New Order box set on Amazon


New Order‘s Music Complete deluxe box set contains eight discs of clear and coloured vinyl and is now available to order via Amazon UK.

The box contains the band’s tenth studio album on double clear vinyl and then extended versions of all 11 tracks across six further coloured vinyl records. The Peter Saville art directed set also comes with an HD audio download.

At £75 (at the time of writing) you are, in theory, paying a premium over the £65 price-tag at the New Order online store, but for those outside the EU, Amazon will deduct VAT (New Order store doesn’t) which is a 20 percent saving straight off the bat, and you will benefit from a much more competitive shipping rate.

The Music Complete vinyl box is shipping from Amazon on 27 November 2015.


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Pete {in Australia}

Hi All, still awaiting my New Order Boxset. First time ever really disappointed with AMAZON Canada. I pre-order way in advance {long before my posting here}, soo they could order a copy. I contacted them the other day, to find out. They apologised. In further correspondence, to ask if i really was going to get this limited box from them, they gave me a lengthy email, which said many folks had order it and they were not expecting that, that they were waiting for a reprint, etc, etc. UGH!!!!! After all that I have gone over to JPC, and with in two days, it has been processed and sent, so hoping that when i get back home, on 31st December, it will be there awaiting my return, with heaps of other goods ordered, whilst away. Best news, with postage, and current exchange rate, would work around the same price from Amazon Canada. :)

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Mike C.

Got my box, and sure enough there was a card inside which had the download instructions for the extended versions. They are amazing. The Restless extended version had a short alternate intro compared to the single’s extended version. Not sure yet if there are other differences…

These versions are totally worth the price – about $10 per song.

I did not think Plastic could get any better. The extended version somehow surpasses the album version.

Highly recommend this set to anyone who loves 12″ ‘s.


some comments about the box:
from a representative at mute
Mute and Peter Saville spent a long time reviewing options for the box set, looking at traditional designs and things Mute had previously released.

After examining the options, Peter wanted to do something completely unique that had not been done before.

His idea was to mimic an archival box used by museums and even the British monarchy for archiving items. These types of boxes are typically constructed in the 10s and 20s, as opposed to the 100s and 1,000s.

The “Music Complete” boxes were hand assembled using of the thickest available acid-free cardstock (i.e., so the contents inside won’t yellow). So, the materials were not cheap, nor was the construction thereof.

The type of materials used had not ever been folded at this size/dimension previously, which required the very specific positioning of the wire stitching/staples.

It was not intended to stand up comfortably with the rest of one’s record collection, but be an objet d’art on its own.

Per the label representative, the project was done working closely with Saville and very much in keeping with the original ethos of Factory, Joy Division, and New Order.

also, the quality of the downloads are TERRIBLE, they are all brickwalled files as usual.

i am in the process of remastering them from vinyl which also has issues, but not as much.

buyer beware.


Peter Robertshaw

Yeah – agree this was a good collection of songs and extended versions at a surprisingly cheap price from the New Order site – and now we see the saving was made on the box. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen another comment about this other (slightly) annoying thing… for a band so in touch with design, I was disappointed that the coloured vinyl I received didn’t match the colours in the product photo above – which match the colours in the sleeve art. The vinyl I received was clear not opaque like in the photo and especially the blue and green don’t match the sleeve colours. A small moany thing to pick up on BUT kind of disappointing – as its sort of the whole point of having these colours put together in this way. What does anyone else think?

Alan Bain

When the boxset was originally up for sale it was described as the coloured vinyls being red, blue, yellow, grey, white, black (etched) vinyl. After a couple of weeks this text was replaced by “various coloured vinyl”. The release was delayed due to the pressing plant not being available to press it up so the picture is a mockup produced well in advance of actual pressings.


Yeah, I have to say, as an Aussie also, the shipping we pay is absolutely outrageous. I know the dollar is shite at the moment, and this boxset is part of a long line of recent (reissues!) that I cannot justify forking out AU50 for a single album or AU70-100 for a double. Have I told you about the competition here for second hand vinyl?! ;)
Gonna miss this boxset, which is a shame, as I too love the album.


Is the FLAC download hi-res 24 bit or standard 16/44?


Would like to get the remixes on CD… Is nice that Restless and Tutti Frutti have been/will be released as CD singles though.


Hopefully they’ll bring out a cd version at some point too, fingers crossed!

Jeff P

how long have people had them? Still waiting on my box here in the U.S.

Pete {in Australia}

I was super excited about this box set, and origianlly was going tom order it from their website. For while i had issues trying and finally they got that rectified. Only then to find out the postage to Australia, was almost the same as the boxset, which just pushed it out of reach for me, as a Carer for my Mum, could not justify 50pound {$105 roughly} postage charge. I was super excited when I got an email from RecordStore UK, to say they would have it, but yet again postage pushed it up high. So I ened up searching about, and the best deal I got was Amazon Canada. So my partner has offered to get it for me for Christmas. It works out to around $150 Aus, which is a saving of up to $100 Aus from New Order site and at least $50Aus upwards from others including Amazon Italy/UK, etc…………….. I myself am really LOOKING forward to this boxset and am very HAPPY to finally know it will be in my collection, one day!!!!, Even if I missed out on possibly getting a signed version!

