Neil Young Archives Vol II 1972-1976 announced

Ten-disc set follows up 2009 release

After literally years of rumours and promises Neil Young has announced firm release date for the second volume of his Archives series and made available a full track listing.

The ten-disc set features 12 songs that have never been released before and 50 previously unreleased versions of songs. The discs are themed into eras (the 1974 disc, which features On The Beach material, is called Walk On, for example) and three discs have been previously released in their entirety (Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live, Tuscaloosa and Homegrown).

It remains to be seen what format these ‘discs’ are. Back in 2009 when the first volume was released, fans had a choice of CD, DVD or blu-ray. Offering three versions in 2020 seems highly unlikely, but so does only offering blu-ray or DVD, so we’ll have to wait and see. The image made available is consistent with how the DVD or blu-ray sets were packaged (but not the CD).

Neil has stated that this box will only be available at his NYA website, which means there will not be the opportunity to compare prices from retailer to retailer.

Archives Vol II 1972-1976 will be released on 20 November 2020. There is no ability to pre-order as yet, but that is expected to happen from 16 October.

Archives Vol II 1972-1976

# signifies an unreleased version of a song, while a * signifies a song that has never been released in any form

Disc 1 (1972-1973)
Everybody’s Alone

1. Letter From ‘Nam *
2. Monday Morning #
3. The Bridge #
4. Time Fades Away #
5. Come Along and Say You Will *
6. Goodbye Christmas on the Shore *
7. Last Trip to Tulsa
8. The Loner #
9. Sweet Joni *
10. Yonder Stands the Sinner
11. L.A. (Story)
12. LA. #
13. Human Highway

Disc 2 (1973)

1. Here We Go in the Years
2. After the Gold Rush
3. Out on the Weekend
4. Harvest
5. Old Man
6. Heart of Gold
7. Time Fades Away
8. Lookout Joe
10. New Mama
11. Alabama
12. Don’t Be Denied

Disc 3 (1973)
Tonight’s the Night

1. Speakin’ Out Jam *
2. Everybody’s Alone #
3. Tired Eyes
4. Tonight’s the Night
5. Mellow My Mind
6. World on a String
7. Speakin’ Out
8. Raised on Robbery (Joni Mitchell song) *
9. Roll Another Number
10. New Mama
11. Albuquerque
12. Tonight’s the Night Part II

Disc 4 (1973)
Roxy: Tonight’s the Night Live

1. Tonight’s the Night
2. Mellow My Mind
3. World on a String
4. Speakin’ Out
5. Albuquerque
6. New Mama
7. Roll Another Number
8. Tired Eyes
9. Tonight’s the Night Part II
10. Walk On
11. The Losing End #

Disc 5 (1974)
Walk On

1. Winterlong
2. Walk On
3. Bad Fog of Loneliness #
4. Borrowed Tune
5. Traces #
6. For the Turnstiles
7. Ambulance Blues
8. Motion Pictures
9. On the Beach
10. Revolution Blues
11. Vampire Blues
12. Greensleeves *

Disc 6 (1974)
The Old Homestead

1. Love/Art Blues #
2. Through My Sails #
3. Homefires
4. Pardon My Heart #
5. Hawaiian Sunrise #
6. LA Girls and Ocean Boys *
7. Pushed It Over the End #
8. On the Beach #
9. Vacancy #
10. One More Sign #
11. Frozen Man *
12. Give Me Strength *
13. Bad News Comes to Town #
14. Changing Highways #
15. Love/Art Blues #
16. The Old Homestead
17. Daughters *
18. Deep Forbidden Lake
19. Love/Art Blues #

Disc 7 (1974)

1. Separate Ways
2. Try
3. Mexico
4. Love Is a Rose
5. Homegrown
6. Florida
7. Kansas
8. We Don’t Smoke It No More
9. White Line
10. Vacancy
11. Little Wing
12. Star of Bethlehem

Disc 8 (1975)

1. Ride My Llama #
2. Cortez the Killer
3. Don’t Cry No Tears
4. Born to Run *
5. Barstool Blues
6. Danger Bird
7. Stupid Girl
8. Kansas #
9. Powderfinger #
10. Hawaii #
11. Drive Back
12. Lookin’ for a Love
13. Pardon My Heart
14. Too Far Gone #
15. Pocahontas #
16. No One Seems to Know #

