Out This Week / 14 April 2017

Elton John / Songs From The West Coast (2LP vinyl)

Apart from that Burberry box set, this is the first time on vinyl for Elton John‘s well-regarded 2001 album. Read more

Sweet / Are You Ready? The RCA Era / vinyl box set

Sweet / Are You Ready? The RCA Era (vinyl box)

If you can get past the ‘can’t-do-noses’ cover art, this seven-LP Sweet vinyl box looks good. It collects the RCA studio albums along with bonus tracks and an unreleased live album Read more

Gary Moore / Still Got The Blues (vinyl LP)

This new 180g pressing of Gary Moore‘s successful departure into the blues features contributions from Albert King, Albert Collins and George Harrison. Other albums are being reissued too, including 1999’s After The War.

Pere Ubu / Drive, He Said 1994 – 2002 (vinyl box)

Drive, He Said 1994-2002 brings together Pere Ubu‘s 1995 album Raygun Suitcase, Pennsylvania (1998), St Arkansas (2002) and a bonus vinyl 12-inch of live studio, jam sessions and newly remixed tracks, called Back Roads. Everything is remixed and engineered by David Thomas and Paul Hamann in June 2016.

Gary Numan / Reinvention (DVD)

Reinvention is the story of Gary Numan that first broadcast on TV back in 2011. This DVD release features 45 minutes of extra previously unseen footage including new interviews with Gary himself.

Elton John / 17-11-70 (vinyl reissue) 

Elton John‘s 17-11-70  is often cited as one of the best live albums ever. This has been remastered in 2016 from the original tapes by Bob Ludwig and the vinyl was cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road. A two-LP edition is being released for Record Store Day.

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Thanks Neil, I check the Universal store from time to time, but normally the prices are too steep.
Ordered Second toughest & the Sex Pistols box.
Don’t mind paying £10 for the latter as it’s not meant to be that good.

Paul Herberts

On the subject of Gary Numan the excellent Android in La La Land has just had a DVD release. Again it’s a documentary but focusing on the recording of his recent Splinter album and move to LA.


greatofferstore.com are having an Easter sale right now and i managed to buy the Super Deluxe of Second Toughest In The Infants and Laid / Wah Wah: Super Deluxe for £10 each crazy prices though the postage is steep.

O(+> Peter B

Just over 8 years ago, it was announced on Stereolab’s website http://stereolab.co.uk/news/ that the groop were on hiatus and “we also have plans for a new Switched On and remastering of the back catalogue” – still no sign of these.

Auntie Sabrina

Does Sir Elton wear a wig?

andrew r

No his hair is actually implanted plugs done so well it looks like a wig!
More worrying is the bellow that now passes for his singing and his public comment that
” i hated my girly falsetto on those early songs it’s much more manly now”


Rod Stewart reckons it’s a weave. That’s an expensive syrup in my opinion!


I’m not sure why Amazon (and Paul, here) is using the artwork for 17-11-70+ (the double album Record Store Day release) when the album for sale on that site is merely the single 12″ edition (without the plus sign added to the title). Some buyers are likely going to be confused/surprised.

Emmanuel Trouillet

BTW “After the War” is from 1989 ;)


Two of my favourite artists, Pere Ubu and Elton John and all vinyl issues. Pere Ubu will come out on CD eventually (the other main albums have from the previous boxes and the mastering is remarkable). But, as for Elton, I have given up hope. 17/11/70 with the extra tracks is enough for me to consider a turntable – but then again no.


So many wigs!

Nicholas Love

SimonP that made me literally laugh out loud


We need Gary Moore Remasters. Wild Frontier plus live in Stockholm. Please.

John Lupton

Amen to that. We need a cd/dvd release of the Wild Frontier Live in Stockholm asap – this is long overdue.


Wild Frontier and Run For Cover are out on just released vinyl reissues as of last month. I have originals of Moore’s entire 80’s and 90’s output so I have not bought any yet but I am curious how these new reissues sound compared to original releases.