Oh Yes We Can Love: A History Of Glam Rock 5-disc box set


Universal Music Catalogue have created Oh Yes We Can Love: A History Of Glam Rock, a new five-CD box set due for release on 28 October 2013.

This 91-track collection charts the life of the genre rather than just focussing on the usual suspects, so although you will find Slade, T Rex, Bowie, Suzi Quatro, Roxy Music et al on this set, disc one takes us right back to Noel Coward, Anthony Newley and The Velvet Underground. Later discs include songs by artists such as Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Morrissey and Suede.

The box will come with a 100-page booklet full of rare single sleeves, and an essay by Barney Hoskyns (author of the Glam!, Bowie, Bolan and the Glitter Rock Revolution).


Full track listing:


  • 1. Noel Coward: Mad Dogs And Englishmen
  • 2. Chuck Berry: Around and Around
  • 3. Little Richard: Ooh My Soul
  • 4. Vince Taylor & the Playboys: Brand New Cadillac
  • 5. Max Harris: Gurney Slade
  • 6. Anthony Newley: Bee Bom
  • 7. Billy Fury: Jealousy
  • 8. Howlin’ Wolf: You’ll Be Mine
  • 9. Jacques Brel: Amsterdam
  • 10. The Velvet Underground: I’m Waiting For My Man
  • 11. David Bowie: London Bye Ta-Ta
  • 12. The Stooges: 1969
  • 13. The Kinks: Lola
  • 14. Hot Legs: Neanderthal Man
  • 15. Burundi Steiphenson Black : Burundi Black
  • 16. Curved Air: Back Street Luv
  • 17. Fanny: Charity Ball
  • 18. The Murgatroyd Band: Theme From Magpie
  • 19. Chicory Tip: Son Of My Father
  • 20. T Rex: Hot Love
  • 21. Slade :Coz I Luv You


  • 1. Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes
  • 2. Lou Reed: Walk On the Wild Side
  • 3. Roxy Music: Virginia Plain
  • 4. T Rex: Metal Guru
  • 5. The Osmonds: Crazy Horses
  • 6. Dana Gillespie: Andy Warhol
  • 7. Suzi Quatro: Can The Can
  • 8. New York Dolls: Looking For A Kiss
  • 9. Nazareth: This Flight Tonight
  • 10. Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
  • 11. Cozy Powell: Dance With The Devil
  • 12. David Essex: Rock On
  • 13. Wizzard : Angel Fingers (A Teen Ballad)
  • 14. Elton John: Bennie and the Jets
  • 15. Barry Blue: Dancing On A Saturday Night
  • 16. Alvin Stardust: Ma Coo Ca Choo
  • 17. Lulu: The Man Who Sold The World
  • 18. Mick Ronson: Growing Up And I’m Fine
  • 19. Cockney Rebel: Judy Teen


  • 1. Sparks: This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us
  • 2. Hello: Tell Him
  • 3. Mud: Tiger Feet
  • 4. Jook : Bish Bash Bosh
  • 5. Bryan Ferry: The ‘In’ Crowd
  • 6. Patti Smith Group: Piss Factory
  • 7. Cockney Rebel: Tumbling Down
  • 8. The Glitter Band: Angel Face
  • 9. Kenny: The Bump
  • 10. The Rubettes: Sugar Baby Love
  • 11. Fox: Only You Can
  • 12. KISS: Rock And Roll All Nite
  • 13. Sailor: A Glass Of Champagne
  • 14. Ian Hunter : Once Bitten Twice Shy
  • 15. Arrows: I Love Rock and Roll
  • 16. Bay City Rollers: Saturday Night


  • 1. Blondie: Rip Her To Shreds
  • 2. Be Bop Deluxe: Ships In the Night
  • 3. The Runaways: Cherry Bomb
  • 4. ELO: Rockaria!
  • 5. The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
  • 6. The RAH Band: The Crunch
  • 7. Rock Follies: OK?
  • 8. Ultravox!: RockWrok
  • 9. Ace Frehley: New York Groove
  • 10. Judas Priest: Take On The World
  • 11. Boney M: Rasputin
  • 12. Generation X: Valley Of the Dolls
  • 13. Human League: Rock and Roll Part Two / Nightclubbing
  • 14. Magazine: The Light  Pours Out Of Me
  • 15. Adam and the Ants: “Antmusic”
  • 16. Department S : Solid Gold Easy Action
  • 17. Bauhaus: Ziggy Stardust
  • 18. Dead Or Alive: That’s The Way (I Like It)


