Oops! Record Collector mag misses the joke and lists fictitious Macca remix set

The SuperDeluxeEdition April Fool this year was the announcement of a fictitious Paul McCartney remix compilation called Dub Sandwich. It seems that the team at Record Collector magazine in the UK are fans of SDE, since they saw the article and have listed the remix-tastic set  as an official forthcoming release in the May issue of the magazine!

The few clues in the article, such as the release coming out on Chinese EMI imprint Xao Hasiti – ‘It’s A Hoax’ backwardsand the pre-order link taking you to a graphic which had APRIL FOOL in big capital letters, clearly went unnoticed by a sleepy staffer at the magazine (as did all the reader comments referencing the joke) and not only is Dub Sandwich listed with a 22 June release date, but there’s a large picture of Paul McCartney with the photo caption ‘Paul McCartney: Remixes’!

I’d like to thank RC mag for allowing us a hearty chuckle. I actually applied for a job there in the summer of 1989 but was rejected. Payback!!

Read the original SDE April Fool article and see Record Collector’s coverage below. The new issue with this Macca listing (on page 34) has Elton John on the front cover and comes out on Thurs 26 April.

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In Derek Taylors book, As Time Goes By, he mentions Sir Paul played him an album of ‘dubs” where he had recorded songs he had wrote for other artists. This would have been 1968 in Laudgate. If this were true I would not feel such a fool. I think it remains unreleased. Oh well.


Hey Paul, you have a lot to live up to in 2019!! I can’t wait to see and read all the details next year!!


Perhaps Paul may now consider doing a remix album featuring old favourites given a new lease of life. It’s not impossible is it?


Another sign of journalism standards falling through the floor.
Actually probably reflects society really.
Pathetic not to research properly especially as it was hardly hidden.

Well done Paul- hope it generates you lots of coverage and new readers!

Paul Wren

Well this is the absolute bollocks of a funny story – mucho kudos to you!

Andrew B

wouldn’t it be a wonderful afterthought, if Macca actually released this set after mixes were commissioned, LOL

yves vandezande

I knew there was something fishy about that sandwhich. It wasn’t dubby at all.


Mmmm, fish sandwich. (preferably in the Florida Keys)

Bill Hammell

I was excited initially, simply because the description mentioned the set having a song previously only available as a b-side on a vinyl single of Jenny Wren. I’m looking to get that single for that track and was disappointed it was an April fools gag! :D

Now someone should show this to Paul McCartney so he can go ahead and make it a real thing! :D

Not Available

Well, the joke appears to be on all of you, because I’ve already purchased a copy of Dub Sandwich – in a charity shop! And its marvelous! ;-)


I think you should go the next step and produce a booklet with interviews with the remixers or maybe not :)

Peter Muscutt

Absolute gold! I agree, there shouldn’t be any malice in having a laugh at this, and was probably an honest mistake. Paul – your mission is now to a) fool us lot here on SDE every year and b) get the April Fool’s release into at least one mainstream published music magazine on a yearly basis!!!

I remember trying something on a music blog my brother wrote a few years ago by saying there was an edible 12″ flexi-disc printed on rice paper being released – it was for an up and coming indie band at the time, but I can’t recall if anyone fell for it! I’d hope not!!


Very funny, but I wish people wouldn’t be so hard on the person who made the mistake. It’s probably a work experience kid and he or she will be mortified. There’s no need to get personal and attack their intelligence.


Thank you for defending the one who made this mistake. Not everyone knows everything about every Artist and band. Things like that can happen.


Now it is just a matter of time before someone presses this disc, legit or not, like the tabloids saying Pet Shop Boys were recording a new song called Paninaro, and then they read it and thought that was a good idea and did it. I don’t think this story is over quite yet.


I tweeted the photo to you Paul because it was funny to see that the hoax had been believed and because you deserved to see it – your original hoax was brilliantly compiled and fooled a lot of people for a short while (including me). Clearly, it fooled RC for a bit longer, which is not right, but is sadly understandable and far from rare in these difficult times for magazines/ newspapers – reading Private Eye, it’s clear how even the major newspapers are struggling to keep enough staff. I think it’s a shame, then, if people take away from this that RC is not worth buying. The articles are actually much better than they used to be years ago. They used to be a brief, fanzine-like resume of an artist’s career but now they are often in-depth on a particular subject and I find that I often enjoy articles even about people whose music I don’t care for that much (as is the case with SDE).

