Out This Week / 21 April 2017

David Bowie / No Plan (12-inch vinyl)

The black vinyl version of David Bowie‘s No Plan EP is issued this week. Fans who ordered the limited edition white vinyl version from the official store need to wait another month before they get their hands on that edition. Read more

Sheryl Crow / Be Myself (new album)

Sheryl Crow releases her 10th studio album which is co-produced and co-written with her long-time collaborator Jeff Trott and sees her return to her ‘classic’ sound. Read more

Pet Shop Boys / Undertow (vinyl EP) 

The Pet Shop Boys issue Undertow as a vinyl EP, which includes a new version of Left To My Own Devices remixed by Stuart Price and a remix of BurnRead more

Ray Davies / Americana (new album)

Ray Davies returns with his first new album in 10 years. Worringly, it features a number of short spoken-word passages from Davies’ memoir… Read more

Bee Gees / Timeless: The All-Time Greatest Hits

A new licensing deal with Capitol Records for the Bee Gees output is marked with a new one-disc greatest hits compilation: Timeless – The All-Time Greatest Hits.

Cast / Kicking Up The Dust

Britpop favourites Cast, return with Kicking Up The Dust, their first album since 2012’s Troubled Times..

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Marshall Gooch

I just got word from Bull Moose (indie record store in US) that they are shipping my colored vinyl No Plan 12″–this would be the indie store version that some people asked about. I’m glad I got one in time!

Simon F

Hey Paul, thanx for the heads up on Led Zep’s Complete BBC Sessions. Ordered that along with the Celebration Day 2 CD/2 DVD package. Excellent stuff. Cheers!!

O(+> Peter B

I forgot to mention: Swervedriver’s “Mezcal Head” album is also reissued on limited edition coloured vinyl: http://www.musiconvinyl.com/catalog/swervedriver/mezcal-head#.WPZksIVOIdU – this link includes 3 music videos from this great album: https://slyvinyl.com/genres/alt-rock/swervedriver-mezcal-head-limited-edition-of-1500-numbered-mezcal-colored-vinyl-lps

O(+> Peter B

A Music Complete Remixes EP by New Order is out now, although only on iTunes/streaming by the looks of it: http://mute.com/new-order/release-new-music-complete-remix-ep

Martyn Alner

The New Order EP is pretty good, mostly exclusive remixes (I had the Japan vinyl, so that’s the only one on there I had). Good price too. And at least you can convert the ITunes to higher bitrate files.


Converting from iTunes to higher bit rate doesn’t actually give you a true higher bit rate file in the end… You can’t create the additional quality if it wasn’t there to begin with. Same thing converting from one non-lossless format to another (say 320 to 128). Look up transcoding for a fuller explanation.


Also no mention of the passing of Toby Smith (Jamiroquai)?


Andy Bell’s 2005 solo album Electric Blue gets a deluxe 3 disc re-issue on Friday, expanded to 45 tracks including unreleased and newly remixed stuff.


Another one that will be getting the new Texas album, though I don’t expect everything to be covered here anyway.


Talking of Texas, was it this site that was credited for getting the cover of a Texas compilation changed after it highlighted how bad the proposed cover photo and design was?


Yes, I plan to buy the new Texas album, as I did with the previous one. I was glad to hear new music from them.


What about Texas?


I do. Have to get them on import because they haven’t done a stateside release since the mid-90’s or so. Almost forgot the new one was coming out this week.


Not sure, tbh, but thought they should get a mention. The last one wasn’t very good and the video for the new single is rather odd, too. There are a few different packages available on their website. None with any bonus tracks, though. Or with lino!


Same; pre-ordered it awhile back.


Well, they still buy Duran Duran, so why not? LOL


Well, I seem to remember White on Blonde being pretty good. ☺

I take it you’re not a big Texas fan.


Cast are playing Beggars Banquet records in Kingston on Saturday afternoon if anyone is interested. There are good deals on ticket plus cd.


great offer store appear to have some great offers for Easter.


Thanks for the heads up :)


That’s fine if you don’t mind waiting. I ordered a couple of things more than a week ago and it’s still saying More stock coming soon.


A thin week, presumably because of the RSD glut on Saturday.


That Bee Gees release is incorrectly titled – Should it not be Timeless (Yet another Best Of compilation)? There is no wonder people do not buy physical products


Ya. Then wait for a “Really Timeless” release 2CD and then an “All-Time Timeless” 3CD release. :-)


Also out, Procol Harum’s new album Novum. Got high hopes for this as the new tracks played at the Festival Hall in March (which included a guest spot from Sam Brown) were sublime.


Has SDE fallen out of love with RSD?
I’m surprised next Saturday’s event hasn’t been thrown a cursory glance here yet!


Well given the original concept has been corrupted and is just an exercise in moving product to ebay in the shortest period of time?


Considering Paul had a big preview with his top picks and competitions in the lead up to RSD ’16, it’s all strangely quiet in the run up this year.