Disc 9 (1976)
Look Out for My Love

1. Like a Hurricane
2. Lotta Love
3. Lookin’ for a Love
4. Separate Ways #
5. Let It Shine #
6. Long May You Run
7. Fontainebleau
8. Traces #
9. Mellow My Mind #
10. Midnight on the Bay #
11. Stringman #
12. Mediterranean *
13. Ocean Girl #
14. Midnight on the Bay #
15. Human Highway #

Disc 10 (1976)
Odeon Budokan

1. The Old Laughing Lady #
2. After the Gold Rush #
3. Too For Gone #
4. Old Man #
5. Stringinan #
6. Don’t Cry No Tears #
7. Cowgirl in the Sand #
8. Lotto Love #
9. Drive Back #
10. Cortez the Killer #

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A few printed for the lucky rich. the rest of us play the waiting game, as usual with Neil YOung. He says somethings coming out, then you wait and wait, then there’s suddenly a very exclusive and pensive product for those with a lot of cash. then you wait and wait. it’s not even on amazon yet for the great unwashed to buy! But some lucky rich people already have it. typical

Don Henson

I’m by no means rich!! I just went to his webpage. Pretty simple. Have already received the 24/192 DL of the entire thing. Smokin’ !

Scott Allen

Canadian Subscriber to NYA….purchased set last night via NYA and was concerned about being on right site for Canadian orders. I noted on the purchase page a Canadian flag so assumed I was in the right location to buy. The purchase went through in $CDN so all went well.

I expect UK fans should see Union Jack and costs in GBP. Good Luck all!

Lou Jenkins

Boxed set now available – appears to have already sold out!!!!!


It is still in stock at NYA

paul smith

Not when I just looked.☹️. Pretty pathetic to limit it to 3000.

Donal Murphy

For those ordering this from NYA, for paid up members, you would have received a 15% discount code, when you first joined, which can be used for any items on the Greedy Hand Store, and i checked my code, and it is still valid, i joined in December 2018.

I also notice, when you renew your annual membership, you don’t get an additional code.

If this box is say $300, which is around what it might be, then a $45 saving.

The other big issue for European purchasers, is the customs excise and VAT charges, as Neil’s store, is U.S. based.

Donal Murphy

Excellent news from NY, they will have a UK based store for ordering the archives 2.

Many – including myself, had concerns about excise duty & vat charges, as up to now, Neil’s store was exclusively U.S. based.

The NY Archives news item, says the UK store(and also one for Canada) will be open in time, for pre-ordering the Archives 2 box set tomorrow October 16th, but no link given as if yet


Has this store opened? I can see the Greedy Hand pre-order buried in there for $249.98, so hopng for no more than £200 UK price. From the wording, I’m assuming I have to wait for the UK store to launch to pre-order?


Thanks for reminding me!! I haven’t claimed it yet and forgot about it….. :D

Carl Jacobs

Has anyone been able to access the link via the Archive store button to the store
Still nothing on related to Archive 2
Though I’m not a subscriber


The link for the US pre-order is hidden a bit further down in the shop past the Greendale stuff adn some of the vinyl – showing as $249.98… no UK or Canadian link that I can see?


Possibly – I’m UK based, but while I could, my (also UK based) friend couldnt see it… Just went to check and gone for me now too! I can confirm $249.98 price and some lovely looking sleeves – one of Neil sitting on the On the Beach deckchair and a very similar Zuma drawing for Dume – I recall the Zuma music book had lots of that crude inky rt in it…

Jeff M

Thanks very much for reminding me, I’ve never used my code.


To anyone who’s missed it – Neil has confirmed on his site that the format of vol 2 is CD which will come with free HiRes downloads.


As it seem the same package of Vol.1 hope they think a better book storage (if there will be one) cause you easily lost it inside and have to destroy the box to recuperate it.

p britten

Maybe a little bit off-topic, but since Roxy Tonight’s the Night Live is Performance Series (PS) number 05 (1973) and Songs for Judy is PS 07 (1976), does anybody have any idea what will be number 06, IF and when it is released? And why, in fact, Songs for Judy is not on Archives Vol. 2? Which is a good thing, of course (as for Hitchhiker – three repeats is already more than enough), but it is hard sometimes to understand the logic behind what is included or not in those boxes. It seems pretty haphazard.

