Muse / New album: Drones


Muse will release Drones, a new studio album in June.

As well as the standard single CD, the ten-track album will be available as a CD+DVD edition, with the DVD offering live performances of new songs from Drones filmed during the Psycho UK Tour, and ‘bonus’ studio footage. The disc is NTSC and region-free.

A 2LP gatefold 180g vinyl version is also available along with a deluxe set in tri-fold vinyl packaging, which bundles the vinyl and CD+DVD together with some art prints. The latter is in theory exclusive the Muse webstore although it is now available across various Amazon stores (see links below). It’s actually cheaper to buy the CD+DVD and vinyl separately so you’ll need to make a call on how much you value art prints and ‘tri-fold’ packaging!

Drones is released on 8 June 2015.

Deluxe Edition [Muse store only]

CD+DVD deluxe

Vinyl Edition

Track listing

1. Dead Inside
2. [Drill Sergeant]
3. Psycho
4. Mercy
5. Reapers
6. The Handler
7. [JFK]
8. Defector
9. Revolt
10. Aftermath
11. The Globalist
12. Drones

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My ‘tri-fold’ package (ordered through muse.mu/warner) includes a download code for the album in FLAC 24bit/96khz.


Sure, some of the lyrics are cringeworthy, there is more than one call back to previous songs, and there are better images for the cover in the booklet, but… the guitar is back and Muse are the better for it. Also, the ‘Mutt’ Lange production has a solidity and bottom-end clarity that they haven’t had before. Even after a few days, the tracks I initially thought were ‘meh’ are growing on me now. Sounds damn good loud too.
In other words, it’s better than the last one.


Love it. Outstanding album. Outstanding artwork. Outstanding pack on the tri-fold vynil.


How many copies is Deluxe edition 500,1000,2000??????
Thanks !


Hello.What limited DELUXE edition?

Julian H

How come my comment is still awaiting moderation? I thought that link may be interesting to the discussion.

Julian H

The best cover I’ve seen in ages…


I like the cover.
I like the new song too, although it’s not really new – the riff is at least 15 years old – the used it at the end of Agitated and laterally Stockholm Syndrome and Map of the Problematique.
The lyrics they are awful but that’s just Matt Bellamy for you.


Terrible, pointless title too. Drones….do they mean the drones the gov’t uses to bomb foreign countries, are they referencing people as drones as the cover implies? Is this a concept album about what mindless robot drones we all are? Sounds a bit like 3rd rate, grade school political polemic to me.

That being said can’t wait to buy, buy, buy! At least Muse keep the mainstream a bit more interesting.

Peter Anderson

Have seen many covers that I would personally rate as worse than this one and many that I personally prefer. To some extent, like any advert, if it elicits a strong reaction then it has to some extent at least achieved its purpose

Matt Eastwood

Nice cover!


I’m with Gareth. The Hackett cover is a wee bit naff, but the Muse cover is AWFUL.


I don’t hear covers! I hear music. So no idea why this should be of importance. Music is what counts. The album will be bought unheard. The last one was good, but not great.

Chris Brown

I get the point of the cover but it’s quite clumsily done.

Hose N.

The first single from the new album “Psycho” seems to be as equally bad as the previous album. I loved the band but somehow “2nd Law” just was garbage so I didn’t buy it, it was first Muse album that I havent bough on cd/lp and I wonder if the new one will be better. By the first single, it does not look promising at all..

Robert van Diggele

Is complaining about cover art the latest big thing for some commenters?

This cover, and Steve Hacketts, looks very good. A modern day puppet master playing with his puppet who is playing with the ordinary man in the street.


Nobody complained. Several people made ‘critical’ comments. There is a difference. Not everybody gushes over absolutely everything put in front of them. When somebody makes an observation others tend to add to the topic, which does not make it ‘the latest big thing’.

I agree that Hackett’s looks damn awful unless you have a thing for cheesy New Age style artwork.

As for Muse, we get the glaringly obvious idea without the need for your unnecessary and patronising explanation. It’s just poorly executed.


There’s so much wrong with this cover that it must be intentional…


Steve Hackett’s bid for ‘worst album cover of 2015’ no longer looks the shoe-in it was on Tuesday!


I was wondering if someone would comment on the cover. I don’t care much for Muse (not my type of music) but I do quite like the cover.
Reminds me of a Magritte painting…