Out This Week / 27 October 2014

Led Zeppelin / Led Zeppelin IV & Houses of the Holy

Second wave of Led Zeppelin reissues. As before, the albums in question – this time Led Zeppelin IV and Houses of the Holy – come as super deluxe box sets and deluxe CD and vinyl editions all with companion discs of unreleased audio. Read more

XTC / Drums and Wires (CD+Blu-ray)

Arguably the dream price and format for a single album reissue. XTC do it again after last year’s exemplary Nonsuch with this reissue of their third album Drums and Wires. The Blu-ray (or DVD-A) offers a feast of 5.1 remixes, demos, instrumentals, videos, rehearsal tape audio and more. Read more

The Wedding Present / George Best 3CD+DVD edition

The Wedding Present / four-disc reissues

These new Wedding Present reissues offer an incredible amount of bonus material with each album now a 3CD+DVD set. Frontman David Gedge has personally overseen these and it seems as if the wait has been worthwhile. Read more

PICTURE: Paul McCartney / New 2CD+DVD Collector's Edition

Paul McCartney / New 3-disc Collector’s Edition

Paul McCartney‘s 2013 studio album was a fine set of recordings and this 2CD+DVD ‘collector’s edition’ at least offers some decent bonus material across the extra CD and DVD to soften the blow of buying the same album only a year down the line. Read more

Level 42  / Deluxe reissues

The 2012 Running In The Family super deluxe was rather remix shy, but these new reissues of Level 42‘s True ColoursStanding in the Light and Staring at the Sun boast a comprehensive selection of twelve-inch versions and seven-inch editsRead more

Stevie Ray Vaughan / The Complete Epic Recordings Collection (12CD box)

All of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble’s Epic Recordings collected includes the promo-only El Mocambo and two discs of rarities. Read more

Souxsie & The Banshees / Expanded reissues

Last four Siouxsie & The Banshees albums reissued with bonus tracks amongst which are a few unreleased rarities. Read more

Suzi Quatro / The Girl From Detroit City (4CD box set)

This 82-track, four-CD Suzi Quatro box set features all new remastering and is packaged as a hardcover book featuring a 20,000 word overview of the American singer-songwriter’s career. Read more

The Kane Gang / The Bad and Lowdown World of The Kane Gang (3CD reissue)

Generous three-CD expansion of The Kane Gang‘s 1985 debut which features unreleased band demos and a live gig from Strathclyde University. Read more

Stereo MC’s / Collected  (9CD+DVD box)

Entire studio recordings of Stereo MC’s includes 10-discs with all the albums, rare and unreleased recordings and the Connected live concert and documentary on DVD with all the promo videos. Read more

ABBA / The Studio Albums  (8LP box set)

The 40th anniversary continues as ABBA’s eight studio albums are pressed onto 180g vinyl and collected in this Studio Albums vinyl box set. Read more

Gun / Taking On The World  (25th  Anniversary reissue)

Three-CD reissue brings together a remastered version of the Scottish rockers’ 1989 debut along with B-sides, remixes and a disc of BBC radio sessions.

Annie Lennox / Nostalgia  (2-disc deluxe edition)

Annie Lennox’s new album Nostalgia interprets some of the greats of the 20th century including Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Billie Holiday and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. The deluxe edition is a 36-page hardcover book with photos and detailed notes on the songs and comes with a bonus DVD with interview and video of I Put A Spell On You.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Vinyl reissues

The first batch of seven vinyl reissues (with seven more to come next year) have been remastered, overseen by former Bad Seed Mick Harvey. Everything is pressed on 180g vinyl with packaging to match the originals.

Martika / Martika expanded reissue

Martika‘s 1988 debut, best known for the international hit Toy Soldiers – is expanded with a number of period remixes (and Spanish language versions). Read more

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And hot news about Wilco Box, 77 Tracks on 4 CD or Vinyl with Download code.

