Nazareth / Loud and Proud! The Box Set

5,000 limited career-spanning super deluxe box • 500 SIGNED editions

BMG are to release Loud & Proud! a new 39-disc super deluxe edition box set that celebrates 50 years of those hard rocking Scots, Nazareth!

The box set will contain all 23 original studio albums remastered on CD, two triple-CD sets (Singles, EPs, B-Sides & Bonus Tracks and Rare & Unreleased), four vinyl albums (including a picture disc), three bespoke AA-side seven-inch singles, a 52-page hardcover book, various items of facsimile memorabilia (programs, lyric sheets, posters etc.) and a metal pin badge.

Full details below of the box set are below, but fans should be aware that the first 500 of these sets ordered via the official Nazareth store come with a free Nazareth photo SIGNED by Pete Agnew and Dan McCafferty.

More concise 3CD and 2LP Loud & Proud! anthologies are also available. The box and the anthologies will be released on 28 September 2018. Unfortunately, the official store is region-restricted and cannot ship to USA and Canada, so fans over the Atlantic will need to hope this set appears on Amazon UK or similar to be able to purchase.

Shop for all formats, including limited test pressings at the official Nazareth store

In the box set:


▪ Rampant (1974): Picture disc of original album (1LP)  ▪ Expect No Mercy (1977): Original version (1LP – previously unreleased on vinyl)  ▪ BBC Rock Hour – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16th March 1980: Complete gig (Gatefold 2LP – previously unreleased on vinyl)  ▪ Turn On Your Receiver – The BBC Bob Harris Sessions 1972-74 (Gatefold 2LP, previously unreleased on vinyl)

CDs (single disc unless stated), 1971-2014: The Remastered versions of 23 original studio albums and two original live albums

Nazareth (1971)  ▪ Exercises (1972)  ▪ Razamanaz (1973) ▪ Loud ‘N’ Proud (1973)  ▪ Rampant (1974) ▪ Hair Of The Dog (1975) ▪ Close Enough For Rock ‘N’ Roll (1976)  ▪ Play ‘N’ The Game (1976) ▪ Expect No Mercy (1977) ▪ No Mean City (1979) ▪ Malice In Wonderland (1980)  ▪ The Fool Circle (1981) ▪ ’Snaz (1981, Live, 2CD) ▪ 2XS (1982) ▪ Sound Elixir (1983) ▪ The Catch (1984)  ▪ Cinema (1986) ▪ Snakes ‘N’ Ladders (1989) ▪ No Jive (1991) ▪ Move Me (1994) ▪ Boogaloo (1998) ▪ Homecoming (2002, Live)  ▪ The Newz (2008) ▪ Big Dogz (2011) ▪ Rock ‘N’ Roll Telephone (2014)


▪ Singles, EPs, B-Sides & Bonus Tracks (3CD)  ▪ Rare & Unreleased (3CD)


▪ Broken Down Angel (Japanese cover) / Bad, Bad Boy (Yugoslavian cover)  ▪ This Flight Tonight (French cover) / Shanghai’d In Shanghai (Japanese cover)  ▪ Love Hurts (Japanese cover) / My White Bicycle Make this italic: (German cover)


▪ 52 page, 12”square, hardback photobook. Extensive text written by Classic Rock’s Dave Ling, with new band interviews. Includes previously unseen photos


▪ 1974 tour programme  ▪ 1979 tour programme ▪ 1980 European tour poster  ▪ Bad, Bad Boy lyric Sheet ▪ Broken Down Angel lyric sheet  ▪ 1974 Rampant album $1 bill sticker


▪ Custom-made, die-cast, Nazareth skull & wings



  • Dear John
  • Spinning Top
  • Hard Living
  • Called Her Name
  • Razamanaz
  • Alcatraz
  • Vigilante Man
  • Bad, Bad Boy
  • Broken Down Angel
  • This Flight Tonight
  • Not Faking It
  • Go Down Fighting
  • Shanghai’d in Shanghai
  • Silver Dollar Forger
  • Glad When You’re Gone
  • Love Hurts
  • Hair Of The Dog
  • Beggars Day / Rose In The Heather
  • My White Bicycle
  • Holy Roller


  • Carry Out Feelings
  • Telegram Parts 1-4
  • I Want to Do Everything For You
  • I Don’t Want To Go On Without You
  • Good Love
  • Expect No Mercy
  • Gone Dead Train
  • Place In Your Heart
  • May The Sunshine
  • Whatever You Want Babe
  • Just To Get Into It
  • Holiday
  • Heart’s Grown Cold
  • Dressed To Kill
  • Moonlight Eyes
  • Cocaine (Live)
  • Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment)
  • Dream On
  • Love Leads To Madness
  • Mexico



  • Where Are You Now
  • Sweetheart Tree
  • Just Another Heartache
  • See You See Me
  • The Rowan Tree / Tell Me That You Love Me
  • Hire And Fire
  • Right Between The Eyes
  • Steamroller
  • Burning Down
  • When The Light Comes Down
  • Danger Danger
  • Enough Love
  • Road Trip
  • Big Dog’s Gonna Howl
  • Lifeboat
  • Open Up Woman (Live & Unplugged 2001)
  • God Of The Mountain
  • Punch A Hole In The Sky



