How to buy Neil Young's Official Release Series 5-8 vinyl box

Officially Neil Young‘s Official Release Series Discs 5-8 vinyl box set is a November 2014 Black Friday US Record Store day release, delayed from April’s RSD, but if you know where to look you can search out a copy online in Europe.

The limited edition vinyl set features a superb collection of sought-after Young, including On The Beach (1974)Time Fades Away (1973), Tonight’s The Night (1975) and Zuma (1975). The former two have never been reissued on vinylAll have been remastered for the first time in 40 years from the original analog studio recordings.

Update 30th November – Prices are volatile and changing regularly but Amazon UK is the best price at the time of writing.

There are places you can pick this set up online in Europe but it’s not cheap. The RRP in the US is expected to be around $140 but the BEST price we can find on this side of the world is – at the time of writing – €129 from Amazon ITALY. This is a very good price all things considered (less than £110 shipped) and it’s from Amazon direct, not a marketplace seller. It’s nearly £200 on Amazon UK and that’s from a third party.

Neil Young’s Official Release Series Discs 5-8 vinyl set will be officially issued later this week. Good luck getting hold of a copy!


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[…] be issued later this Spring. The Official Release Series Disc 5-8 box set was issued on vinyl in November 2014 and a four-CD equivalent would feature a superb collection of sought-after Young, including On The […]

[…] on CD until as late as 2003.  Fans have been able to pick it up as part of the vinyl box set The Official Release Series Vol 5-8, which came out in 2014, but this is first time it has been in print as a single vinyl record for […]

Donal Murphy

To Conclude – the “Numbered”/”Not Numbered”mystery…

Neilyoung.com (U.S. Store ONLY) is now selling the “Numbered” edition, and says its the only place you can buy the numbered edition, which confirms that the un-numbered editions are perfectly legitimate.

There are two seperate variants:

1)The Vinyl boxset only @ $159.99 + shipping.

2)The Vinyl boxset with 4 tshirts, of each album cover @ $199.99 + shipping

Note, to see the U.S. store use the links above, as your browser “may” default to the EU website, which is NOT selling the box set, and they will not appear there.

Donal Murphy

My boxset copy was all good, except part of the Tonights The Night outer cover flap was not glued properly. Can anyone reccomend what I should use to glue it properly, it’s only one part of the gatefold cover.

It is a fantastic boxset, the inserts and quality are nothing short of superb, very true to the original issues, great quality card stock album covers, and of course the original inner wallpaper pattern, inside the album sleeve of “On The Beach”. Having “Time Fades Away” present is a great addition.

The superb quality of the 2009 first volume (Discs 1-4) has been faithfully maintained(less individual box numbering).

2015 will hopefully bring Archives Volume 2.

Donal Murphy

Just picked up my copy at my local record shop, he only got them delivered this morning, so this is 100% official item, no numbering on box.

eric slangen

I bought the box from Italy but it was the slipped away box.
This box has NO numbering but the new ones RDS will have numbering.
Or they must photoshopt it.

karl probst

I bought series 1 on 24 k gold cd’s for $60 US 1 year ago from his own archives, gonna wait for series 2 eventually and buy that. A fraction of the price and sounding just as good.
Also it was ltd run of 2000 copies to help keep its value.


Be careful with Amazon FR the good price is from an Amazon seller. I’m not sure you’ll get the corrected boxset. It might be the previous faulty one.

Mike Defresne

125€ now on amazon.fr and 100£ on co.uk, but you have to add postage. When they released the first 4 LP’s, I bought them after 3 months separately on amazon.fr for 16€ each.

Donal Murphy

Bob, there is no duty on items bought from another EU country, one of the benefits of the European Union !

Delivery charges usually apply, this will be shown to you, just before the “order” button is actioned, just like it is with all amazon websites, i have noticed buying an additional item can mitigate a high shilping harge for 1 item, but, i have found all pan European amazon websites to be very reasonable for delivery, the only exceptions are, when you order from a vendor, they can vary and are usually higher than a purchase made directly from Amazon.


This time last year paul was giving us daily Black Friday updates in advance so we could order them. Is this not happening this year?


Just one more question, when ordering from Europe, is delivery/duty etc included in the price?


Thanks everyone for the replies, I tried google chrome and it worked.

Donal Murphy

There is an indept discussion on the boxset on Steve Hoffman, http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/neil-young-official-release-series-5-8.345366/page-28

The first box set Disca 1-4, was numbered. Reports on this forum indicate the unofficial boxsets are NOT numbered. ANyone have more info on this ?

Alasdair Craik

There is a very limited “exclusive” numbered version available direct from the Neil Young store but this is very limited. Official copies available through shops are not numbered.


@wardo: that’s because the image used for this post is probably an image of one of boxsets that slipped earlier this year just when they were officially pulled back for a postponed release.

See this picture from someone over at Reddit for the official version with the spelling error corrected: http://i.imgur.com/PYJacGU.jpg .


Bit of a tangent, but the ‘Official Release Series 1-4’ cd boxset is £5.99 on Amazon at the moment. Bargain !


“TIMES FADES AWAY”? Who proofread that sticker? Oh, right nobody.

James Gooch

Have you heard of these LPs being released separately, as they did last time (the box for “Discs 1-4”)? I don’t care about the box itself but would like to have 3 of these 4 on vinyl… (I’m in the US if it makes any difference)

Alasdair Craik

Technically they weren’t released separately. The separate versions are not the Pallas pressings.


Neil Young, the gold standard bearer for ‘proper’ recorded music formats.


Are there any plans for these titles to see standard CD release? I know On the Beach was reissued a few years back, but I believe the other three are all newly touched up here.


Sorry to ask a stupid question, but when ordering from italian etc Amazon sites, how do you order if everything is written in italian?
Also, does your UK account work on foreign Amazon sites?


I haven’t tried this for a commerce site (you know, where accuracy is important so you know what you’re clicking on), but Google Translate allows you to enter a webpage and will translate the entire page, presumably for as long as you are navigating that site.

Might be worth a try.

Michael G

If you’re using Chrome, any foreign language page should have a “translate page” prompt. (The Google translations of Italian are pretty good). If you don’t get an automatic prompt, try right clicking (somewhere other than a hyperlink) and there’s a menu which includes a “Translate to English” option.

Re. your account; you should be able to sign in to any Amazon page with your normal ID / password combo.


bob, it`s easy just put your email address and password in the same place as you would on Amazon UK, but as Runicen says you can use Google Chrome.

I`ve had stuff recently from Amazon Italy, Beatles Mono Vinyl Box, George Harrison Apple Years, all delivered by the end of the week of release, so you can trust them.


the steps to be followed are much similar to the uk store.
btw, if you’re interested i can help: i’m italian.

Mike G.

There are a number of early available copies floating around non-official outlets and being sold by marketplace sellers but be aware that they are of dubious origin and have spelling errors and quality control/condition issues.

The sets being released on the appropriate RSD date at official outlets are all 100% OK with the above mentioned issues rectified.