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Nena of 99 Luftballons fame has a new record out next month with a deluxe box set exclusive to Amazon Germany.

Oldschool is a German language album produced by hip-hop artist and compatriot Samy Deluxe, and will be available as standard CD, deluxe CD, 2LP vinyl (with CD) and the pictured limited edition ‘fanbox’ set which combines deluxe CD and double vinyl with a bonus seven-inch single, badges, poster and stickers.

The album is out on 27 February and the box set retails at under £30 (€37).

Box Set

Deluxe CD

Vinyl Edition


Track listing

01. Oldschool 02:43
02. Lieder von früher 03:00
03. Genau jetzt 03:05
04. Ja das war’s 02:37
05. Betonblock 03:06
06. Mach doch was ich will (only Deluxe-Edition) 03:00
07. Berufsjugendlich 02:50
08. Sonnemond 03:07
09. Jeden Tag 02:57
10. Ein Wort (only Deluxe-Edition) 03:24
11. Magie 03.26
12. Kreis 04:14
13. PI (Ich rechne mit allem) (only Deluxe-Edition) 05:11
14. Peter Pan 04:04
15. Bruder 03:41
16. Schicksal 04:14
17. Oldschool (Exdended ASD Mix) (only Deluxe-Edition)

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I wouldn’t mind seeing a superdeluxe (or even a deluxe) reissue of her first couple of albums.


thanks for the info ! Ordered mine ! :-)
Her previous album was not the best one, but she did lots of great songs in the past 10 years !

Julian H

Incidentally, just heard the first single from the album. Nothing too special imo, but I’m not a fan so who cares.
Very interesting and weird: Nena used a TFF sample not so long ago! In the song “In meinem Leben”, right before the final chorus, the drum intro from “Sowing the Seeds of Love” can be heard very clearly – no idea why she did that – maybe she’s a fan?

Julian H

Paul, one ‘m’ too much (Samy Deluxe) :-)

Julian H

Yeah I don’t know why I am always the one finding the typos. But seriously, in this case I am probably one of the few who would actually notice…


Good news she reunited with Sony. Always looking forward to her new material. And she still looks great (for a grandmother).