New Order / new single Restless


Mute are to release a physical CD single from the forthcoming New Order album Music Complete.

Restless is a six-track release that includes single and extended versions, along with four other mixes. Presumably, the extended version will be the same as the one that’s included as part of the Music Complete vinyl box set.

I would like to congratulate Mute on doing something that other labels seem to think is pointless and that is releasing a single on CD. Universal in Germany (a-ha) and Warner Music (Duran Duran) please take note. This blog supports physical releases!

Restless will be released on 9 October, two weeks after the album comes out.



  • 1. Restless (Single Version)
  • 2. Restless (Extended 12″” Mix)
  • 3. Restless (Agoria Remix)
  • 4. Restless (xxxy Build Up Mix)
  • 5. Restless (RAC Mix)
  • 6. Restless (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

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Received the single and slipcase in the mail today… And they’re all creased due to the lightweight cardboard envelope the geniuses decided to post it in. Angry. Why can’t these record companies be logical about delivering their product to you without being damaged?!


CD single pre-ordered! Very pleased to pay for a physical release.

Richard John

As a fan of physical releases, I applaud this. However, the price is quite prohibitive.. especially for a single. I guess it’s all about supply and demand. Low demand for physical releases means low supply and that low supply costs more to produce. Still, it’s a pity.


The official New Order store are offering the CD Single for sale with a limited edition slipcase to house all future single releases from Music Complete. You can pre order now. Just placed mine.

Alan Fenwick


I also just noticed the offer of the CD single with the slipcase as well on the New Order Store

Just popped an order in.


I can’t seem to find the link for the slip case that you mention, Barry. I’m looking on the US store website. Is it a UK/Europe only item?


Looking forward to both the New Order and Erasure CD singles. Will buy them both despite paying much more than I used to for CD singles.

Pete {in Australia}

Hi, Exciting news about both the 12″ vinyl and {yeah} cd single. Received an email from Record Store UK, and they are doing a bundle for both, that saves a couple of pounds.


Pity the song stinks….

(And I am a huge NO fan of 32 years).

Stan Butler

New Order fan of 30 years and it’s hard to get excited about Restless.


Amazing campaign from New Order with this forthcoming Music Complete album! Deluxe box set looks great (already ordered), and it’s such a good news that there are going to be both CD and 12″ singles for Restless. I wonder how the CD single will be packed? Probably in cheap cardboard sleeve, my dream is digipak or good old slim jewelcase… Hopefully there will be more singles from this album released the same way, maybe with unreleased B-side and not only remixes but maybe I’m looking for too much. VIVA LA MUTE!!!


To give Mute more credit they will also in October release a CD single in celebration of Erasure’s 30th anniversary. Where they release “Sometimes 2015”


Loving the return of the Maxi CD. Thank you Mute.
Agreed, let’s hope the remixes are good!

Saar Freedman

Also Quite happy about this, but wondering how many other remixes will be released on promo only CDs and how much we will have to shell out to get those. If PSBs were mentioned, any of their last 20 singles or so had promo only remix CDRs that are being sold for insane amounts , the official CD singles were 3 trackers at best ( out of 12 versions commissioned)
New Order Also had quite a few promo only remix cds, especially around the “Singles” where many remixes were commissioned for all tracks and released officially on the 12″s vinyl only , but also for the Get ready era…


I, too, am thrilled to see a CD single release for this. New Order and Mute are doing it right.

As others have said, I wish they’d release the vinyl only extended mixes on a CD though. Why not a 2Cd deluxe edition?

Michael L

Quite excited at the prospect of Weatherall and RAC remixes, will likely seek this out.


I don’t want to be pedantic,believe me.
And I don’t know if that counts on this discussion,if not I’m sorry, but even if it’s been labeled as “Cdr Promo Single” [one track only] there is a physical version of a-ha’s “Under The Makeup”.


Yes,my mistake.

I remebered it was an UK printed one,but as a promo you rightly point out… :)



Got to agree with DM’s remix output. The chaff from Delta Machine was an absolute disgrace (bar MAPS’ remix of Should Be Higher.

Let’s hope this bundle from New Order is up to scratch. A decent Weatherall mix might be the thing that swings it.


it’s also available physically on a 3 track green vinyl 12″ with download card of all six versions


It’s good Mute still support the CD single but please also give us the other extended mixes from “Music Complete” on CD.


I just pre-ordered from Amazon. Could not agree more about DD and A-ha not put out cd singles. New Order usually has outstanding remixes, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. The latest group of remixes by Depeche were horrible, and extremely slow. C’mon folks you are the number #1 electronic group for a reason. Some of us like to dance.


Mute records have always been big on the physical format.
Just hope the mixes themselves are good, fellow record label mates Depeche Mode’s remixes have been appalling for the last 20 years.
(DM were one of the best 12″s and remixes from around 81 – 93)


Amen. Great to see this. And why stop at CD singles with remixes? New Order should go all the way & rediscover their old ways. Say, put out an “Internet-friendly” CD single package that has an LCD screen as cover, displaying an ever-changing collection of GIFs. It’ll become the biggest selling CD single in history – and cost them $8.28 for every $1 earned.


“Relentless”? Sounds a bit PSB to me ;)