  • Witchdoctor Woman
  • Woke Up This Morning
  • Bad, Bad Boy
  • Broken Down Angel
  • This Flight Tonight
  • Shanghai’d in Shanghai


  • Love Hurts
  • Hair Of The Dog
  • Beggars Day / Rose In The Heather
  • My White Bicycle
  • Carry Out Feelings
  • I Want To Do Everything For You


  • Expect No Mercy
  • May The Sunshine
  • Talkin’ To One Of The Boys
  • Boys In The Band
  • Rags To Riches
  • Other Side Of You


  • Every Time It Rains
  • Let Me Be Your Dog
  • When The Light Comes Down
  • Road Trip
  • Big Dog’s Gonna Howl
  • Boom Bang Bang

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Hey guys! Greetings from Hamburg. FYI – German amazon is selling the mega Loud & Proud box set for 117 Euros/104 Pounds! Unbeatable for the amount of stuff you´re getting. Just wanted to let you know. Also, the Bob Dylan Trouble No More deluxe CD+DVD went down to 115 Euros!


Bought it off ebay seller for £150 all inclusive in the UK. Estimated delivery 9-10 November, but received it last Friday 19 October. There’s a German seller EMP (I think) who does it for less – around £113. I agree, the quantity of material is uber good value. Includes all the CDs – and the Hammersmith 1980 concert – which was a bonus on one version of the individual Malice CD – was always my favourite ‘bonus’ material. So the vinyl, which includes more stuff, should be stunning .. when I get a vinyl player again.


Awesome box set! Real value for money. Got mine from Amazon £107.00! ordered as soon as I heard about release, price went up to £150.00 just before release, thank goodness for price promise!

Big Nige

This is the “original version”, totally different to the commercially released one. 5 tracks not on the commercial release and a different mix. There’s a double CD out containing both versions for about £8 tho. And the cover is white too.

[…] immense Nazareth Loud & Proud box set – which contains 41-discs – was announced earlier this month but fans of the Scottish hard rockers in the US and Canada were dismayed that the official store […]

Paul Wren

The vinyl live and BBC sessions are the gems here for us vinylists who already have the original studio releases. There must be a good chance that these will receive standalone vinyl issues in due course.

Barry Scotland

Amazon.co.uk is listing a “vinyl set” for 153 GBP, I assume it is the box set that is being discussed here, it is listed as 41 discs, not 39. Probably a typo.


Why is the Beeb live stuff vinyl only? I feel a bit cheated, since I already have the entire album catalogue on Salvo remasters, but would’ve picked this set up for the bonus material.


How can a 2 LP anthology not include “Morning Dew”, what an utter travesty. Who comes up with these compilations!!


How can a 2LP Nazareth anthology, not include “Morning Dew”. What an utter traversty , who the hell comes up with these compilations!!

Chris Squires

How on earth are they going to control the extremely limited run of test pressings if they are selling them through multiple sites. If they only have 20 in total, surely that can only be controlled from one place.
I think there have been three recent cock-ups on amazon with over-promising on limited runs of 500, so with only 20 they had better keep their wits (and stock control) about them.


It’s beyond me how people can rave about the excellence and greatness of this set and its price before even knowing how it sounds. Honestly, if this is just some extremely compressed ear bleeding mess (which is not as unlikely as many want it to be), then even £150 are £149 too much. And the vinyl in this set is – again – just an annoyance. Just imagine how much more inexpensive this set would’ve been without it.

regan judson

Now sold out from this site

Barry Scotland

They need to remove the listing as one gets a false sense of hope. :)
Spin CDs is also listing it but I am scared to try them given the on-line comments on uncompleted orders.

Terry E

Yes, after waiting 3 months for an order from SPIN and no responses I had to contact my credit card company for a refund. I should have learnt my lesson from my first experience but at least then I did get the order after 3 months.

Stan Butler

Please everyone. Never have any dealings with SpinCds. A quick online perusal will show you what they are like. Easily the worst on-line seller. Only when I threatened them with legal action did I get my money back. They never have anything in stock but will take your money anyway without any intention of dispatching your item.

Terry Edwards

Not sure how “Expect No Mercy” from 1977 was not released on vinyl? Don’t think we had CDs back then and I certainly have it in my vinyl collection along with 15 other of their vinyl albums. Wish they would just keep it to CDs and not mix in vinyl, which although I have many of I rarely play. Chances are I would just listen to the CDs and not the rest which is waste even though the price is extremely good.

Mark W

It was released on vinyl back in 1977, but this is the original version which was rejected by the record company. A Wikipedia entry explains it all.

Big Nige

This is the “original version”, totally different to the commercially released one. 5 tracks not on the commercial release and a different mix. There’s a double CD out containing both versions for about £8 tho. And the cover is white too.


Not a double cd, only one, by Salvo Records.

