Oasis / Definitely Maybe 25th anniversary 2LP silver vinyl

Oasis / Definitely Maybe 25th anniversary 2LP silver vinyl

Oasis‘ classic debut Definitely Maybe is being reissued on coloured vinyl for its 25th anniversary.

The 1994 album which features the hits ‘Supersonic,’ ‘Shakermaker’, ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ is pressed on silver-coloured vinyl and is described by the label as a ‘limited collectors edition’.

Definitely Maybe was originally released on 29 August 1994 and this vinyl reissue will be issued 25 years and one day later on on 30 August 2019. Pre-order via the SDE shop using this link or the button below.

A1.Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Remastered) 00:05:22
A2.Shakermaker (Remastered) 00:05:08
A3.Live Forever (Remastered) 00:04:37

B1.Up In The Sky (Remastered) 00:04:28
B2.Columbia (Remastered) 00:06:17
B3.Sad Song (Remastered) 00:04:29

C1.Supersonic (Remastered) 00:04:44
C2.Bring It On Down (Remastered) 00:04:18
C3.Cigarettes & Alcohol (Remastered) 00:04:49

D1.Digsy’s Dinner (Remastered) 00:02:32
D2.Slide Away (Remastered) 00:06:32
D3.Married With Children (Remastered) 00:03:12

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Also your grey records have an horrible painting quality???


I am presently listening to the Silver Vinyl new issue. Left channel is all tinny treble and the right channel is all low level bass. The reissue shows the record as being remastered which means it code means the source was digital rather than the original analog. Brutal. I didn’t get into Oasis until the later 90’s missing out on all the record original pressings.


Sorry for the late up take on this I was on holiday.
Am I wrong in thinking that the last time Definitely Maybe and What’s the Story were reissued in 2014 there were complaints about them sounding flat? I bought the 2014 DM and I didn’t think it sounded anywhere near as good as the original, consequently I held off getting WtSMG and eventually tracked down an original.
Do we know what source was used to press this silver edition?

Wayns Klein

I’m only interested in this if the horrible limiting and compression used on The CDs could be improved. Horrible mastering on all the CDs.


Agreed! Sadly, theres no efforts to make theses records much better.


Many Thanks Paul. Just Ordered The Picture Disc. Nice Touch For This Classic LP.


Another reissue of the CD version?


Are they going to continue with the Chasing The Sun series? I’d like a deluxe set of Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants!

Bob Peel

I’m sure noel said after be here now that would be it


Will this be a totally new remastering or just the same as the 2014 reissue?

John Moore

Classic album and this is prewarning of the Christmas season is soon upon us! Picture disc seems a must on this one!


A bit unrelated (Creation distributed some of their stuff) but I wonder when Saint Etienne will start rerererereissuing in colored vinyl or picture disc.


God, don’t give them any ideas !

Andrew Drysdale

Seems they are only selling the picture disc on the oasis website.
I am confused, there are 2 x release, one set of pic discs and one set of silver vinyl?
The picture and description on the oasis email received today showed both but you can only buy the pic disc on their site.
Silver looks better as it seems it is in a sleeve but i do like pic discs. The pic disc comes in a plastic wallet, not the best for preservation..
Anyone any comments on this.?


Again already? To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld: ‘these will be limited to as many units as they can shift’. Okay, so I loved ‘Definitely Maybe’ back in the day – kinda like Lennon on vodka and PCP and jamming with Teenage Fanclub ca. ‘Bandwagonesque’. Back then I’d go out of my way to buy anything on Creation. McGee was definitely something of a stoned visionary, and had the good sense to sign Oasis when they were hungry, full of piss’n vinegar and up for a fight. A few years and too many lines of coke later, and they spit out ‘Be Here Now’. Ah well, the fame burned pretty bright there for at time at least. Somewhere packed away I still have a sealed vinyl copy of ‘What’s The Story…’ that I picked up at HMV in the late ’90s. I think the original copies are sought after and valuable now.

paul wren

Your mint sealed copy will be worth about £250.


Wow! Food for thought or what? Sometime during the next two or three years I’ll be putting a lot of things up on eBay, as I ease myself into retirement. I’ve reached the point where, short of living to 90+ years, there’s just no way that I have time for all the music I’ve amassed over the years. There are things in my collection that I keep coming back to, but other things haven’t aged as well, at least to these ears…


Because we ar eliving in plastic era. And while there are so many vinyls around us, nature gently weeps.


So the picture disc of side four of this classic album is a picture of… A vinyl disc on a turntable! I know it’s Columbia but a bit more imagination??!…

Ryan Sinclair

Ordered the ‘limited’ Picture Disc as I already have the original, plus the ’14 reissue… Not sure if it’s worth having the coloured vinyl? Oddly, I might have done so if it was a limited single disc (save me getting up every 3 songs) ;)


There’s also a 2LP picture disc version exclusive to their website @ £30 a pop. Limited edition apparently, but of course no numbers!


Peter Muscutt

I think a lot of people will get this for nostalgia – it was one of my first forays into music as a teenager growing up in the middle of Britpop and the songs do still sound great now. Unfortunately for me Oasis sort of went down the tubes after Guigsy and Bonehead left; it never really sounded the same after that. I’ll probably get this though, seeing as I didn’t have a record player back in ’94 (and couldn’t have listened to it on my Sony Discman lol)! Would have been nice to have some ‘Definitely Maybe’-era B-sides perhaps on a bonus LP, but this will do nicely – even if I thought it was a clear vinyl LP set after glancing at the picture…


Why do they never state how many pressings are in a “limited edition”? Pretty important information from a serious collector’s perspective.



Kevin Galliford

It’s got some good songs but will history be kind?

Ryan Sinclair

It already is, is it not?


It’s been, um, 25 years, so…