Stan Butler

I”ll concur with swinquad. I’ve bought Record Collector every month for the last twenty two years and for me it’s still the only music magazine worth paying out for. The diversity of articles is a musical education every month. As swinquad stated, you read in-depth articles about artists you may not care too much for or may not have even heard of. A small oversight like this is hardly a matter of life and death. Let’s have a quick giggle and all move on. Support magazines like Record Collector. They’re worth it.


Weirdly enough – I picked up this copy while waiting to pick up my purchases in Sister Ray on RSD. I flicked through it while waiting to get to the counter and noticed that they have a fairly in-depth article on New Musik (an 80s synth-pop group that most people seem to have forgotten about). As I love New Musik and Tony Mansfield I had to buy the issue.
Didn’t notice the McCartney piece though…

And for the record I agree with Swinquad too!

Mike the Fish

I dropped my subscription to Classic Pop a while back, but for now Record Collector remains.

Andrew F

Oh, Mike. I prescribe half an hour on a bouncy castle. Life is too short to contemplate an existence without satire and certainly without a few innocent leg-pulls on 1 April.

I chuckled at Dub Sandwich. The subtlety of ‘itsahoax’ bypassed me, but the joke didn’t. Keep ’em coming – I’m looking forward to next year’s ‘must have’ collectors item already… ;)

Steven Robertson

Thats hysterical lol. Show you the standard of journalism these days.


Check out the way RC have printed the *exact* link to the Midge Ure LP on the photo above…The hapless staffer expects you to get your RC magazine and literally type in…

He does realise you can’t use http links on a printed page??


So sweet, especially with RC choosing the photo to make sure no reader misses it.

Looking forward to next year’s already.

Disney Mike

This is why publishing false information — jokingly or not — is a bad idea. Not only does it perpetuate lies, it potentially opens you up to libel should the person being lied about object to the lie. People might think it’s funny, but lies are still lies, and publishing those lies makes you guilty of fraud.


You’d better direct that point towards every other media outlet who have lied on April 1st then. I think I’ll sue the BBC over their spaghetti tree hoax.


If it’s a joke, I missed it. If you’re being serious then that’s another story. Using the word “fraud” is pretty ridiculous in that context. Paul’s april fool joke was funny and it’s even funnier (or sadder) Record Collector took it seriously and didn’t even bother to check (it’s a basic rule for journalists and I suppose most of the guys working there are journalists). Let’s not act like Paul was the Prime Minister and he was lying about a foreign country being in possession of WMDs in order to invade that country and take possession of their resources…Please don’t act like all things are equals and an april fool joke is equivalent to a political leader lying about important things.


Sense of humour by-pass alert. Did you get taken in too Disney? Fraud? Seriously? Have you heard of Viz magazine or The Onion? How do they get away it, not just in April but all the time?

Perhaps the infamous Guardian article on San Seriffe took you in or you were worried about the repercussions of Adidas Predator headbands as modelled by Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock in The Sun a few years ago.


Right… Paul McCartney has nothing better to do than sue SDE over this…

Chris Squires

What’s funny is that someone with the word “Disney” in their name seeks to lecture about the truth and falsehoods.

Disney being well known for it’s true to life realism. Now, where’s the princess I was promised and my daughter is still waiting for her all-singing, all-dancing sexy Nanny. She is 22 now though, so maybe that’s just my wish.

As Rude Nan would say Faaaaaaaack off, you’re ‘avin a laugh.


Disney are also fairly litigious. Don’t know if I’d be comfortable pretending I represented them. M

Randy Metro

in law – a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation.

Is a laugh, grin, or smile damaging or defamation?


At the risk of being slightly serious…. I can’t get the baffled look off my face! I find this a little perturbing! I gave up buying RC many years ago: very expensive compared with how little I was interested in (rarely contained any music I was interested in).

But I always assumed these forthcoming releases lists were sourced from either the record label or the artist – and if it was from the artist confirmed by the label. But if you’re getting it from a third party surely you’d double-source from the label??? I’m led to believe there’s all sorts of fancy new technologies these days: the ‘electronic-mail’, or e-mail for short, telephonic apparatus, telegram, courier pigeon, errand boy…. Failing that…. you might at least check via the bleedin’ uStore link provided!!!

And RC have ignored the stated Capitol and fictitious EMI imprints and decided it’s out on Universal….. presumably having seen that ‘oh so terribly accurate uStore link’. Yikes!