Josef Söreke

I guess both Hitchhiker and Songs for Judy will be in the next box. Odeon-Budokan which closes this box set was recorded in March 76. The aforementioned two are from august and november 76 respectively.


Hmmm…Odeon Budokan looks a bit thin. Going by the video doing the rounds and comments about professional recordings being made, I would have thought that there would be more tracks being officially released.

Also, one of the joys of Archives 1 on DVD/Bluray was the superb quality of the sound coupled with the fact you could discover all sorts of hidden videos that made the whole experience very enjoyable and satisfying.

It would be a shame if, according to reports, this set is going to be audio only.


Why do you only allow posts on the first twenty four hours on this website?


Agree with the negative comments about inclusion of the recent single archive releases and some of the ORS album tracks included in the last two box sets. Glad I have got over my completist bug when it comes to Neil. In fact I sold my NYA v1 CD set (found it underwhelming) earlier this year and am now happy with the core albums (minus the Geffen era) and some live albums


DaveM I could’nt agree more. I consider myself a huge fan, but – and I know many will find this “blasphemous” – I have not enjoyed a new Neil album since Silver & Gold. I think his lyrics have gotten trite, and the music less than memorable. That core stuff, though, remains some of my favorite music. Period.


I have e-mailed their website since spending time looking around trying to figure out how to purchase this thing and they must not be interested in selling it because it is not obvious or easy to figure out how to do. Oh, well.


According to the the last sentence in this very article, “There is no ability to pre-order as yet, but that is expected to happen from 16 October.”

(The Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian confirms that date.)


There is a Info on neilyoungarchives.com:

preorder date: 10/16


The bummer about the Official Release Series 1-4 being available so cheaply is it’s completely different packaging than the original version: a flimsier slipcover and jewel cases (that barely fit in the box) instead of the paper sleeves hewing close to the original LP art. I missed out on the first 1-4 release, so now I’ve got the cheapie of that but the “good ones” of the other two boxes.


We all knew he’d repeat discs like he did in Vol. 1, so while I don’t love it I expected it. But why Hitchhiker isn’t in Vol. 2 is beyond me. Anyway, my fingers are tightly crossed that a version will come matching the CD-only packaging of Vol. 1. If he actually manages to keep that consistency I will be happy as well as surprised.

Ken Evans

Neil isn’t screwing his fans, only the ones who haven’t figured out how to set up the simple and affordable (one-time outlay of a couple hundred depending) gear so that you can give Neil a lousy $20 a year to hear all of it in high-res. And the site gives ample instruction on how to do that. And he actually answers your emails. Best artist-run music site ever. (Apologies Paul, I still love buying blu-ray audio when available as it does sound slightly better but, like if blu-ray is a 10 and CD is a 7, Neil’s site sounds like 9.5)


Hi Ken Evans – your comment that seems to knock and slightly patronise NY fans who haven’t “figured out how” to access NY’s Hi Res on the SDE website whose main existence is geared to the music fan who wants physical product. A fan like me, that has all the NY catalogue to date in physical form, doesn’t want to shell out the subscription to access the remainder of the content via a hi res streaming service. Also like many, my digital set up isn’t as good quality as my traditional hifi set up. If you personally like hi res digital and haven’t already shelled out on his physical catalogue and have a good digital playback system, I’m sure it does represent good value for you and others in your position. For others in too deep on the physical medium, it’s a very restricted release which will be very costly to acquire. It’s horses for courses really. We can all live and let live with what we choose without deriding the choices of others.

James Rainbow

Does anyone why know why Hitchhiker is omitted here? Not complaining as would be another duplicate but I thought that was ’76.


Message to NY – Your namesake ‘Shaky’ (Stevens) flogging his 19CD set – plus signature! and shipped – £80 all in.


Echoing the other comments, despite buying everything thus far, including some dubious more recent albums and the first Archives, if there’s no worldwide release, I’m going to leave it. It is disrespectful to rinse your diehard fans. The repeat of 3 albums of content is annoying, but it’s the unavailability without huge import duty etc. that makes this a big no. He should be careful as when people break the habitual / obsessive purchase cycle, they sometimes never go back.


I never bought the first Archives box due to its ridiculous expense, difficult formats (I’ve never learned how to burn a CD from a blu-ray or DVD), and its silly amount of repetition. This looks similar. Fact is, I have enough Neil to satisfy me (every studio album from the ’60s through Re*Ac*Tor and some live stuff) and I’m sure Spotify will offer a decent looksy.

