Nirvana / “In Utero” four-disc super deluxe edition box reissue

Nirvana / In Utero super deluxe box set reissue
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Universal Music will reissue Nirvana‘s third and final studio album, In Utero, on 23 September 2013.

The Steve Albini produced recording is being re-released as a 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition box set, which across three CDs is said to contain more than 70 “remastered, remixed, rare and unreleased recordings”, including B-sides, compilation tracks, never-before-heard demos and live material featuring the final touring lineup of Cobain, Novoselic, Grohl, and Pat Smear. No detailed track listings have been announced at the time of writing.

This box set also comes with a DVD of the complete Live and Loud show from Seattle’s Pier 48 on December 13, 1993 plus never-before-released bonus material.

The Super Deluxe Edition appears to come in the form of a book which slides into a slipcase and comes with a poster. Other formats include a 3LP vinyl set, a two-CD deluxe edition and a single CD remaster.

Nirvana / In Utero super deluxe box set reissue
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Super Deluxe Edition
• UK Pre-order: In Utero [3CD+DVD Super Deluxe Edition]
• USA Pre-order: In Utero [3CD+DVD Super Deluxe Edition]
• CANADA Pre-order: In Utero [3CD+DVD Super Deluxe Edition]
• GERMANY Pre-order: In Utero [3CD+DVD Super Deluxe Edition]

Nirvana / In Utero triple vinyl reissue
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3LP Vinyl Edition
• USA Pre-order: In Utero (3LP – 20th Anniversary Edition)

Nirvana / In Utero 2CD Deluxe Edition
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2CD Deluxe Edition
• UK Pre-order: In Utero [2CD Deluxe Edition]
• GERMANY Pre-order: In Utero [2CD Deluxe Edition]

Nirvana / In Utero reissue
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Single CD remaster

• GERMANY Pre-order: In Utero (20th Anniversary Remaster)

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I never picked up the Nevermind super deluxe box set and I was kicking myself for it, until I read the reviews that is. Does anyone know what kind of remastering is being done to the original LP mixes? If they are the “loudness wars” type that were done for the Nevermind reissue, I think I’ll pass. Besides, this LP was mixed and mastered in 1993 well into the era when mastering for CD had been taken seriously and CDs sounded really good (and not too loud of course). Does it really need a remastering? Was it even mastered to 2-tracl analog tape? If it was mastered to DAT what are they going to do that will improve upon it?

I love box sets, super deluxe editions, etc. but I hate these kind of useless “remastering” that’s done for LP’s that really don’t need it. I may get it for the extras, but I will still play my original 1993 In Utreo CD that I bought on the day of it’s release 20 years ago and still sounds as great as it did that day.

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Mark B

Only 2 of Albini’s tracks were remixed for the album…. Heart Shape Box and AA. PennyRoyal Tea was remixed for a cancelled single and appeared on a censored version of the album sold in the states. Every other tracks is Albini’s original mixes.


£80 from Universal’s site:


Which is fine if you don’t mind the album arriving in 12 bits!


The 3LP must just be the vinyl version of the 2CD version, since the super deluxe is 5 discs.

Over 70 tracks huh? Let’s break that down:
12 – original album tracks
12 – Albini mix tracks
18 – Live And Loud tracks
5 – Bsides (Marigold, Moist Vagina, Where Did You Sleep Last Night, I Hate Myself And I Want To Die and Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol)
1 – The single mix of Pennyroyal Tea

That’s 48 tracks, leaving around 25 others. which will probably be a mix of demos and live cuts, demos and live cuts that weren’t good enough to be included on the sketchy/for-die-hard-fans-only When The Lights Went Out box set.

AND remember that the Nevermind Super Deluxe edition was an unmitigated DISASTER, with a brickwalled mix by Bob “I’m in it for the money” Ludwig; a blu-ray that had compatibility issues with a lot of older players; and a set of super-noisy, poorly pressed vinyl.

Buyer beware on this one.


Wow. About £109.00 at the time of writing as a pre-order price. Crikey.

Does anyone know a real Nirvana fan who doesn’t already have the Steve A mixes? B-sides? Which Nirvana fan doesn’t own those.

I’m pretty confused by this re-issue so far. Love the album, but over £100? Not even the promise of a book will tempt me.

Do record companies not have the intelligence to check (or employ some one to check) what’s already freely available as bootlegs? Seems like quite a bit of this hugely expensive box set may fall victim to such a problem. Hope I’m wrong.


I imagine the live tracks are counted twice – one for CD and one for DVD. That would leave less room for demos and the like. I imagine there won’t be much here that we haven’t already heard.


Its like punk rock never happened. Over £100 for the set is a total rip-off! I had been hoping that Amazon have got their pre-order pricing high pending the actual retail price but the official Nirvana store is retailing the set for $150 so their price probably won’t alter between now and 23rd September. There’s not that much unreleased stuff that justifies that price. Essentially everyone’s being asked to pay £70 for Albini’s mix of the album (which is the carrot here unless that appears on the double disc version), some instrumental demos, and an audio version of the DVD. The Nevermind super deluxe was around £60 and that had an extra disc! Kurt will be turning in his grave.


I agree, mostly but you’re wrong about one thing…Kurt doesn’t have a grave to turn in, he was cremated…