They’re both fine albums, in fact Welcome… is a classic in the pop rock genre.


ditto and couldn’t agree more on WTTRW. a bona fide school years classic and not just the monster singles either.


I’m hoping these aren’t compressed to h*ll otherwise these will be no-gos. Songs like Broken Wings need as much dynamic range as possible otherwise the effect of the original production will be lost.


Like Ally, I’ve often seen the album version of Broken Wings mis-labeled as an ‘Extended Version’. And I have also never heard of an extended version of Kyrie, aside from the unofficial Ultrasound version. Perhaps it’s the singe edit, which ends with a short acapella section?

I will be getting these – I love the Is It Love Dance Mix. The cool Japanese remaster from 2009 had the single verions as bonus tracks: Broken Wings, Is It Love and Kyrie. So this will make a nice companion. Not a big fan of Go On…, but the bonus tracks help seal the deal.


What Japanese remaster from 2009 ???

Robert Atkin

Not my bag, but interesting that Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson was the drummer for Mr Mister.

Paul English

I can see people ditching their King Crimson records as a result of learning that information. Have already witnessed local hipsters disowning Another Green World when they discovered that Phil Collins was the drummer.


Been waiting years for Mr. Mister Remasters/expanded editions, but I fear these will have the same brickwalled mastering (Jon Astley) as the other 15 Rock Candy reissues I own. Hope I’m wrong…

Jeff P

I agree. Everyone raves about Rock Candy’s remastering… I think it’s hit or miss. Quiet Riot’s QR III was horrible.


The Rock Candy remaster of Michael Bolton’s “Everybody’s Crazy” is the very definition of brickwalled!


Quite right [ha ha] that Quiet Riot III remaster was beyond dismal. I sent my copy to them and told them to listen to it and they wrote back saying they didn’t hear anything wrong with it! Deaf bastards.

Norman Reid

I agree. I would be interested to know how Rock Candy actually do the remastering – do they have the original master tapes or what? It seems to be Jon Astley doing them all, certainly the ones I have. They are certainly hit or miss. Some of the Angel CD’s didn’t sound very good and Roadmaster’s Sweet Music was dismal. On the other hand, the Preview and 1994 CD’s sound great.


If that’s the same Jon Astley that remastered those Level 42 reissues in 2000 then these are sure to be brickwalled to hell. Anybody wanting a good remaster of Welcome To The Real World and the first album I Wear The Face then there was a double album released in 2000 on Eagle Records ‎– EDMCD109 and they both sound great.


I don’t think there was an extended version of Kyrie. I think there’s one that faded a few seconds later than the album version. I also thought that the so-called extended version of Broken Wings was the full album version.


There’s a version of Kyrie that ends cold with the first line of the chorus sung a cappella – may well have been the single mix, but definitely not an extended mix.