Out This Week / 9 March 2015

Madonna / Rebel Heart (new album)

The Material Girl‘s new album is finally released in a number of variations, including standard CD, deluxe CD and a rather mis-described ‘super deluxe’ 2CD edition. 

Anthony Phillips  / The Geese and the Ghost (3-disc reissue)

Genesis founding member Anthony Phillips sees his 1977 debut remastered and expanded to a 2CD+DVD set with masses of bonus material AND a new 5.1 mix. Read more

Judas Priest / Defenders of the Faith  (30th Anniversary)

A new Judas Priest deluxe set with the 1984 album remastered and being packaged with two bonus CDs of live material. Read more

Edgar Rothermich / Bladerunner OST

Planetworks are releasing this remarkable recreation of Vangelis‘ influential Bladerunner soundtrack with a goal to accurately represent what was heard in the original film (something that hasn’t really been issued on CD, despite the 3CD anniversary set of 2012). From the clips we’ve heard Edgar Rothermich has done a very creditable job

Deep Purple / Long Beach 1971

earMUSIC’s Deep Purple reissue series continues with Long Beach 1971 which was recorded in California, on July 30, 1971, and broadcast on the radio (KUSE 91.5 FM). It only contains four tracks (Speed King, Strange Kind of Woman, Child in Time and Mandrake Root) but has a running time of 69 minutes! Also on double vinyl.

Jim Croce / The Studio Album Collection

New box set featuring all of Jim Croce‘s studio albums and a bonus disc of demos recordings. Individual two-CD releases and new vinyl editions also available.

The Sound of Music / Soundtrack reissue

This new 50th anniversary edition is remastered and expanded to feature previously unreleased score cues and includes all vocal performances for the first time in one release. 

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billyboyz, to tell you the truth I’m not sure – I bought mine from CD Japan, they always have good service. And then there’s always e-bay…


8… so which is the super deluxe ?


The super deluxe is the 2 CD, 25trk version. The versions from Japan and Italy add a bonus remix, bringing the track total to 26.

Another release of note is the Media Markt/Saturn version of both the standard and deluxe, which include an exclusive bonus track.



Where is the best place to order the deluxe japan from within the UK?

Want it for dirty pop remix on cd.



Already ordered 8 different versions of “Rebel Heart” – the Madonna collector in me is happy these days…


Looks like it should be available on tape

I’ll get me coat


Am I the only one who laughed out loud when I saw the cover? I think it’s supposed to look cool, but instead it looks like she’s fallen, drunk, down and embankment and into a fence.


Good grief, that Madonna SDE 2CD is 100 minutes, over the 2 discs…23 different full length songs, plus 2 further remixes… That’s a LOT of new music to take in, for anybody.

She’s certainly giving VFM but sometimes I feel nostalgic for the 10-12 track, 45 minute album…


Well, there are Standard (14 trk), Deluxe (19 trk) and Super Deluxe (25 trk) versions. What were they supposed to call the 25 trk version?


I ordered the regular version of the Jimmy Somerville, as the deluxe did not have anything additional (except the cd holder was a gatefold). Talk about foolish. Considering Jimmy is a dance artist they should have included some remixes. I would have happily paid more.

Joe Wiz

I’ll query this with the supplier Tm. The fact that it’s &16.99 on Amazon suggests something may not just be us that’s overcharging…

Ian Harris

I know it’s not listed here but I went to HMV this morning and couldn’t believe the price on the new Jimmy Somerville album was £19.99 for the CD. Can’t see many people snapping it up at that price – I guess it’s the RRP that is the issue, it was £16.99 for pre-order on Amazon for ages. I assumed it was some premium / deluxe edition, but aside from the disc being black there are no bonus tracks or anything else. No wonder some people (not me!) are abandoning physical media.


HMV pricing can be hit and miss. They have bargains and regular good offers but also very overpriced titles when compared to other retailers like Amazon.