I can’t hear well enough to enjoy hi-res or whatever advantages vinyl supposedly has.

I hope his hardcore fans get what they want, though.


I managed to get a steal on the Blu-ray box (about 45% off) but that was over a year after it was released – sometimes waiting pays off. And it came with a download card, so I didn’t have to worry about burning the Blu-ray to get the audio onto my computer, which was nice.

Spotify is rotten to the core, both in terms of sound quality and as a company, so you might as well give Neil $20/year to stream his music catalog (which will include all the Archives stuff) and occasional videos. I think it’s worth it. They’re adding old demos to the site every so often now, which is pretty cool.

As for the new Archives II box, if it’s only CD I might give it a pass and just partake via the website subscription, but if there are some interesting goodies in the box that might sway me. We shall see.


Neil is *broke*;He needs money! With his car modification business and his sound tech business both costing millions and millions to get going and failing and together with a divorce and many people on his payroll, he needs money, now!
Let’s hope this Big Box gets some traction!!
Long may he run.

Gerry Hassan

I am a big Neil Young and have everything he has released (as well as lots of bootlegs) apart from Archives Vol. One.

I am not going to buy this on principle; and I am not even tempted. The track listing and contents – with three previously released archive albums – one Homegrown just released months ago – is really taking fans to the cleaners.

Plus we are in the middle of a global pandemic where hundreds of thousands of people have died, millions become sick and millions more lost their jobs with people seeing their incomes fall and in many cases collapse. And despite that the Neil behemoth goes on screwing that last penny out of his most passionate fans. So much for Neil and the ‘hippy dream’ (which I never believed in anyway).

I know all the 60s mega stars are at it squeezing the last penny out of their generation – the escalating price of McCartney box sets – but this still sucks and is just major corporate rip-off. Makes me think I will reconsider buying any Neil Young new product or archive releases from now on.


Artists like Neil Young, the Rolling Stones etc. made their names and money by selling singles and albums through local record stores. Record Store Day was invented to give record shops a bit of a leg up in these digital times. Expensive box set releases are a huge bonus for store owners as 1. they provide some profit, & 2. buyers will likely pick up a few other items when they are in the store. It is one thing Neil not selling through Amazon (which likely sells most of his albums in any given year), it is another bypassing music retailers. A bit greedy? At least he is not mouthing out conspiracy theories like Van M.

Arthur O'Brien

I actually have everything like you, but also including Volume 1 (on Blu-ray). I’m buying this! Complaining about money grabs and duplication is like voting 3rd party in U.S elections: You sit alone in the corner with your principles while everything else passes you by. I’d reconsider.

bruce kelso

i find it amazing that neil really shows no compassion for his legion of die hard fans. 3 cds already released and here they are again ? not fair at all.


Unless Neil has a European distributor – he must have as he has been with a major record label for 50 years – then there is no European market for this product. I have bought probably 100 box sets over the years, and Archives 1 was the only box that I have thrown out: it was gargantuan – and filled with air – the Blu-Rays were in an inner sleeve/book and, obviously, I kept that.
I 100% guarantee that this will be available on Qobuz/HDTracks at 24/192 resolution – and available for streaming at NYA. Also expect a couple of vinyl products – that will be either really good value (Hitchhiker) or ludicrously overpriced (La Noise).

Peter Beyer

I think the track listing is stunning. I am more excited about this release than any release since The Beach Boys’ Smile back in 2011.

We already knew based on what happened with Volume 1, and based on Neil’s recent comments, that Volume 2 would contain previously-released titles and album tracks. Like it or not this is driven by Neil’s original vision for the Archives, to be a collection of all his works in chronological order, released and unreleased, supplemented by documents, video, and information as a total immersive experience.

So I’m not surprised or fazed by the released content on here. But what does surprise me is how much new stuff there is. The ratio of unreleased to released is far more enticing than it was with Volume 1. Discs 1 and 6 are almost entirely unreleased material!! Discs 8 and 9 aren’t far behind. Disc 10 is a 100% unreleased live album. Many of these tracks have been discussed and salivated over by fans for years. Many are holy grails. This is Neil at his peak. This is dream stuff right here.


