Otis Redding / Soul Manifesto 1964-1970 / 12CD box set


This October Rhino will issue Soul Manifesto 1964-1970, a 12CD Otis Redding box set that features the studio, live and posthumous albums issued in that six year period.

The set kicks off with Redding’s 1964 debut Pain In My Heart and of course includes the timeless Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul from 1965. The last studio album released during his lifetime was 1967’s King & Queen but Soul Manifesto also includes four posthumous releases, including 1968’s The Dock Of The Bay.

Live albums Live in Europe (1976) and In Person at the Whiskey A Go Go (1968) complete the box set.

Soul Manifesto will be released on 30 October 2015. Before that, the 2008 two-CD deluxe edition of Otis Blue is being reissued (it’s less than £7 on Amazon Italy).


Soul Manifesto 1964-1970


Otis Blue 2CD Collector’s Edition



  1. Pain In My Heart (1964)
  2. The Great Otis Redding Sings Soul Ballads (1965)
  3. Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul (1965)
  4. The Soul Album (1966)
  5. Complete & Unbelievable: The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul (1966)
  6. King & Queen – with Carla Thomas (1967)
  7. Live In Europe (1967)
  8. The Dock Of The Bay (1968)
  9. The Immortal Otis Redding (1968)
  10. In Person At The Whisky A Go Go (1968)
  11. Love Man (1969)
  12. Tell The Truth (1970)

Otis Blue / 2CD Collector’s Edition

Disc: 1
1. Ole Man Trouble (Remastered Mono)
2. Respect (Remastered Mono)
3. Change Is Gonna Come (Remastered Mono)
4. Down In The Valley (Remastered Mono)
5. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Remastered Mono)
6. Shake (Remastered Mono)
7. My Girl (Remastered Mono)
8. Wonderful World (Remastered Mono)
9. Rock Me Baby (Remastered Mono)
10. Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No) [Remastered Mono]
11. You Don’t Miss Your Water (Remastered Mono)
12. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Remastered Mono Mix of Stereo Album Version)
13. I’m Depending On You (Remastered Stereo Single Version)
14. Respect
15. Ole Man Trouble (Remastered Mono Mix of Stereo Album Version)
16. Any Ole Way (Remastered Stereo Single Version )
17. Shake (Remastered Live, 1967 – Stereo Mix of Single Version)
18. Ole Man Trouble (Remastered Live At The Whisky A Go Go Version)
19. Respect (Remastered Live at the Whisky 1968 Album Version)
20. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Remastered Live At The Whisky A Go Go Version)
21. Satisfaction [I Can’t Get No] (Remastered Live at the Whisky 1968 Album Version)
22. I’m Depending On You (Remastered Live at the Whisky 1968 Album Version)
23. Any Ole Way (Remastered Live at the Whisky 1968 Album Version )
Disc: 2
1. Ole Man Trouble (Remastered Stereo Single/Album Version)
2. Respect (Remastered Stereo Single/Album Version)
3. Change Is Gonna Come (Remastered Stereo Album Version)
4. Down In The Valley (Remastered Stereo Album Version)
5. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Remastered Stereo Album Version)
6. Shake (Remastered Stereo Album Version)
7. My Girl
8. Wonderful World (Remastered Stereo Album Version)
9. Rock Me Baby (Remastered Stereo Album Version)
10. Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No) (Remastered Stereo Album Version)
11. You Don’t Miss Your Water (Remastered Stereo Album Version)
12. Respect (Remastered 1967 Album Version)
13. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Remastered Live In Europe Album Version)
14. My Girl (Remastered Live in Europe Album Version)
15. Shake (Remastered Live In Europe Album Version)
16. Satisfaction [I Can’t Get No] (Remastered Live in Europe Album Version)
17. Respect (Remastered Live In Europe Album Version )

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wayne klein

I’m not sure if anyone is reading this but I was contacted by Rhino and they are looking to resolve the problem. I don’t think they are going to recall the boxes out there but when they ship more, correct the problem. I’m assuming they will also be sending out replacement discs.


I was writing about the problem with “The Dock of the Bay” to Rhino twice last year. And the answer was the same – they will check it out and update me. But I haven’t got any reply at all.

