OMD / Junk Culture deluxe reissue


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark‘s 1984 album Junk Culture gets a belated 30th anniversary reissue next February when it’s released as a two-CD deluxe edition.

The original album, which features the hits Locomotion, Talking Loud and Clear and Tesla Girls, will be remastered, and the bonus disc will gather up a collection of B-sides and extended mixes, many of which are new-to-CD.

There are also five previously unreleased tracks; two unheard songs (All Or Nothing featuring Paul on vocals, and 10 to 1) as well as three demos.

Junk Culture deluxe edition is out on 2 February 2015.

Track listing

Disc 1

1. Junk Culture 
2. Tesla Girls 
3. Locomotion 
4. Apollo 
5. Never Turn Away
6. Love And Violence 
7. Hard Day 
8. All Wrapped Up 
9. White Trash 
10. Talking Loud And Clear 

Disc 2

1. Her Body In My Soul 
2. The Avenue 
3. Julia’s Song – Re-Recorded Version 
4. Garden City 
5. Wrappup – Dub Version Of ‘All Wrapped Up’ 
6. Locomotion – 12” Version 
7. Tesla Girls – Extended Mix 
8. Talking Loud And Clear – Extended Version 
9. Never Turn Away – Extended Version 
10. (The Angels Keep Turning) The Wheels Of The Universe 
11. 10 To 1 *
12. All Or Nothing *
13. Heaven Is – Highland Studios Demo *
14. Tesla Girls – Highland Studios Demo *
15. White Trash – Highland Studios Demo *

* = previously unreleased

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[…] major label reissues, including OMD‘s Julia’s Song (Dub Version) (not on the deluxe of Junk Culture, but let’s not go there), a seven-inch picture disc of Simple Minds‘ Waterfront and a […]


If they are looking to do Crush, I hope they include the film as a DVD, and mention that DJ Shadow took a sample from the album.

[…] Music are to remanufacture the bonus disc of OMD’s Junk Culture deluxe reissue (out today) after fans alerted the band and the label to a number of errors that had slipped […]


Can’t believe Andy and Paul would let it still go ahead. After all, it’s their music/legacy which is being messed around. Or does nobody actually know or care what they do anymore?


Yep, I just got the 2cd edition and the above mistakes are true unfortunately. “yay”

alan hansen

assuming the track mistakes are real,
i’ve canceled my order until it gets sorted out.
it’s also absolutely shameful and a disgusting oversight,
considering how much homework and careful detail
has gone in to the four previous remasters.
i’m speechless and befuddled!


It’s been confirmed

1. Tesla Girls is indeed the 7″ edit.
2. Love and Violence is indeed a shorter edit than the 4.40 minutes on the original album.
3. Wrappup has been replaced by All Wrapped Up.
4. Talking Loud and Clear [extended version] omits the intro.

Cancelled my order as well there is just no excuse for this.


Wrappup won’t be on this as they have made an error and repeated All Wrapped Up on the second disc and the extended version of Talking Loud And Clear has been edited down to 6 minutes cutting off nearly 3 minutes. It looks like the single edit of Tesla Girls will appear on the main album as well. The band have been made aware of these problems but the release is still going ahead.


Thing is, if they instead made full use of the first disc to stick on some extras (some artists – like ABC and Tears for Fears for example – did this with their 2CD deluxe editions) – then we would have been able to enjoy more goodies appended to the track listing: for example, after the regular 10-track album on CD1, track 11 could have been “The Angels Keep Turning…” as it was the initial free 7″ given with the parent LP… then maybe this could have been followed by either the Junk Culture demos or unreleased material, or, variously, the 12″ versions of the singles – whichever would have fitted on. Then of course CD2 could have had some of the additional [missing] Tesla Girls mixes as well as the live B-side tracks such as “Waiting For The Man” and “Telegraph” from “Never Turn Away” and “Tesla Girls” respectively….thus rounding everything up nicely. Ah well……such is life!

[…] fans will enjoy the delayed OMD Junk Culture two-CD deluxe this month, while the reissue doctor will administer an injection of prog via two classic Rick […]


A re-issue with 160 minutes of space
should include all released versions – 7″ and 12″.
Especially if they only released in a limited number of countries
or promotional. ( “Tesla Girls” US remixes )
If then a few minutes are free on the second disc, this can
be filled with demo versions.
Re-issues are ( in my opinion ) for a collector’s.
I’m very disappointed about this release.
Not interested in buying this and supporting that kind of re-releases.
Universal should take a look about Donna Summer’s “Another Place And Time” 3 CD re-release. THIS is a perfect one!


i hope that they will do the same for CRUSH and PACIFIC AGE

Derek Langsford

For me this was the first disappointing album from OMD that started their second phase of more accessible, mainstream, and far less experimental material. I find the b-sides from Junk Culture, Crush, and The Pacific Age to be m0re interesting than the albums. Will get this set and hope the others are similarly remastered to get the b-sides on CD. Navigation could now be a triple CD to collect all the non-album, original songs. My interest in OMD was reinvigorated with History of Modern and especially English Electric which was one of my most-played albums of the last couple of years. A wonderful return to form.

David C

Quite a nice little package indeed. Echoing previous comments, I certainly hope a deluxe treatment of Crush follows soon!

Jonas W

Ok I will put this more clearly: The group’s name, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, is misspelled on the cover! I hope that will fix that. What if they released The Beatles Deluxe CDs, and some youngster spelled it “The Beetles” on the front cover….?