Mark W

Excellent box set and great price. I don’t mind the mixed CD and vinyl; don’t think I’d have room for it if it was all vinyl!


I think it is wierd that this is not available in the USA. All the links above say the page is not available in your territory. I saw these guys at least 6 times in concert & maybe more. They toured the USA extensivley and have a rabid following here.

And nothing for them? That is just mean. They could have made a barrel of $. Cest la vie I will break out my white lable promos tomorrow and that will have to do.

Richard Starkey

Maybe the USA will get an 89-disc Super Duper Deluxe Edition..!! With Posters and sweaty socks and guitar picks and broken drum sticks. You know how the USA has to overdo everything….ugh

Rick C

I would buy that. USA USA USA

Larry Davis

Wow, I must say….that is a great deal for what you get…yes way better value than the GNR set, which just covers 1 album…this thing is 50 years…egads, had no idea Nazareth has been around that long with that much stuff…granted, all I knew was their just-alright cover of “Love Hurts” and “Hair Of The Dog” which does Rock…I would love to hear a decent anthology, and the 3CD set might do the trick, and it’s a cheap toe-in-the-water for me…might make me want the full box…if anything like the Wildhearts, I’ll be thrilled…UK rock not fully crossed over to the US is usually better than the stuff that has…sucks about the signed sets not being able to be shipped over…ummmm, maybe you can step in and nab some sets for those who want one Paul?? Im not there yet, but I might be…


And this is how you make an amazing superdeluxe edition for a very good price.

Steven Robertson

Not a fan, but thats a cracking deal for what you get. £150? More bands need to see the value in doing large sets at affordable prices like this. Good on them.


Great package, great music and great price. What more could you ask for?

Jarmo Keranen

You need only three records by Nazareth and they are Razamanaz, Loud ‘N’ Proud and Hair Of The Dog!

Stan Butler

Though I’d agree those three albums were their best, there’s so much more to enjoy. Record collecting isn’t about what you need. It’s about what you want and I want this box. Ordered.

Chris Squires

Spot on Stan, did I really need a copy of Tubular Bells with every possible Virgin label colour and option? No, but I wanted them. It’ll be interesting to put it up against the Wishbone Ash set in a compare / contrast kind of way.


Thanks again SDE! Just bagged delux box and coulee of test pressings. I feel for collectors in the USA, we have the same problem with some band sites that won’t sell to the uk!,


I can’t see how anyone could carp about this set. Well, I suppose one might take issue with using the words “custom” and “bespoke” to market singles mass produced in an edition of 500, but that’s easy to overlook with such a wealth of audio visual material at a manageable price. Well done, Nazareth!

Tony Smith

Great box set at a great price but why is the rare/unreleased stuff on vinyl? These ‘mixed media’ sets are really annoying. I appreciate vinyl has its place but I want things on cd. Two versions of the box set?

elliott buckingham

i wonder how they managed to produce this set for less than the price of gnr’s deluxe set.


I’d love one, but sadly am in the US.
Anybody want to grab one for me?
Happy to pay a finders fee…


Don’t know much about Nazareth but Malice In Wonderland is a great album title!!


Can Somebody show this to the Guns N Roses CEO who was doing the unboxing video the other day…. and ask them how they can charge £800+ for the G N R Box set when you get all this for £150? Oh and it’s signed!


Ordered incl test pressing Hammersmith

Stewart mcminn

Got mine ordered!
£150 absolutely amazing price !
£10 postage in uk !!
Happy days

Chris Lancaster

£150? Just think, you could buy one-twentieth of a Guns’n’Roses box set for that.


Just shows you what a rip off the Appetite box set was


Can anyone see if they are shipping to the US? We can’t see the site


and then you have the Killing Joke box set at a ridiculous price !!!!

Michael G

Very reasonable (compared to the bloody Ian Hunter one which was more than double the money for less content, and STILL hasn’t come down in price!)

Larry Cusmano

I live in the United States and get the same page unavailable message.


That is an amazing box set at an amazing price. Puts most other box sets to shame


Hi Paul

Same predicament here and in on the USA. I want the signed edition.

Also Amazon is having their yearly summer blitz starting on Monday, will you be getting updates on all the timed specials on music related items and posting them here?


£150 for the boxset, which if you’re a fan is very reasonable for all that content.
Double Vinyl £30.00
3 CD £18


I’m in the U.S. and also received the same message.

Stan Butler

Paul, the link goes to the Nazareth site but gives a message “This page is unavailable in your territory”.
Love Nazareth. Wonder what sort of money this is going to cost.

Paul Mac

Link working for me, price for the box set is £150 (plus delivery, I presume)

Stan Butler

UK. Was at work but tried it now at home and everything ok.
£150 is not bad at all. I think this is a must buy.
I’m assuming the remasters are the Loud n Proud reissues.

Barry Scotland

I doubt it, BMG is not associated with Salvo are they?


The 40 disc set is £150 plus postage (£7 in UK, £10 in EU, £14 ROW) on the official site.

Strve Gilmour

Sorry KevinK postage to Australia was 36 uk pounds…but hey still worth it