Wayne Klein

The U.S. Remaster is fine for the a Dock. It appears that these were all manufactured n one place (EU) and the. Distributed worldwide as far as I can tell. Once again, I would urge Rhino to put more effort into these sets. A booklet like the Sony Kansas or Cheap Trick sets that include the info from the various booklets for the CD”s . Really. Rhino hire ME to put out these sets and they will be put out right the first time. I suspect that theor asset manager doesn’t really know what the heck he or she is doing. Also, make sure that the sets have the correct and Undamaged albums the first time.

Really, it’s more expensive to fix these after the fact (although Rhino could take the approach of not fixing it at all that they are here).

It’s frustrating to say the least.

wayne klein

The flaw on the “Dock” album still hasn’t been fixed by Rhino unless they are just hoping to burn through the current stock and then fix the problem. Sloppy work Rhino.

Miguel Rocha

I sent Rhino an email this morning but received no response. Wow, Rhino sucks…that’s so disappointing! To have such little regard for artists, their art, and their fans (ie. customers). Shocking that they knew of the flaw in the mastering on their Original Album Classics release in 2005 and reissued it without any attempt to fix it. Thanks for your responses!


Maybye this explains a very low price of the box sets, but I think it’s not fair if the “Soul Manifesto 1964-1970” has the same mastering as the “Original Album Series”. In this case it’s better to buy “Original Album Series” vol.1 and vol.2, “King & Queen” and “The Immortal Otis Redding”. It’s exactly the same thing but cheaper.

Miguel Rocha

Anyone else notice clicking/glitching that begins on track 9 (The Huckle-Buck) on The Dock of the Bay cd? No scratch evident.


I have the same problem on The Dock of the Bay CD from Original Album Series Vol. 2 Box set:
“The Huckle-Buck” (0:07 – 0:31)
“Ole Man Trouble” (1:23 – 1:45)
I wrote about the problem to Rhino but no reply

Craig Stephen Williams

Great to see that Rhino have finally got their act together for these two releases…a long time coming
Both “must haves” IMHO but surely the pinnacle is Otis Blue 1980’s German repress on Vinyl…just astonishing! He is in the room with you!!!!

Billy Dojcak

I’m gonna cancel the Bob Marley vinyl box and get this instead.

[…] Read more about the Soul Manifesto box set here. […]


I’m going to wait and see if the sound is reviewed as being far better than the Rhino “Definitive Otis Redding” box. That box covers 54% of his output and with “King & Queen” on CD and “Immortal” and “Live in Europe” on LP and “Dictionary of Soul” on a reel-to-reel tape, I’ve got 69% of his output.

A four-disc “King of Soul” was released not all that long ago and a Shout Factory “Otis Redding: The Complete Stax Volt Singles” was released in July 2013. All of these compilation releases are highly redundant with each other.

Phill caffrey

I’m sure the Europen live tracks where on a NME free cassette years ago called “hit the road stax”?

Along with other stars on the package tour


You can currently pick up the two volumes of the ‘Original Album Series’, ‘King & Queen’ and ‘The Immortal Otis Redding’ for a total of about £20.00 on Amazon, covering all the same albums, whereas this is over £41 on the same site on pre-order, if but slightly less elsewhere. Hopefully, therefore, these are all re-mastered and/or mono versions, as with the singles box set from a few years back, or sweetened with bonuses. Anybody know the details?


If the reviews regarding sound quality are favorable, I’ll pick up the box set. Same goes for the deluxe reissue of Otis Blue….

K. Preston

Looks like a really good set. I would like to know if any of the albums are the mono versions before I buy. I find it difficult to listen to the separation on the Stereo Otis Blue.


There is also an Aretha Franklin 19 cd box on Warners/Rhino released end of october, but not the unreleased last Atlantic albums!


Any word if the boxset will feature Otis Blue in mono, stereo or both?


Oh man, I am on this like no one’s business. Had no idea this was even in the works. Was there any mention of remastering on this release? For some reason I haven’t been able to find it on the Rhino site yet.


The box set specifically, I see that the two disc Otis Blue is.