Well, that‘s exactly what I thought. But it seems that this is modern journalism. It‘s all about a headline, research is overrated.


The seed has been planted: Yoko Ono is planning to release dance mixes of John Lennon’s Greatest Hits.


Thought so.. good show!

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

Love it!

mick lynch

Brilliant Paul.


Paul, with your reply “haha. That would be something.” Was that an intended Macca pun?

Paul E.

Even more disturbing is Discogs’ listing for the 2016 Wham! “Make It Bigger” reissue- complete with the T-Shirt, teeth whitening kit, and shuttlecock! None of which, is SDE’s fault of course…


Mild payback for the years some people spent hunting for the Dodo Resurrection album…


Paul, since ‘April Fools’ fell on the same day this year as a major holiday, your Paul McCartney fictitious album could have been titled, “Dub Sandwich: Back to the Easter Egg” :-) At least Ringo and the rest of us got a giggle out of your posting. Good going!!

Ben Williams

Ahhh this is great! Made me chuckle :-D

Craig Hedges

Perhaps Macca saw the post and all the positive responses and is actually releasing this!


I was having the same thought. But that would mean Paul McCartney listened to the readers on here, and after the whole Flowers in the Dirt fiasco, we now that never happens. :P (And, no, I’m not letting that go.)


As the Bee Gees sang… I Started A Joke… LOL! This is rich!


Next stop : The Guardian actually reviews it.

Paul D

and above the Macca listing is the Mansun SDE!

Rodolfo Martin

Congrats, Paul. You are a source and a reference to the “experts” in Record Collector officially!
I used to buy and respect that magazine to the point that in my only one visit to London in the mid 90s, I took a train for an hour, or so, trip (transfers included) to pay for my subscription in person. Great source for record collecting then but SDE just proved that those guys do the same research that anyone can do in any computer at home. Keep it up, Paul

Rob F-F

Has anyone mentioned it to them yet?

Julian H

As long as it’s all kept between Paul, Paul, Paul and Paul (I just included Paul Simon in that list of Pauls too, since he’s the one that actually DOES have a remix album out soon) :-)


Which he can indeed keep.

Andrew M

This is astounding, one of two things are true.

You are actually one of the most prescient people in the world and your April fool was actually really happening.

Or there’s a thick idiot reading this blog who somehow managed to get a job at a professional magazine, and said magazine has an editor who doesn’t do his job properly.

I wonder which one it is…….

Wayne Olsen

It sounds like the faux review of the Masked Marauders album in Rolling Stone.


No, it’s not me but I posted a link to a near identical photo (taken at exactly the same angle and distance!) I took in the ‘Out this week’ thread earlier. Nonetheless, incredible that RC fell for it.

Mark Turrell

Good. i subscribed to them for years and years, but … i used to send letters to them to point out discography errors (which happened more than you might think) because i have a pretty extensive knowledge of 80/90’s’s indie. The last straw was a blatant error in a Dinosaur Jr article. I emailed them, and somebody emailed me back telling me i didn’t know what I was talking about, and basically i should eff off. So i cancelled my sub, and didn’t get a single email or letter asking why. When you know more than the writers you’re not really getting anything for your money. Arrogant asshats.

Richard Starkey

Well, maybe some of us who are musicians could get together in a studio and jam for 3 or 4 hours. Something decent might come out of it. We’ll start with that. The cover art is ready as we’ve seen, so then one of us can write the liner notes and one of us can find a Kinko’s to run copies. Then we’ll have to rush it to press with a facility which is desperate for work. No problem, we’ll have you fixed up by 22 June Paul…!!


Classic, well done. We did something like that back in the early 80’s too

Justin Isbell

Ha ha… very funny. I must confess though that when I saw the original article I didn’t realise that it was an April fool either!!


Do subscribers get RC early? Received mine a couple of days ago, hence the reason I was able to take that photo.


OMG how could they not realize it was a joke?! The post was dated April 1st LOL!!


How many other posts were there in that same week that sounded much more like April Fool’s pranks and turned out to be true?

Richard Starkey

LMAO…now you’ve gone and done it. Priceless..!! Now you’ll have to deliver the goods to the masses somehow or another. Maybe Steven Wilson can help with the remastering.

At least it must be gratifying to see the wider media paying attention to this blog. We all know how special SDE is, good to know others take you seriously too.

Julian De Backer

Cool, a reply from Ringo :)