Amazingly, I was giving Ragged Glory my first ever play on cd to help me decide if it’s worth paying an arm and a leg to acquire it on vinyl (it definitely is) when this news arrives!
Volume One on dvd was my first super deluxe purchase, and remains to this day my biggest thrill on opening. So much so I realised I had made a mistake and just HAD to buy the “interactive” blu ray version as well! Having learned the lesson that chasing Neil Young’s back catalogue can get VERY EXPENSIVE, I resisted Tuscaloosa etc anticipating they would probably be in the upcoming Volume 2, so one up me I think Neil!
Only thing I’d say Paul, is can you help (as usual) when preordering arrives to navigate us through what formats will be released and how they will no doubt differ, so I don’t make an expensive mistake again this time!


As a longtime Neil Young fan – was front stage at the infamous Neil Young ‘Tonight’s The Night’ Bristol gig – underwhelmed by only 6 unreleased songs and 49 ‘new versions’ for guessing about £140… and that’s if it goes on retail sale in Europe. This was an automatic buy for me, but can’t summon up the enthusiasm. ‘Raised on Robbery’ the one track I fancy hearing.

eric slangen

I think we may be very very happy with artists like Neil or Bob Dylan as they put out so much archive releases.
This is a tracklist we have dreamt of for ten years and who cares about 3 double discs as there is so much new and different stuff.
And he keeps releasing more and more old stuff. What a joy. I’m VERY HAPPY.

Alan R. Sack

As many others have said, what’s with the repeating of 3 discs that most Neil Young fans already have? For this it took 10 years since the last box set? And I can’t believe Neil didn’t hear any of the negative comments from the first box about the repetition of albums already out. Although Neil will be Neil and does whatever he wants, it can sure be annoying to others. Rant over.

Brian Stanley


James Rainbow

Any word on the mastering of the previously released album tracks? Presumably the same as the Original Release Series boxes from a few years ago? I never managed to get those as were expensive and couldn’t justify it at the time. Was hoping they’d be released individually as per his first 4 but that never happened.

I’m torn on this one, I own three of the discs already and those three are the most interesting ones for me. A lot of the rest is alternative versions and it will no doubt be daftly expensive……… But the quality of music and songwriting here is of the highest order.

Can you have too much Neil Young??? I think with live series releases and so forth I already have 20 albums by him covering up to the end of the 70s alone. Plus Buffalo Springfield. All good though.

Jarmo Keranen

When we reach the Vol. 3, half of the Neil Young’s fans will be dead and gone!

Mike Ruggieri

I’ve been waiting for Decade 2 since 1987! I bought Decade in 1977 with the money from my newspaper route. Hopefully Archives 3 won’t take another decade.

Arthur O'Brien

Agreed. I got excited in 1993 when I saw that the unreleased tracks on “Lucky 13” were listed as being from “Neil Young Archives.” I thought a release was imminent. 16 years later we got Vol. 1. 11+ years after that we get Vol. 2. Good lord, Neil! Do you think you’ll live forever?


Though the box may only ship with CDs, there’s no way he’ll release this without a high-resolution offering. Hopefully, it’ll come with a download code and not an obligation to subscribe to the NYA streaming service. Another subscription…limited consumption routes, more logons, and of course, more fees nipping away at you.

Alan Blevin

A few points.The box is definitely CD only.They said some years ago that the other formats were uneconomic to author and produce -rather than manufacture.
Also there seem to be strong rumours that there will be different versions.The one exclusive to Neil’s web site has the big box used for the DVD/Blu-Ray versions of Volume 1,will probably have a 240 page book similar to what was in those editions and probably some other memorabilia.There is quite possibly going to be a standard version with the same 10 discs,a smaller box and a much smaller book.That one will be more widely available.Doubt we’ll know for sure until 16 October when presale are scheduled to go up.
Also they have said in the past 6 months they will be releasing a Blu-Ray film of the Odeon/Budokan shows that make up disc 10.It is known they have film of that.Also they said they will be releasing that disc as a vinyl double lp but probably at a later date.Hard to say when as last week Neil wrote that they looked like they would have to delay the next 2 scheduled Archives releases-Rust Bucket and Young Shakespeare- because of lack of vinyl manufacturing capacity..By the way the presale for Return to Greendale will go up this Friday.
I know there will be the now standard complaint about including recently released Archives titles-Tuscaloosa,Roxy and Homegrown-as well as including just about all of On The Beach,Tonight’s The Night and Zuma.In a recent letter reply on his site Neil said he would think again about putting previous Archives releases in Volume 3 which will be out in 2031 at the current release rate.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Why is it that Shakey cannot do anything straightforward.