Peter B

Another Peter here, also from Australia. I went to pre-order it from the New Order store. My stomach when I saw it would cost AU$236, incl the £50 postage. That crossed the line for me, so instead I bought the CD for AU$20 at JB Hifi and am buying the CD singles from the NO store, so I’ll get some extended versions. I hope the extended version album gets a CD/digital release when these vinyl boxes run out, that would be much more affordable. Great, exciting album though.

Alan Bain

I pre-ordered the box set from the official store in June. I agree with the comments on the actual box. It’s like a flat packed box you get from Ikea to store your LP’s, except it’s stapled together rather than joined together behind tightened studs. Contents are terrific though – both the music itself and the physical products. I was one of the lucky ones to get a random signed copy. The autographs are on an additional print not available in the unsigned version.

Barry Grayshon

I wasn’t lucky enough to get a signed version unfortunately but the insert was still included. It’s used as a divider between the album and the extended tracks.

Alan Jones

I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy (as was Paul I think?). THe signatures are actually on a separate sheet of white card in different coloured pens. I would agree with all the comments above regarding quality (box aside) and extended versions. The coloured vinyl certainly adds to the package and if you like New Order in anyway you will not be disappointed with this.


Yes, thought you might. I wonder if you were around donkeys years ago to have bought Procession on 7″, or Ceremony when it first came out?


I personally found that box very cheap… I was disappointed by the poor quality of the box in itself and so littles addings excpect the 12″… The Lp’s and 12″ are worth the wait, although I think that they could have had the lyrics to the booklet… For the good surprise, as it was said before, the extended dversions are available for download (I would have prefer a CD , even in cardboard, but nothing is perfect !)

Giles Roditi

Agree that the box itself is a bit disappointing (not like original Still LP from years ago as I thought it might be given the shade of grey) but the discs and their sleeves etc. are first class and the vinyl all plays beautifully – especially like the extended Tutti Fruti and Stray Dog. Single sided black vinyl with patterned obverse is particularly cool.
Did anyone actually get a signed one from the NO store ?

Rob Puricelli

Yep, I got a signed one :-)

Mike Shustynk

It’s $99 shipped to U.S. on amazon.de.

martin farnworth

I would concur that its worth the money and a well conceived set . I was skeptical that the quality of the album would be justified in this deluxe form. Of course its a fine album that lends itself well to the extended mix being largely electronic/dance orientated. Something that the last couple of albums would not.


I personally own the box, it is not the best housing, but the content is worth the money. The “extended versions” are breathing the air of the good old “extended version” times, where songs were not remixed to death but enhanced in a good way.

If someone’s interested in the content of the box, here’s an unboxing video:



Excellent news! I couldn’t get the new order website to work from Canada, even after them telling me they were working on the problem. I had pretty much given up on this set, so thanks Paul for the head up! Ordered!


I agree as well. Best New Order album since ‘Technique’. New Order was always a 12″ single band; so having all the tracks on separate 12″s makes a lot of sense. Strange thing is that I ordered mine from the Warner store and actually received …2 copies although I only paid for one.


Now that I finally have my box I can concur that it is indeed a great set.
The album itself is surprisingly good and the remixes are pretty good too.

It is good to get the remixes as downloads (which often does not happen).

I have to agree though that the housing box itself is not great and feels a bit shoddy (even if it looks nice from afar).

Stan Butler

trash, are the remixes true to the original tracks (as the clasic 80’s New Order extended versions tended to be) or have they been significantly “reconstructed”, as many remixes are these days ?


@Stan Butler
I would say that the remixes are closer to extended versions than absolute remixes.

I not a big fan of remixes that totally reconstruct the original songs. These remixes stay true to the original tracks.

Hope that helps.

Stan Butler

Thank you trash, that does help.
It does make me want to get them even more.

It’s a great album that can hold it’s head up against any of New Order’s 80’s output.


Its USD $104.90 from Amazon UK including shipping to the States. The New Order shop offered this set for USD $99.00 but I can’t remember if shipping was included.

eric slangen

The german link is wrong as it´s the UK link.


Do the HD downloads include the remixes ?



If the “Amazon box” is identical to the “New Order Store box”, then you do indeed get all of the 11 Extended Mixes.

Barry Grayshon

The download code enables both mp3 & FLAC versions of all 11 extended versions which are on the 6 pieces of vinyl. It doesn’t contain the album. The downloads are currently exclusive to this set.


Hmmm. Mine doesn’t. The downloads I’ve got, is the album. No remixes. Supernatural vinyl LP and download 5:05min. 12″ vinyl extended mix 7:34min.


Sorry! I’m an idiot. Downloaded the album, using the link in my order confirmation e-mail. From there you get the album tracks only.

Mike C.

Hi Barry: Are the extended version downloads in the receipt/confirmation email after placing the order?


Mike C.

Barry Grayshon

Hi Mike

If you order from the NO store, then the box ships straight away. You get an email, after you place an order, with links to download the album in both mp3 and FLAC form. You will have to wait for the box to arrive though to get the extended versions. There is a card in the box with a website url and a download code to access these.

The set is released on Amazon on 27/11. Whilst again you will need to wait for the box to be delivered to get your download code for the extended versions, I’m not actually sure if the autorip feature is included with this, and if so, that this will be instant (as the album is already in the market place), or it will be accessible on the 27th?


Mike C.

Thank you. I have placed my order with the New Order store!

David White


Rob Puricelli

I can highly recommend this set :)