  • 1. Sigue Sigue Sputnik : Love Missile F1-11
  • 2. Hanoi Rocks : Up Around The Bend
  • 3. Sisters Of Mercy: Emma
  • 4. Morrissey: Glamorous Glue
  • 5. Suede: Metal Mickey
  • 6. The Fall: Glam Racket
  • 7. Carter USM: Glam Rock Cops
  • 8. Glam Metal Detectives: Everybody Up
  • 9. Saint Etienne :Star
  • 10. Earl Brutus: The SAS and the Glam That Goes With It
  • 11. Gay Dad: To Earth With Love
  • 12. Marilyn Manson: The Dope Show
  • 13. Pulp: We Are The Boys
  • 14. The Darkness: Growing On Me
  • 15. Goldfrapp: Strict Machine
  • 16. The Ark: Clamour For Glamour
  • 17. Foxy Shazam: Unstoppable

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Well I’m glad Queen aren’t on there! I get annoyed when people say they were a glam group personally because I think that they were so much more.

So…does the theme of this box set mean that that is a guy on the cover?


Great post mark. This really is one of the worst compiled compilations that I have ever seen. The record label clearly did not have enough tracks to pad out 5 cd’s so decided to pad it out with tracks that mostly have nothing to do with glam, however much you stretch the genre. The only problem with that is that there are people like us, massive glam fans who know and remember the movement/period inside out.
This would have been a better compilation if they had pulled the 2cd’s of filler and included maybe 2 or 3 tracks each by the leading lights of glam, T.rex, sweet, slade, roxy, Bowie etc and yes, Gary Glitter.
I actually played my Gary Glitter greatest hits double CD recently, and it was brilliant. This is partly due to the fact that you never ever hear the songs anywhere, or see the performances of the songs on tv. As Mark says, I can think of no other artist whose work has been airbrushed out of history completely.

Mark Phillips

I have to agree with Bob and the others.

While this is certainly an interesting compilation, it seems they have excluded “real” glam and instead included early rock and roll, and then artists influenced by glam.

I can see no good reason for the former. and while there is an argument for show how glam developed, there are so many classic tracks missing (including the exclusion of Gary Glitter) that a history of glam is not what’s on offer here.

What is it with this 1984-style glitter-washing? I know of no other artist whose work has been effectively written out of history. I find it sinister that referencing the past can be changed like that. We don’t ban or redact Bill Wyman, Jerry Lee Lewis (well we did, but he’s been forgiven!) , nor countless murderers, rapists and others guilty of criminal behaviour from our airwaves or CD collections.

The fact remains that Glitter had a massive run of hits, (26 in total, 180 weeks on the chart) including the first record to go straight in at Number 1 for many years, and is a key part of the story of Glam. Except that he has been edited out of music history. Just listen to BBC Radio 2’s Pick Of The Pops whenever they have a chart with Glitter in. Oops he’s vanished!

BBC 6music even edited and truncated the glam rock episode of definitive 52 part series The Story Of Pop in order to de-glitterise it! Although, as that was presented by the late Alan “Fluff” Freeman, it’s possible that the entire series may no longer be aired either.

But are there any other artists who’ve been removed from history in this way? They even showed Jonathan King on a recent Top Of The Pops repeat on BBC4. Surely his crimes – against music at least – are worse?

Perhaps the judge should have awarded that the royalties on Glitter’s hits go to a children’s charity, then the tracks might still get played occasionally.

Yes it’s an interesting compilation. Yes I’ll probably buy it, but I think I’m going to have to add some more Sweet, Slade, and, yes, even GG to make it a true representation of the Glam movement!


Yes bob. Most of us could have come up with a ‘better’ 5CD selection.

And 99% of messages on the page would have moaned about it.

C’mon! Box sets like this are a ‘jumping off point’ into more of this stuff. It’s pretty damn fine that the selections made sail a course from early days, through the glam rock period and out the other side.

Might even buy one!


Hmmm….not much Glam Rock here. Bowie, T Rex, Slade, some Roxy, Gary Glitter, Sweet, Alvin Stardust, some Mott, Alice Cooper, NY Dolls (not really, though, they just dressed up), some Lou Reed were staples of the distinct sound. Of the 5 CDs here, very little of the era or sound is represented. About 90% weird, unassociated filler, I’d say.