On group page can find info, tracks and places to preorder. And while on look the new Tweedy single clip, one of better songs of year for me and a very funny short movie with some great cameos and a truly unexpected end…


The Wedding Present reissues, which were originally scheduled for release way back in April, are seemingly having difficulties being filled. AmazonUK (I live in the US) mailed three of them to me on Saturday 25 October, then they mailed three more on Sunday 26 October. As it stands they do not have Mini or Bizarro and I’m being told it may be as long as 17 November before they even get them in stock. I had been hoping for a package containing all eight reissues as that would have been heavy enough to get delivered quickly (the bigger the package the quicker it arrives at my door). I often receive amazonUK packages within five days. But then there are times when it will take six weeks to arrive. I’m frustrated amazonUK mailed them piecemeal because now the price has gone well above the price quoted for all eight to be delivered simultaneously. (And yes, I always tick the box for them to hold delivery until all items have arrived.)


Yep mine are all backordered. In fact everything I bought off of CDWOW is backordered I ordered a ton of stuff. Don’t know if i’ll be using that site anymore. Also upset I unloaded all my Wedding Present albums when they don’t have these reissues figured out.


Scratch that they all despatched today


That’s great that they’ve got yours forthcoming. AmazonUK still has about three of them missing in action. They are now saying it could be as long as three weeks before backorders can be filled. I’m not entirely sure why Edsel has dropped the ball on these reissues. Like I said, they’ve changed the release date half a dozen times or more and now with a backorder taking three weeks, it feels just like another postponement.


I want to buy the Banshees titles but they talked so much about that box set of all their albums that was going to come out that I feel I should wait.


I ordered all the wedding present one’s from CDWOW. Here’s hoping I don’t get the all too often inevitable backordered I usually get from the site when you order more obscure titles. But when it does work out you save some serious money.


There is as well a Reissue on Vinyl and CD of the first 3 Richard Hawley Albums for Setanta Records all remastered.

Only interesting thing is for first one that includes 5 B-Sides as a companion for the 7 álbum tracks. More info can be found on his page.

And if still got money to spend take note: Springsteen Reissue of The River as did with Darkness On… and a Rarities Box from WIlco to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.


Last ones coming son of course.


Albais, I’m excited for the Richard Hawley reissues but I cannot find them listed anywhere on amazonUK. They only have listings for the vinyl versions and I’m chasing the CD reissues.


Well AheadByEcho, goin to artist main page there’s info and as well a link to Setanta shop place where u would find CD for 20 Pounds all 3 plus Postage and Packaging.


Thanks for the info!


You’re welcome. Always glad to give a hand to those like me that are fans of great musicians like him… :D


Are we sure the Hawley titles are remastered? There is nothing on the website about them being remastered. Also strange you can only get CD’s from the website.


Well as AheadByEcho told he looked first on AmazonUK so i did as well too before try other places and info on product says “Original Recording Remastered” just at right of every album title, must have supose that is true and those guys wouldn’t be lying but right now who knows…

And getting CD from website seems to me a better place to find it becuase i tried onto Play.Com and only get vinyls as only format. They could be in any other place? Probably yes but as i see it better way is always the artist/group place on net or well the record company where there are more chances to find it.

Yes can search on to try find it somewhere else and see if got luck or not. But let me explain a self-related thing like this with other artist:

Some months ago this same year Alan Parsons published a new 2 CD with live recording of his latest tour with different material of TAPP from previous gigs (2 of which i have pleasure of see live here in Barcelona with a friend).

On Amazon only could be found in Germany, no luck with main one, UK, Spain or even Play, so i’ve gone to his internet page and here’s when found a link to the publishers shop where could find it just like Richard ones.

Not goin to speak from some record shops here where to find something has to ask for it to bring it as Import which means spend a lot of money (on one when asked about japanese release of first Oasis album on CD they told me to ask price first because could arrive to 80!!! Euros).

Why this happens? no idea so can’t truly tell. Hoping your doubts have been answered or so i tried at least just say goodbye and any other comment or question here u will find me.

Great weekend to u and as well others around this great place for quality music and issues lovers.


Annoying that Amazon haven’t updated the track listing for the Gun release. Had to look on iTunes to see what was on it…

Paul Kent

Got my XTC delivered at the weekend. Another astonishingly good release with a wealth of excellent bonus audio. Roll on next year – wonder what’s coming next!


The Banshees reissues are very expensive at £11.99 each. There’s only a couple of extra tracks on each one in flimsy card sleeves. Poor value for their last few mediocre albums.