I`m definitely in for this but having it only availabe the NYA site means those of us in the E.U. will be paying an extra 20% Customs charge. The only positive for us is Free Shipping for orders overseas costing $100+ and you can be certain that Archives II will cost $100+.

Then again we don`t have to buy it do we?


So frustrating that chunks of this have been released already as standalone archive releases. So now we would need to buy those parts again to hear the rest. A really messy approach to the archives that makes me wonder if this release is worth it. As a major NY fan I feel a bit cheated.


It’s still a shame that he is still adopting the process of including content that has been issued in the past individually (and quite a while in the past) as opposed to all new content. This was the same with Archives 1 and is irritating considering what will no doubt be the premium price of this set. I know someone did ask him the question about duplication on NYA and he seemed to be surprised that this was the feedback – but would think about not duplicating for the future.

Interesting that he is only selling from NYA, considering his audio deal with Amazon, only hope they have an EU/UK channel and not only bought from US. Anyone want to bet on cost? 10 Disks and NY so I am going for $200US.

Phil Wilson

Fairly certain these are CD only, Neil said that some time back, not cost effective for any other format I believe. Rumours are this box will be NYA website only, but same CDs in different packaging will be available from other retailers. The 3 discs of previously released (recently) material are a bit annoying, especially as Tonight The Night Live at the Roxy now has 1 additional track, why was that not on the original? Also, complaints that Odeon Budokan only has 10 tracks, when it was expected to have so much more. Was Homegrown necessary to be in here, when it only came out a few weeks ago as part of the SRS series (SRS 02), will it be the same packaging or given an archives Vol II reference number? Probably still buy it though :-)


Neil has said in a post on the website that they will be doing DVD and CD only, no BluRay. In his opinion DVD audio is the best, and they don’t have the market to make both. That post should still be visible on the times.


Hi Paul, news about reedition of Archives vol 1?


Ben Williams

For me, this is a bitter-sweet announcement. Great the unreleased tracks are being released but it’s frustrating the box has a 3 of the recently released albums included and that it can only be bought via Neil’s website. Can’t imagine the shipping and tax will be cheap for the UK?

Mic Smith

Great news but is it really available only through his website? The import duty will be significant on that I would think. The Vol 1 box was over £300 I think and that was over 10 years ago.

Anthony Squires

I think Neil has already said this will be CD only, not Blu-Ray or DVD. I’m guessing the same packaging as Vol.1 allows for the inclusion of a similar book and maybe some trinkets. There appears to be some speculation as to whether there will be a separate ‘smaller’ box CD release without the book etc that would match up with the Vol.1 option.


CD only? Thought he was a huge hi res advocate?


Oh dear.
Looks like the bad kidney will have to go as well.

4K Blu Ray is the way forward….
Two worries with NY
The pricing. I would have loved a blu ray of Archives, but it was four haunches of venison.
Also the prospect of further delays. He is not the best at sticking to dates.

I like The Times, which only came out last week.

Dave swift

Hi Paul

Tuscaloosa also had a separate release last year, I think.

Thanks for all your work for us

Henrik Tronstad

It is believed that it is only a special edition that will be sold only on NYA. I surely hope that the standard edition is sold from EU also. Cost of shipping to Sweden, customs, sales tax and tax on customs is brutal for expensive boxes from the US.

Paul English

I believe this will be CD only. As you say, the packaging matches the DVD / BD of Archives 1 so there will be consistency with the first set which is a pity.

The CD pressings of boxes 5 – 8 and 8.5 – 12 seem to vanished from the face of the earth.


5-8 disappeared ages ago.
I was waiting for the price to drop. 1-4 has been available new for less than £20.
I very much hope there is a repress as I have 1-4, 8.5-12

Paul English

Sorry – omitted the word “no” before consistency


Tuscaloosa has also been previously released so that’s three out of the 10. It’s annoying but we should have seen it coming as it’s what happened with Vol.1. In this case though I’ve been buying the individual discs because I never expected Vol.2 to see the light of day.


Looking forward to this, though I’m surprised after all this time that it only covers a 4 year period. Tuscaloosa has also had a separate release, so 3 discs are already available. Quite a lot of interest to me though, particularly discs 1, 6 and 8-10. Hoping the price is reasonable, any guesses?