[…] box set, Oh Yes We Can Love: A History Of Glam Rock box set stirred up some controversy when it was first announced here earlier this month, thanks to it’s broad definition of what ‘glam rock’ […]


Interesting set of choices. Other than the WTF? exclusion of Gary Glitter, the most obvious exclusion is (to me) Imperial Drag. Perhaps the Glam mix that Jive Bunny & the Master Mixers did back in 1989 (I forget what it was called) might also have been nice to include. I found the songs chosen by the artists represented questionable in some cases. “London Bye Ta-Ta” was the best choice for Bowie? “Twentieth Century Boy” didn’t make the cut. I could go on’


Really! Do you think that we are all so stupid that we have never even heard of master rights? Master rights is the reason we have most of the pointless and unrelated tracks on 3 of the 5 CD’s in this package.
Just what is the point of your rude and arrogant post? I suspect you have something to do with this cheap and nasty package.
Please read all of the reply’s on this posting, and unless you have anything constructive to say on the subject of this box set please stay out of this debate and keep your idiotic comments to yourself.
There, you are not the only one who can be rude!


Having read a number of the posts complaining about the track selection, it does appear that no one has heard of master rights – that is, someone on the label that owns the music has to agree to a particular track being included on a compilation. This isn’t a mix tape, where you can include whatever you have access to. So stop making stupid comments about you would have selected other artists or tracks.

Ark Forever

Not perfect but way better for me than the usual budget fare – this seems to be trying to say where glam came from and where it went afterwards. It makes sense to me anyway. I loved Barney Hoskyns’ Glam book and look forward to his sleeve notes. Shame about Alice Cooper and the wonderful Jobriath, though.

Re: Magazine – wasn’t the riff from The Light Pours Out Of Me based on Rock & Roll Part 2? Also, I distinctly remember June Bolan talking on some documentary about Howlin’ Wolf and T.Rex – I’ve just listened to that Howlin’ Wolf track on Spotify and it’s JEEPSTER.


Having just read through all of the replies, it seems clear to me that a few of us on here could have come up with a 100% better 5cd compilation of Glam if we had all got together for just half and hour and sorted out a track listing ourselves.
The more I look at this box set the more I can’t believe it.


… and where’s Jobriath? Overlooked again?

rare glam

As others have said, we are still waiting for a proper Nuggets style glam box set. This isn’t it. However, I repect Barney Hoskyns as a writer and I am sure the accompanying booklet will be worth reading for his justification and connection of the highly eclectic and seemingly bizarre choices for inclusion. I can see how some of this connects as a kind of glam antecdent (Noel Coward, Anthony Newley etc.) others await ellucidation!

If Hoskyns compiled this I doubt his rationale or mandate was for a straight glam compilation and I applaud his (or whoevers) front for taking this approach. The elephant in the room, Gary Glitter may have been a marketing ommision rather than a stylistic one. However by the same token, no-one would listen to Wagner, which they do of course, because he was a virulent anti-semite, so I think that’s quite a tricky decision to have to make. I hope Hoskyns at least acknowledges and rationalises the omission in the booklet – who would want to pay royalties to a paedophile after all?

In the absence of an official and in-depth glam collection. I can only point people in the vinyl only direction of the ‘Killed By Glam’ and ‘Bonehead Crunchers’ LP compilation series. Assuming of course you are already familiar with the flurry of RPM and other label CD compilations from the early 000s (Boobs, Glitter In The Litter Bin, Velvet Tinmine etc.).

I do hope that this particular collection might at least prompt someone else to get a more 70s genre focussed box set together and, I might add which takes into account glam outside the Uk, especially The Netherlands – see for instance the beautifully presented Nederglam ‘Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet’ CD from a few years back. Meantime check out the Proudfoot Sound and Purepop blog sites for a wide range of glam obscuros.


So..what would we have liked to have seen on there? Perhaps we could have dug deeper into the era itself and doubled up on the acts more. Hello’s ‘New York Groove’. Blackfoot Sue ‘Standing In The Road’. Barry Blue ‘Do You Wanna Dance’. Alice Cooper (!). Sailor ‘Traffic Jam’. Screemer ‘Interplanetary Twist’ More Ronno. Perhaps there have been licensing difficulties with some of the material? Plus , I wouldn’t even bother playing Disc 5, a bit of a waste.

The Kollektionist

Anybody who files Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf, Jacques Brel (and many others) under Glam is an IDIOT !