Derek Langsford

It appears all the Amazon sites have it spelled correctly.


This looks great. The last OMD album I’m really bothered about. I have the single disc expanded editions of the first four albums -it would be fantastic to have 2 disc deluxe editions of those. But for now, this will do fine.

Chris Veitch

What a shame they couldn’t have offered a surround sound version of these great songs, I can’t help but feel it would be amazing mixed in 5.0. Not to be I guess, but if it were, I would buy it. This is just the sort of album in my view that begging to opened up to hear more of the music in surround.

Jonas W

Like they noticed in another blog, how do they spell “Manoeuvres” on the front cover? I guess Collins/Cobuild were wrong along with all other dictionaries? Or, God forbid, did they really spell it wrong on this Deluxe Edition?

Lee Carson

I think the delay(s) were due to OMD ensuring that they were happy with the release

Presumably if this sells ok then Crush will follow


Pacific Age would be great too


How many mixes of Tesla Girls are currently available on cd and where please?


Despite a few inevitable omissions still a very welcome package – some of the tracks from the vinyl singles finally making their CD debut has to be a good thing. Deluxe ‘Crush’ next, please….maybe with all the various 12″ mixes of ‘So In Love’ together at last?

Oh, and as an aside: fans of similarly warm-hearted electronica may be pleased to hear Blancmange finally have a new LP out next March, including a deluxe two-disc edition.


Bonus tracks are a nice mixture – glad to see some demos and unreleased songs. Could have lived without the b-sides that were released on ‘Navigation’ a few years back personally (same with some 12″ versions from the Blank+Jones release), but can obviously see why the include them.


Finally! I’d lived with my vinyl copy all this time, waiting on a nice remaster before I bought this on CD. Finally caved in and bought an 80s CD edition of this just a month ago. Gah. Still, looks good. I hope Crush follows soon.
The 12″ of Julia’s Song is on the ZTT The Art Of The 12” Vol 2 thing, if anyone’s interested. That weird longer edit of Never Turn Away from the picture disc 7″ would have been a nice addition here.


Having recently purchased the 12″ of Talking Loud and Clear which features Julia Song (extended) on the B-side I have to say it’s no great loss to CD2 – it’s pretty poor (the original is a great song).

Incidentally I wonder if OMD will do a 30th anniversary tour of Junk Culture. That’s something I would love to see…


I’m almost sure we finally get the regular extended version of Tesla Girls here. And it’s about time! The US mixes are pretty worthless in my opinion and the main remix (Specially Remixed Version) can be found on the Blank & Jones compilation.

Looks like we have to do without Julia’s Song (Extended Version) or the Re-Recorded Version would be that version. Anybody?

Great to have the B-sides and Never Turn Away (Extended Version) remastered on CD. Hope they were gentle on the compression. compress


I guess the Re-Recorded Version of Julia’s Song is the 7″ version (it is listed between the other 7″ b-sides). The 12″ version is in fact the 7″ version expanded with a kind of dub version (you can hear it consists of two parts). In fact we will only miss the second part of it. I can live with it.

Steve Marine

I’m disappointed there’s only one remix of TESLA GIRLS, but otherwise this is very exciting!


2015… Expected better. Will probably give it a miss would prefer missing tracks especially more mixes of Tesla only blank space…


Over blank space… Can i edit?


This looks nice — I’d love to see a few more rare tracks on there of course, but this is a pretty good selection.


Preordered this when I first heard about it at the start of November. The original release date was December this year and so far it has been put back three times.
Here’s hoping that this release date is real.

Junk Culture is my favourite mid-period OMD album and some of the b-sides are superb (e.g. Her Body in My Soul/The Angels Keep Turning…). Really glad it is getting the deluxe treatment. Hearing some unreleased tracks will be a real bonus too.
Has the material been remastered?

Mike the Fish

I also hope the 12″ mix of Tesla Girls is the standard UK 12″ remix and not one of those disappointing mixes that appeared on the US 12″ and on the limited version of the UK 12″.


The two unreleased songs from the 2nd CD sound interesting and with the B-sides and extended mixes makes this look like a really good package.

Stephen K.

There are a few extra versions and live tracks that could have gone on here to make it complete, but just on a basic level, the live version of Waiting for the Man should have gone on here to round out the regular 12″ tracks.


I think Universal have set out their template for these, with only the original album on CD1 regardless of length and remaining disc space, and then a bunch of extra material on CD2. God knows it’s a Shame (sic), because the first disc must have room for several 7″ mixes and/or B-sides. Then the second CD could go to town with demos, remixes and whatever else they fancy.

But I will still be definitely buying this one.


This package was in fact negotiated by Andy McCluskey and Universal. It took awhile to make sure some demo’s and unreleased tracks were included. Previous remasters of the first four albums came all with the idea that too much versions of one and the same song were considered as a case of overkill. Ofcourse fans (me included) will always regret the absence of certain rare versions. I’m glad that all the regular b-sides and 12″ versions are included. And ofcourse some yummy bonus material.

Paul English

Some 7″ edits (Talking Loud and Clear anyway) would be good – instead of the demos.


The 7″ versions of the singles can be found on almost all their Greatest Hits compilations.


Looking really good. I just hope the extended mix of Tesla Girls isn’t the same version as on the So 80’S compilation. Also Tesla Girls is the only single with various versions , I was kind of hoping we got more versions of this track on the re-issue. Otherwise as good as can get.