David B you are absolutely right. I have waited years for a Glam Rock box set and this it what we get! 2 discs of glam plus 3 0r 4 tracks on disc 1 and the rest…..what is the point of this compilation?
How can you possibly have a Glam record without Gary Glitter? Pretending he doesn’t exist isn’t going to make his influence go away.
The packaging also looks cheap and tacky judging from the pics.
I notice that on Amazon the record label releasing this piece of junk has changed since yesterday.
The only way we will ever get a really decent box set of Glam is for a fan to be involved from the start. There is tons of rare stuff out there just waiting to be heard again. Glam was absolutely massive in the early seventies and so of course there were a lot of people releasing glam singles trying to jump on the bandwagon. Some of these were ace but did not chart. They should be part of a 5cd set.

David B

What a terrible waste of an opportunity. If someone is going to put out a Glam Box set do it properly, ala the various Rhino sets for different genres or even the recent Scared To Get Happy ~ Indie-Pop set. Only discs 2-3 & the last seven or so tracks on disc 1 fit the bill, the rest have nothing to do with Glam Rock. This box set treatment is the equivalent of starting off Nuggets with The Andrew Sisters and finishing off with Jessie J and Justin Bieber.

So there is still a gap for a definitive Glam Box set, including some of the obscure stuff from the early 70’s. Also irrespective of anyone’s feelings about Gary Glitter, you can’t rewrite history. He was one of the main players.

mark a

Some of the selections for the latter discs are ridiculous. Just a few examples:

The Ramones: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Ultravox!: RockWrok
Magazine: The Light Pours Out Of Me

Glam? In an alternate universe, perhaps.


I’m buying it! It looks beautiful!


Sad to see that The Velvet Underground are represented by the usual track – down to the fact Bowie covered it, of course.

Those wondering where Gary Glitter’s material is – hopefully the other side of a cell door, by the time I post this, long with him.


ahhh, just noticed Ballroom Blitz. I stand by the rest of my post though.


How can you have a Glam Rock 5 CD box set and no Sweet or Gary Glitter? Sweet had loads of hit singles from 1970 right through to 1978, at least 4 of them are glam classics.
Where is Elton John’s Crocodile Rock, a real glam gem? Maggie May? See My Baby Jive? Starman?
Attempts at a chronological track listing have failed miserably. Chicory Tip’s Son Of My Father is listed before Hot Love and Coz I luv You, despite being released a year later.
Cheap and shoddy, they should have brought back the K-Tel label to release this box of junk.


No Ballroom Blitz or The Leader of the Gang (I am) ? – Notwithstanding the perviness of Mr GG, this is a sham – Pass


I LIED ! There is Ballroom Blitz, disc 2 track 10 – I will not promote the man who put the bang in gang.
I apologize for the hasty post but will still pass


Looser than the effects of Dehli-belly.
I don’t think anyone has ever done a ‘proper’ big Glam collection.
A shame.


The lack of Gary Glitter may be down to the child sex offences, and rightfully so.

Metal Mickey

Bearing in mind how many cheap & cheerful budget comps are out there covering the mainstream stuff (CDs 2 & 3 and the latter bits of CD1 here), I think it was a good decision to show a wider range either side of the 71-75 period, and I’m reasonably impressed, though the fact that I have probably 70 of these 91 tracks already means it’ll be the quality of the package which determines whether I’ll purchase or not…


Mmmmmm very odd. Boney M, Dead Or Alive but no Gary Glitter. Slade, along with T.Rex, were the biggest Glam band and yet have only one track on 5CD’s!
I think this is a wasted opportunity. I could easily have compiled a better 91 track compilation better than this in 30 minutes. This looks like it was put together by a bunch of 25 year olds who know nothing about glam, and more importantly, are not fans of Glam.
A major disappointment and a major piece of crap. Sorry to be so blunt but as someone who grew up with Glam and still a huge fan I find this box set a wasted opportunity.


Totally Agree With You Bob On Every Single Word You Said ,Some Spotty Herbert Who Ain’t Got A Clue Must Of Compiled This :D

Teake Spinder

Where are The Sweet? Talking about glam rock!

Luc Swaenen

Nice.. But going into the 90’s without any Rachel Stamp?


The Stamp – one of the great “should have been massive” bands of the late 90s. Love ’em…


Excellent track listing…but the absence of Gary Glitter does undermine the “History Of Glam Rock” claim somewhat.


This looks really great. A few influences, and a few influenced bys (if that is a word!). A lot more interesting than your usual Glam Box Set.

Angus Kidman

Really impressed by the range . . . most ‘glam rock’ collections would draw a line between 71-75. Much more indicative. I’ll be buying!